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Monday, May 11, 2009

An entertainer, musician, author, fashion icon all in one club?

Yessir!! Fonzworth Bently aka Diddys' personal valet and assistant was seen last night at Stir Lounge. I must admit the club wasn't as packed as it usually is but DJ Alizay still rocked the place out! Bently made a brief appearance and I immediately spotted his skinny azz in some tapered pants from across the club! But it wasn't the skinny legs that caught my eye it was that Jerry Curl High Top fade that fool was rockin! I wasn't feelin the cut but he was gettin his J.Crew on with the cardigan and navy striped shirt! Unfortunately my camera broke, but I was able to get the pics for yall from one of my EyeSPyZ correspondents who I was with last night! Oh I forgot to mention that Bently brought along (well ok De'Angelo came by one of contestants from Making the Band 4! Yall remember De'Angelo (from the DMV) who made it to the finals but got cut? If not click here ...he's the one in the grey leather vest! PICS below Enjoy!

Is that Cranberry and Ciroc???

One of my EyeSPyZ correspondents in the building!

De'Angelo with the popped denim jacket...go boy!

Oh yes EyeSPyZ correspondent again...we cover everything!!

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