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Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Hour vs. Club Parties

I would like to hear from readers do you prefer happy hours or club parties? I'm on the search for a great happy hour spot. When I find it..I'll be sure to update. So far STIR on Wednesday nights for a few drinks after work seems to be in my fav 5! LOL, anyways below is a list of what's going on this weekend...EyeSPyZ!
  • Current - 1215 Conneticut Ave...Professional Happy Hour from 5-9pm. Drink and Sushi specials all night long. DJ Too Cool Uncle Q rockin it out on the ROOFTOP! This should be nice..I like this idea *shoutout to Fisayo*. Don't forget to bring your business cards. Upward mobility right ShaThor??
  • Tuscana West - 1350 I street NW, THE MENAGE is the theme *sideeye*.. 3X as sexy; 3X as fun is how they are promotin it. Check these details: 3 ladies get into the Menage for the price of 1 ($10), all 3 ladies must arrive together before 12:15am, and one must be on the guestlist. Admission for guys into the Menage is $10 before midnight on the list and $15 after on the list..for Glist email ***Yall are doin way TOO much!***
  • K Street Lounge - 1301 K Street NW, Open bar till 11pm, Free b4 12 if you RSVP to Playoffs on all TV's...Who doesn't want to see Kobe loose?...TWO THUMBS cuz I love bball.
  • Ibiza - 1222 First Street, NE...Camron will be in the building...AGAIN! What did he forget???? b4 11pm if you go here!
  • Pure Lounge - 1326 U Street NW, 1$ drinks from 6-9pm and it's get packed early. Everytime I pass by there is a line. The spot is ok, but it reminds me of a basement party. I just get a little nervous with that many people in such a small spot. RSVP to
  • Indulj - 1208 U Street NW, Live Jazz 8pm-11pm downstairs w/Jazz musician Pete Muldoon, Party 10pm - 3 am upstairs in the Loft w/DJ ALIZAY, RSVP here! Free before 12am for Ladies or $10 after and Free before 11pm for Fellas or $10 after.
Did yall notice how I gave you happy hour and spots to party at?? On to Saturday...

  • Jordan's 8 Lounge - 523 8th Street ..Shawquana from the Russ Parr Morning Show is having a Makeup, massages, and martini's party. Whew that's alot of M's! Massages are $1 a minute and I think this is a charity event for Pediatric AIDS foundation in DC! You can do something nice for yourself and for CHARITY! LIKE TWO TREATS in 1! Shoutout to the Radio Vixen!
  • 24 - 2122 24th Place NE, I went once and I'll never go back. Just not my cup of tea..and I was even scared to valet park my car!
  • Station 9 - 1438 U Street, LADIES FREE before 12. GENTLEMEN FREE before 11. Don't forget to RSVP by 6pm saturday to Nothing really special to say about this place. I used to party here back when I was in
  • Mai Thai - 1200 19th Stree NW, good music, good party..but for the college GRADS! For Glist info email Free for women before midnight and gentlemen before 11pm but you gotta email them! =)
  • Layla Lounge - 501 Morse Street NE, happy hour 10 - 11pm Free before 11pm with THIS flyer. Hey it's where the wizzards pop bottles during the season.
  • Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave, Dj Iran, Dj Analyze, and Dj Gemini..good looks for any floor! =)RSVP for membership and complimentary VIP admission before 11pm. RSVP to by 6pm Saturday, May 30th
  • UMCP - WALK THAT WALK!...LOL..Walk of Love fashion show at the Adele Stamp Student Union ..these are usually pretty good! Doors open at 6pm show starts at 6:30.. tickets sold at the door for 12$! Oh and it's for CHARITY! KUDOS!
  • Midtown - 1219 Conneticutt Ave NW official after fashion show party..hey you can meet the MODELS! Yall remember this spot right? It used to be PLAY.
  • Tuscana West - 1350 I street NW..ALL WHITE PARTY..but ladies where a black One of my many EyeSPyZ gave me this info..Cost is 20$ and it's brought to you by Join Goombay Adventurers, Playtime Promotions, and the intelligent Black Men (luv the names!) Shawn if you go I'm expecting a full report! LMAO..I sound like a teacher!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Short & Sweet

Hey..I'm still recovering from last night's party!

  • The Park - The Dream & Keyshia Cole after the party rsvp by 5pm to keep ur concert ticket it will grant u admission all nite.
  • K Street Lounge - Bobby V is in town?? WHY? Anyways..RSVP by 5pm to
  • Lotus - your usual happy hour, 5$ with DJ Quicksilva
  • Shadowroom - Pt.2 of Ray's bday celebration..RSVP to

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to.....

...Ray Hamilton Jr. and Darnell Dockett!

Ladies it's gonna be some ballers in the building tonight at Josephines! Where will you be??? RSVP by 5pm tonight to ..Hosted by (drumroll please):

Visanthe Shiancoe (Minnesota Vikings) - ladies holla at him 4 free drinks, he likes to buy the bar out
Chester Taylor (Minnesota Vikings) - umm...NEXT! sorry ;/
Brian Westbrook (Philadelphia Eagles) -definitely a hottie!
Vernon Davis (San Fransisco 49ers), - one word comes to mind BODY!!!..that fool is packin!
Michael Beasley (Miami Heat) <---hold up is he even old enough to get it in? Some of yall probably don't care cause he makes grown folks MONEY!
Oh and for those of you who can't make it out can follow me on TWITTER all nite long!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

EyeSPyZ Stamp of Approval: Shadow Room Thursdays

I must admit I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of ZEXY looking men at the Shadowroom this past Thursday. I've never seen such a large concentration of HAUTE looking guys in one single spot. I don't know, maybe my radar was off but the minute we hit the door I was breakin my neck! *Oh.. shout out to the zexy mother effer in that grey European cut suit that let us skip the line.* OK..back to the details. The ambiance is nice and it definitely screams exclusivity. From attractive bartenders, bouncers, touch screen ordering system from tables, and sinks made out of rocks (with Victoria's Secret hand lotion) how can you go wrong? Well, I'll tell you. There is limited seating, a semi-spacious club area for standing and socializing, and only lounge-style seating for bottle service. Because of the architecture the Shadowroom gets crowded and it really should be designed a little bit bigger. However, there is a huge VIP area behind a white curtain that opened toward the end of the night which Raheem Devaughn was seen in. Along with the layout I was also disappointed with the DJ. The music was horrible because there was a huge inconsistency between a mix of genres. I give the Shadowroom on Thursday 3 out of 4 stars. I took away one star because it missed out on one key element that makes or breaks a party..THE MUSIC! Because I'm a professional clubber, I'll definitely give it another go around since the crowd was so eye pleasing!

~Remember who told ya 1st..EyeSPyZ

Sunday Lux Lounge Review!

Hey guys..I got a lot of writing to do for this past Memorial Day's parties!! I tried to hit everything I could in the city..but with me being soooooo wasn't possible! If you hit the streets like I did over the weekend EMAIL ME and let me know your thoughts!! I love to post the GOOD, the BAD,...and the UGLY! Now on to Lux!

You know I had to make an appearance Sunday at Lux Lounge..with all the hype that Dave, Ray, Omari and Taz were promotin it...I wanted to see for myself whether or not they could pack it out like the Park always is! We got there around 1am and the line was AROUND the corner. Luckily enough we walked right up to the door and didn't have to wait. Hey, sometimes it pays to look cute *wink*. When we got in, LUX was crowded, but not so much where you can't dance. It was just enough for you to get a good variety of people to dance with. BUT and this is a very big BUT it was about 60/40 girls to guys! SIDEBAR to Dave, Ray & Omari..yeah yall are fine and we know the chicks follow wherever you go..but we need MEN at the club!! So tell all your HAUTE friends to role through! For the people who haven't been to lux..the next couple of things are for you! When I give a review I make sure I cover all things...the drinks were good and the bartenders were super nice. Every once in a while we would run into a guy with a mop lookin for spills to mop up. He didn't bother anyone from dancing and it was great to not have to step or SLIP in sticky nasty alcohol. You know I can't ruin my shoes! The DJ was good but he wasn't No really, the DJ did make some nice transitions and they blended smoothly so KUDOS! The look and layout of LUX is nothing to really talk about--wood paneling, flat screen TVs, bars at the front and the back, and a decent size dance floor on each floor. All in all, I wouldn't mind going back again but only on a SUNDAY! Good job Dave, Ray, Omari, and Taz!

~EyeSPyZ...oh had to include a pic of a baller!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Just my luck catching the flu on memorial day weekend..spots below:
  • Mai Thai - 1200 19th street NW, free for ladies b4 12 and guys till 11pm. RSVP to my opinion...its kind of a young crowd..but it does get packed!
  • Station 9 - 1438 U street NW..another party for the kiddies..hey u gotta respect me for tellin the bar 9-10pm ladies free b4 12 guys free till 11pm if you RSVP to
  • Layla Lounge - 501 Morse Street little diamond in the don't crack till late but I really like this spot! Ladies put your hair in a ponytail for the second floor! Free till 11pm with this FLYER!
  • Republic Gardens - 1355 U street NW, It's small and always smells like a toilet inside BUT its a much more mature crowd! 1$ drinks, 3$ beers, 5$ speciality drinks till 11pm admission till 11pm with THIS!
  • 24 - 2122 24th Place, NE ..Open bar and free admission till 11pm ..just Txt 24VIP to 41-411 Personally it's a lil' too hood in there for me..but if you go you better snacth your hair back in a chingnon!
  • Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave..Get there early the line is ALWAYS long and this another party for all the recent college grads...Free b4 11pm if you text LUXVIP to 25827


  • K Street Lounge - 1301 K street NW..all white bar 9-11pm purchase tickets here!
  • Temple Lounge - 4001 N. Fairfax Drive (see im looking out for my VA readers!!) free b4 11pm if you RSVP by 4pm sunday to I really like this spot it's uber chic!
  • The Park - 920 14th st. NW come party with me here!! LOL Free b4 11pm if you RSVP with name and email to get there early yall!
  • Lux Lounge - 649 New York you know anything Dave & Ray promotes is like gold..I'm really curious if they can make Lux pop on a Sunday!! Free with this FLYER b4 11pm *Thanks to Dave for the free drinks Thursday nite!!*
  • Josephines - 1008 Vermont Ave..another ALL WHITE PARTY (they need to give this theme a rest) FREE for everyone till 11pm..Fellas CLAUDIA JORDAN will be in the building!! Oh hosted by BIG Tigger too!
  • Pasha Lounge - 2147 P street NW ..I don't know about this one..Pink and White party..ladies 18 and up..fellas 21 and up..RSVP here!
  • Coco Sala - 929 F street NW..I luv this's such a GREAT date place..BUT I have a feeling the crowd is gonna be a little young!! Click HERE for advanced tickets! They crazy..nobody pays to go to the club. At least I don't!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I hope yall got your outfits lined up!!

I don't want to catch anybody rockin' the same outfits multiple times this Here's my Wednesday outlook:

Privileged - 1301 K Street, NW..hosted by Melanie Fiona (google her if you not up on your music game) Ladies Free ALL night, fellas till 11pm. DJ Alizay in the building!! Make sure you RSVP here!
Josephines -1008 Vermont Ave NW, Luv the spot, luv the decor...make sure you RSVP to and GET THERE EARLY!
Lounge of III - 1013 U Street NW, HIP HOP happy hour.. 1/2 Priced appetizers 'til 7.-3 Dollar Newcastle, Dos Equis, Sapporo, & Heineken drafts.-2 Dollar selected bottles.-3.50 rails *someone sent me an email asking me to post more happy hours...=) *
STIR Lounge - 705 G Street, NW - Old Skool happy hour from 5-11pm, open bar 5-6pm, 1/2 priced cocktails 6-7pm ..and you can get your two step on with Biz Markie to all the classics! LOL
Shadow Room - 2131 K Street, I know you're thinking Wednesday? But I'm looking out for all my ALTERNATIVE readers! FREE for everyone all bar's an old school party so you better come rockin ur Adidas track jackets and gold Did I mention FREE ALL NIGHT???? BE THERE..I had an EyeSPY that said it was BANOODLES last week!

I'm so HAPPY he cut his hair!

I'm so excited cause it seems like we're finally going to have some nice weather! My Tuesday spots:

Eyebar!!!! - Busta Rhymes will be making an appearance tonight and ladies look cute cause they shooting some of Southeast Slim's Video TONIGHT!! Eyebar is gonna be crazy!!

Policy Lounge - everyone keeps raving about it on Tuesday's!! Even the bouncers..hahaha! Shout out to Kolumbo!! *wink*

Lotus - yall know the deal!!! Your usual 5$ sushi, open bar 10-11..blah blah blah


Monday, May 18, 2009

Yall Ready for This Weekend?

It's gonna be some crazy parties Memorial Day week! Don't worry EyeSPyZ will keep you posted on the hottest spots.. now lets start the work week RIGHT!!

Skye Lounge - 19th and I street.. join Shaqwana (forgive me if I butchered your name) of the Russ Parr Morning show for happy hour from 6-9pm. This should be a nice..I know I need a cocktail after dealing with these crazies today!

Fly Lounge - 1802 Jefferson Place NW, my favorite Monday night place to PARTY!!! free if you RSVP to

Drake @ Love

Did anyone make it into Love Saturday night??? I was going to go to see Drake..but it started to pour and someone hit me on Twitter saying the line was 3 hrs long! If you was he? The Performance? The Crowd??? Check out the video below!

Drake Live at Love Best I Ever Had from on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where Will You Be Sunday?

I'm's my Sunday night line up!
  • The Park - Get there by 10pm to see the viewing of "Party Boyz"....*sideeye* yall heard about the split right???? more Marc and Taz!! I don't know how this will effect their new show..but it will effect the DC NIGHTLIFE!! Anyways free before 11pm if you RSVP to
  • Pasha Lounge - Pleasure P will be there ladies!! You know..your boyfriend #2!! UGH I hate that I might have to check this out and give my readers a full report. I don't go out in the Dupont Circle area too much. Click HERE to RSVP!
  • Josephines - Hosted by BIG Tigger...can he drop the BIG and just go by Tigger? Anyways ladies FREE all night and guys FREE till 11pm. Open bar 10-11pm...guys this might be the spot you wanna check out next week..keep checkin back to find out why!
  • Stir Lounge - Umm..I really liked this spot but I'm not sure what's going on with the promotion for it. Let's just say the crowd has been a little thin lately. Ladies free all night. Open bar 10-11pm and watch out for those huge tanks of compressed air they spray throughout the nite!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kids' Restaurant Week

You read it right! Restaurant week is back but this time it's for the kids. I think this is a great idea..June 13-21 families will be able to expose their kids to new flavors and fine dining experiences without breaking their wallet! This is the scoop: from 5-7 p.m, participating restaurants will offer a three-course, fixed-price meal for both kids and adults. Adults (and children over 12) will pay $29; kids 11 and younger pay their age. This is a great deal and you can take advantage of dining at some great restaurants like Firefly, Mie N Yu, and Zola. Check out the list below, which I'll continue to update cause I'm sure it will grow!
  • Art and Soul
  • Asia Nine
  • Beacon Street Bar and Grill
  • Cafe du Parc
  • Firefly
  • Juniper at the Fairmont
  • Mie N Yu
  • M Street Bar and Grill
  • Palette at Loews
  • The Hay-Adams
  • Zola

Marc & Taz on Fox 5

Did anyone catch Marc and Taz on fox news this morning around 8? If you missed it check it out here! They are really making their rounds promoting Party Boyz..I hope the show is good!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Your Wednesday Lineup

Mannn..I got some massive virus on my computer!! So this is my lineup from what I can recall!

  • Stir Lounge - 707 G Street NW, Hold up...Biz Markie spinning? LOL..oh yes who is doin the WHOP? Open Bar 5-6, 1/2 price cocktails 6-7, free all night with THIS!! Word on the street is that Biz Markie is constantly up in shoppers on 450! I need to tell him to bring me back some eggs!
  • Privileged - 1301 K Street NW, Ladies free all night , men free to 11pm...make sure you RSVP HERE! Open Bar 10-11pm..DJ Alizay spinnin the hits! Pretty good Humpday Party
  • Josephines - 1008 Vermont Avenue - Ladies you never know who might show up..might be able to snatch a baller! Really great weather today so get there early! Free till 11 if your RSVP to Shout out to the hotties Dave & Ray! *wink*

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday: Short and Sweet

  • Policy Lounge - 1904 Fourteenth Street NW, 6pm - 1am Late Night Happy Hour..EliteDCMag will be in the building! Ladies ..pose for the camera!
  • Lotus - 1420 K street NW, happy hour and 5$ sushi 6-9pm, Open Bar 10-11pm, DJ Money all night on the 1's and 2's!!
  • Eyebar - 1716 I street NW, yall know the drill get there after 12, free all night..DJ Alizay (my fav) and DJ Analyze rockin it out all nite!
~EyeSPyZ...ugh is it Friday yet?? LOL Follow me on twitter !!! =)

Monday, May 11, 2009

An entertainer, musician, author, fashion icon all in one club?

Yessir!! Fonzworth Bently aka Diddys' personal valet and assistant was seen last night at Stir Lounge. I must admit the club wasn't as packed as it usually is but DJ Alizay still rocked the place out! Bently made a brief appearance and I immediately spotted his skinny azz in some tapered pants from across the club! But it wasn't the skinny legs that caught my eye it was that Jerry Curl High Top fade that fool was rockin! I wasn't feelin the cut but he was gettin his J.Crew on with the cardigan and navy striped shirt! Unfortunately my camera broke, but I was able to get the pics for yall from one of my EyeSPyZ correspondents who I was with last night! Oh I forgot to mention that Bently brought along (well ok De'Angelo came by one of contestants from Making the Band 4! Yall remember De'Angelo (from the DMV) who made it to the finals but got cut? If not click here ...he's the one in the grey leather vest! PICS below Enjoy!

Is that Cranberry and Ciroc???

One of my EyeSPyZ correspondents in the building!

De'Angelo with the popped denim jacket...go boy!

Oh yes EyeSPyZ correspondent again...we cover everything!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Darren Sharper Hosts Shadow Room 2nite

Need I say more? I remember when my friend saw him at Lauriol Plaza last year and nearly fainted! ZEXY!

My Wet Review of Josephines

Last night I was dragged out of the house (well not really I'm a professional clubber anyways) to go to Josephines. We got there around 11ish and I honestly thought no one was going to show. Before we even made it in the door two guys got escorted out for being too drunk..yeah and it was only 11! If you haven't been to Josephines the place is nice and it has a lot of cool decor. Service at the bar was good and so were the drinks. Later on some familiar faces started to show like Willis McGahee, RaRa (certified party hype Dave & Ray, and Roger Mason! Roger, Roger, Roger we need to talk I want to find out who's single on your team *wink*. Oh and why were you letting that girl wrap you up all night..spittin that game in your ear?? Other than that, there were some well dressed people there and the ladies looked classy and my fellas looked...average! A few pics below enjoy...EyeSPyZ!

Willis "Nappy Headed" McGahee ...yup I said it! I'm wondering what the Ravens gonna do next season!?

Roger Mason and I'm not sure who the guy is on the left but they definitely got the memo about the long sleeve fitted plaid shirt! Awww u guys look like you were up at the crack of dawn, fed the hogs, milked the cows, and killed a few chickens before you came to the club! LOL

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do You Like It Up....Down?

I'm talking shots or cocktails! That was the question of the night at Policy Lounge last night!! Below are a few pics from the Cinco De Mayo late night happy hour sponsored by Hennessy Black! *Special Shout Out to Maggie for the pics!*

Aww..The Hennessy Black girls how cute are they?? Luv the stockings ladies...UBER HAUTE!

WERK!!! Yes promote that product ladies!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate the 5th!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo EVERYONE! The DMV has plenty of places to celebrate, below is my starting 5 for the 5th!! LOL

TGIFridays - I know what your thinking..FRIDAY's really? But were still in a recession and you can't pass up this great deal! 5 cent appetizers at the bar with any drink purchase from 4-7pm..yes 5 cents! Also for the month of May, $5 gets you any sandwich or salad off of their menu!!! How can you beat that deal? Oh ...try their new blackberry margarita it's sooo good!

Lauriol Plaza - Hands down the best place in the city for frozen margaritas! *get the swirl* Oh and believe me just because their frozen doesn't mean less liquor in them! Really good inexpensive Mexican food and free chips with salsa as well! Get there early it's always packed!

Policy Lounge - THE LATE NIGHT HAPPY HOUR! For everyone who works in the BCC *LLS* area that can't make it to the city for normal happy hour times..go to Policy! Really nice, chill spot..sponsored by Hennessy Black..and Cinco de Mayo drink specials till 1am.

Lotus Lounge - Thought I would suggest this place because of the number 5!!! Yes 5$ sushi from 6-9pm, and open bar 10 - 11pm! I know you're thinking guacamole, salsa, and margaritas today...but the 5$ sushi actually isn't bad!

The Park - Free buffet 5-7, and open bar beer and tequila specials 5-6, and happy hour drink specials all night including $2 Coronas and Dos Equis, and $9 tequila shots..should be a good time. Sponsored by Latin and others, RSVP to ..Remember cocktails in an attractive setting!! LOL

Downtown Silver Spring (Ellsworth Drive) - Party in the streets!! The Silver Spring Shopping District will become a huge Mexican fiesta!! The event will feature mariachi music, Latin jazz and dancers, as well as a "Mexican Beer Garden," with $5 margaritas and beer!!! 4:30 - 8:30

Cafe Citron - Salsa away from 6-9pm...and enjoy half price appetizers from 4-8pm! Most importantly 4 beers, $5 shots and $6 margaritas..that's enough to make you twisted!

Tortilla Coast - It's my fav spot in Capitol Hill for tex-mex!! Expect happy hour specials along with their 75-cent Tuesday taco deal. 75 cents!!! Specialty margaritas and a live mariachi band all night long!

Almaz - It's an Ethiopian restaurant and you might think it's a weird place to go tonight... but they are celebrating the 5th with 3$ margaritas and tequila shots!! DRINK UP!!

~ Don't forget to untag those facebook pictures of you tomorrow morning! =)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cinco De Mayo - Drink Up!!!

May 5th commemorates the historic Battle of Puebla, when Napoleon's French troops tried to invade Mexico, and failed. So to mark Cinco de Mayo this year, why not wet your palette with a Mexican drink recipe?? Any excuse to drink right?? LOL!

  • 2 oz. Tequila (preferably gold)

  • 1 oz. Amaretto Liqueur

  • 1 oz. Peach Schnapps

  • 1 oz. Raspberry Liqueur (schnapps optional)

  • 1 oz. Lime juice

  • 1 splash of Grenadine

Combine, mix, and serve on the rocks in a cocktail glass with a lime slice and umbrella -ella-ella!


Date Night at Citronelle

The first couple were seen having dinner this past Saturday at Citronelle ...the 2nd best restaurant in DC. Citronelle is a high-end French restaurant which has an 8,000 bottle wine cellar..excellent choice for dinner! Wait a minute weren't the BULLS playing???

Michelle I love the black and white...I instantly think Chanel...Paris!!!

Really beautiful restaurant!

What the F*ckety F*ck?

Why is he always in the club?
Why are his pants half way down?
Why is his shirt size XS?
IT'S UR BOY...Andray Blatche of the Washington Wizards at Josephines last Wednesday! Somebody get this man a stylist!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

B*tchassness Runnin Rampant

Did they find a cure for the disease that's plaguing the African American community? Is Que really cured??? Get to Ultra Lounge (14 North 18 street, Richmond, VA) tonight to find out!! Shout out to all my VA readers! =)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fri - Sat - Sun

Hopefully it won't rain all weekend...!
  • LOVE - Uno De Mayo?? Start celebrating the 5th early tonight. Free b4 11 with this flyer.
  • Indulj - I'm soooo glad someone invested in an AC system..pretty good party..really good DJ! Fellas u can rock ur sneaks..really FLY ones! RSVP here!
  • Ozio - Hosted by the George Wilson (who??) and the Buffalo Bills free till 11 if you RSVP by 5 to
  • Pure Lounge - 1$ drinks from 6-9pm that's if you don't drink TOP free till 11pm if you RSVP to
  • Ibiza - always a good party free b4 11pm if you TEXT 939QUICK TO 63389


  • Mai Tai - it gets packed early..nice party for recent grads..hhahaha guys free b4 11, ladies till 12 RSVP to
  • 24 - Open bar and free till 11pm if you text YUNG LA to 202-491-3278 they r really pushin this text thing *sideeye* Oh Young LA live..maybe he will do the Macarena?
  • Layla Lounge - Open bar 10 -11pm *no one gets there till after 1* free b4 11pm if you print and bring this!
  • The Republic - free all nite for ladies and free b4 12 for guys with this!
  • LaPlata Beach - UMCP block show from 12-3pm...I just want to see the Alpha's step in some tims and wife beaters! LOL
  • Station 9 - official after party of the UMCP block show free b4 11pm if you RSVP to guestlist@j-kproductions
  • Lux Lounge - least they have good DJ's! free b4 11pm if you RSVP to


  • Stir Lounge - Love this spot..u never know who might show up! Free all night for ladies and free b4 11 for guys if you text "CARESS" to 202-491-3278
  • Park - its a cookout on the patio...i heard the food was really good 2! Free b4 11pm with THIS!
  • Josephines - ladies free all night, guys free till 11pm nice party on Sundays just a lot of females!

OK that's enough...took me too damn long to post this! Computer SUCKS!

Luda at College Park 2nite

See Luda perform tonight @ Chevy Chase Field - Byrd Stadium...University of Maryland College Park Show starts at 6pm Click here to get your tickets!