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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

EyeSPyZ Stamp of Approval: Shadow Room Thursdays

I must admit I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of ZEXY looking men at the Shadowroom this past Thursday. I've never seen such a large concentration of HAUTE looking guys in one single spot. I don't know, maybe my radar was off but the minute we hit the door I was breakin my neck! *Oh.. shout out to the zexy mother effer in that grey European cut suit that let us skip the line.* OK..back to the details. The ambiance is nice and it definitely screams exclusivity. From attractive bartenders, bouncers, touch screen ordering system from tables, and sinks made out of rocks (with Victoria's Secret hand lotion) how can you go wrong? Well, I'll tell you. There is limited seating, a semi-spacious club area for standing and socializing, and only lounge-style seating for bottle service. Because of the architecture the Shadowroom gets crowded and it really should be designed a little bit bigger. However, there is a huge VIP area behind a white curtain that opened toward the end of the night which Raheem Devaughn was seen in. Along with the layout I was also disappointed with the DJ. The music was horrible because there was a huge inconsistency between a mix of genres. I give the Shadowroom on Thursday 3 out of 4 stars. I took away one star because it missed out on one key element that makes or breaks a party..THE MUSIC! Because I'm a professional clubber, I'll definitely give it another go around since the crowd was so eye pleasing!

~Remember who told ya 1st..EyeSPyZ

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