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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Just my luck catching the flu on memorial day weekend..spots below:
  • Mai Thai - 1200 19th street NW, free for ladies b4 12 and guys till 11pm. RSVP to my opinion...its kind of a young crowd..but it does get packed!
  • Station 9 - 1438 U street NW..another party for the kiddies..hey u gotta respect me for tellin the bar 9-10pm ladies free b4 12 guys free till 11pm if you RSVP to
  • Layla Lounge - 501 Morse Street little diamond in the don't crack till late but I really like this spot! Ladies put your hair in a ponytail for the second floor! Free till 11pm with this FLYER!
  • Republic Gardens - 1355 U street NW, It's small and always smells like a toilet inside BUT its a much more mature crowd! 1$ drinks, 3$ beers, 5$ speciality drinks till 11pm admission till 11pm with THIS!
  • 24 - 2122 24th Place, NE ..Open bar and free admission till 11pm ..just Txt 24VIP to 41-411 Personally it's a lil' too hood in there for me..but if you go you better snacth your hair back in a chingnon!
  • Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave..Get there early the line is ALWAYS long and this another party for all the recent college grads...Free b4 11pm if you text LUXVIP to 25827


  • K Street Lounge - 1301 K street NW..all white bar 9-11pm purchase tickets here!
  • Temple Lounge - 4001 N. Fairfax Drive (see im looking out for my VA readers!!) free b4 11pm if you RSVP by 4pm sunday to I really like this spot it's uber chic!
  • The Park - 920 14th st. NW come party with me here!! LOL Free b4 11pm if you RSVP with name and email to get there early yall!
  • Lux Lounge - 649 New York you know anything Dave & Ray promotes is like gold..I'm really curious if they can make Lux pop on a Sunday!! Free with this FLYER b4 11pm *Thanks to Dave for the free drinks Thursday nite!!*
  • Josephines - 1008 Vermont Ave..another ALL WHITE PARTY (they need to give this theme a rest) FREE for everyone till 11pm..Fellas CLAUDIA JORDAN will be in the building!! Oh hosted by BIG Tigger too!
  • Pasha Lounge - 2147 P street NW ..I don't know about this one..Pink and White party..ladies 18 and up..fellas 21 and up..RSVP here!
  • Coco Sala - 929 F street NW..I luv this's such a GREAT date place..BUT I have a feeling the crowd is gonna be a little young!! Click HERE for advanced tickets! They crazy..nobody pays to go to the club. At least I don't!

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