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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Your Wednesday Lineup

Mannn..I got some massive virus on my computer!! So this is my lineup from what I can recall!

  • Stir Lounge - 707 G Street NW, Hold up...Biz Markie spinning? LOL..oh yes who is doin the WHOP? Open Bar 5-6, 1/2 price cocktails 6-7, free all night with THIS!! Word on the street is that Biz Markie is constantly up in shoppers on 450! I need to tell him to bring me back some eggs!
  • Privileged - 1301 K Street NW, Ladies free all night , men free to 11pm...make sure you RSVP HERE! Open Bar 10-11pm..DJ Alizay spinnin the hits! Pretty good Humpday Party
  • Josephines - 1008 Vermont Avenue - Ladies you never know who might show up..might be able to snatch a baller! Really great weather today so get there early! Free till 11 if your RSVP to Shout out to the hotties Dave & Ray! *wink*

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