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Monday, March 29, 2010

EyeSPyZ Stamp of Approval: Teatro Goldoni

I'm baaaaaaack! I took a serious break from going out and blogging. But somehow Dave & Ray have managed to get me back out on the party scene! Kudos fellas! I hope my readers enjoy my review below.

Immediately when you walk in you notice the bright bold colors that match its "Golden Theater" namesake. The interior is upscale and relatively luxurious. The light fixtures are fun and the walls are filled with masks and harlequin motifs. The color combinations and theatrical lighting on the bar fuse the decorating components into something fresh and exciting. With all of the dramatic focal elements that the restaurant boasts..I must say that the interior was in perfect sync with the party.
Yes the party..that's what I came out for right? When I got to the door I was greeted by 3 friendly, unpretentious, dapper looking guys who definitely had a mean suit game. It's nice to see a man in a suit. It gives them an air of success, taste, and sophistication. OK, I need to stop drooling over the guys at the front door. Anyways, after entering I immediately hit the bar. As usual I ordered a cosmo. I got there a little early but it seemed like everyone crowded the bar area. Later on the spot was packed from wall to wall. I did catch a few girls in jeans o_O (I thought Dave & Ray specified cocktail dresses and suits only?) and a few ballers (Darnell Dockett and Vishante Shiancoe). The DJ did ok keeping the party hype however his transitions were rough. Imagine hearing "My Boo" by Ghostown DJ's then transitioning to "Baby By Me" by 50cent..yikes! Overall, it was a nice change from a lot of other parties I've been to in the city.

If you made it out to Teatro Goldoni, this past weekend what were your thoughts? Did you like it? Would you go back?

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