Coming at you with the Who, What, When, and Where in the DMV!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Keyshia Cole and Wale at 24!

Did anyone go to the Lil Wayne - T-Pain concert? Send us pics and videos if you did! Anyways check out who made it to the afterparty at 24 (2122 24th place, NE) last night.

Hi Wale! Um..I don't like that raccoon your boy has on his head!

Love the shirt Keyshia!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Your guide for New Year's Eve..

It's our job at EyeSPyZ to give you the who, what, when, and where in the DMV. So if you're still among the many who is undecided about what to do for New our list below (in no paticular order):

Hotel Palomar - 1121 N. 19th Street, Arlington VA ...Open Bar all night, DJ Harry Hotter on the 1's and 2's. Buy tickets at Promoters.....Trademark, Usual Suspects, Reginald Jacques..and a whole lot more.

Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave, NW..Open Bar 8-10 pm, Las Vegas style casino night...they might have a Craps Buy tickets at Hosted by....THE WIZ KIDS!

Layla Lounge - ...501 Morse Street, NE...Open Bar and free food from 9-10:30 (you will probably be standing in line around this time) My fav DJ..ALizay on the 1's and 2's. The Redskins and the Ravens will be in the building..most likely McGahee and Portis! Hosted by....Darnell White and Da Bloc...WHO?????

DC National Aquarium - 14th and Constitution Ave. NW, Open bar for VIP tickets only, Cocktail Attire REQUIRED! Buy 40$ tickets at PROMETERS...DreamTeam, Sayo, shout out to Mitchy Mitch...I wonder if his promotional drink will be on sale?????

Suite 202 AKA Dream! - 1350 Okie Street, NE Open Bar 8-10 pm, Buy tickets at www.lovetheclub/tickets.html PROMOTERS: Marc & Taz & TEAM BBC Hosted by - Donnie Simpson....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!

Pure Lounge -1326 U street, NW...First 50 people FREE..drink specials all night..3 levels 2 DJ's

Ibiza - 1222 First Street NE, Tickets start at 30$, 100$ for VIP...DJ Analyze, EZ street and the whole WKYS family will be there.....Open Bar for 4 hrs 1-888-IBIZA-DC for tickets

Station 9 - 1438 U street NW, I think all the 40$ tickets are Buy tickets at HOSTED BY: DJ Quicksilva and Angie Ange

More to come.....................

What U Talkin Bout Willis?

Seems like Willis McGahee is really celebrating the fact the Ravens made it to the PLAYOFFS! He's been at every club this whole past weekend, including Fly lounge last night!Where will you be at tonight? Lotus...Eyebar..? Shout out to Dave & Ray...yall makin' those other DC promoters run for their money! Willis, you're looking tired...try getting some rest sometime this week.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gentlemen's Club!..How do I become a member?

How CUTE are they????? Anyways, like every Monday the party is going down at Fly Lounge (1802 Jefferson Place NW). If you haven't been, it's definitely a place you would want to show your face at! I wonder if club hopper Portis will be there tonight..hopefully without that played out mohawk! If he isn't there you can always party with DC's hottest promoters above!! Someone send more pics of Dave, Ray, and Omari to us...we love them here at EyeSPyZ! RSVP for free admission to


LOVE or LUST...IT Went Down Friday

Some say "vintage" or "seasoned" but I just call it plain ole OLD! Yes Dream, (nightmare) or LOVE (more like HATE). I know, I know, I had my 27th birthday party here during my sororities weekend in July. But of course it was a different caliber of people then. We.... the AKA's bring out the best in a city and especially in a "club" like LOVE. Not to mention I have gorgeous friends. (VANITY)

A friend of EyeSPyZ, Willis "Shady" Mcgahee, was out and about being interviewed. He seemed to be very familar with the camera since he is known for making touchdowns and being a pro bowler. Well so is my on again, off again fling, "who shall remain nameless" a pro bowler! He plays for a team (one of the three Pro teams in NY)....FIGURE IT OUT! (He reads EyeSPyZ too!, Hey Jughead!)
One of our many EyeSPyZ said it was typical LOVE, with a splash of "NFLers", a nice serving of "We just turned 21", and a pinch of " We all shop at the same store". All-in-all, it was typical LOVE!
You heard it here 1st, oh and tell them EyeSpyZ sent you!

Things That Make You Go Hmm...

I feel terrible about this...but in the words of an ex-friend of mine.."OH WELL!" So is anyone thinking what I'm thinking? Usually I look out for all the female readers of this blog but fellas' check out the PIC below.

Ladies it was some "stiff" competition last saturday at LUX lounge with these "ladies!" The trangender model below was serving up alot of jingle bells that night. Seems like someone was trying to fool alot of men and women.

We love everyone here at EyeSPyZ but fellas before you jump on to one of these "women" you better be doing the Adams apple check, the hand check, and the package check.

Apparently Lux lounge is catering to a larger scale of clientel! In the words of the greatest candy in the world "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't!"

~ D*mn I'm done..EyeSPyz OUT!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

They LOVE the Ladies!

Check out the pics below from Indebleu last Sunday..remember who told you first that the Ravens were in the building?!?.....EyeSPyZ!!!!!! ~KUDOS to EliteDCMag for the pics! *wink*

I have to give a shout out to my ladies...yall partied like ROCKSTARS that night! Thanks for making the night fun! Look at Edgar Jones hiding in the

Willis (Shady) McGahee....SMH watch out for this one!!!

ZEXY!!!! Willis and Edgar, yall better bust the Jaguars azz today on the field!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Freaky Friday ..Part Two!

If you're tryin' to ball to you fall you need to make a stop at LOVE tonight..where all the ballers will be in effect!

LOVE - Head to 1350 Okie Street, NE to celebrate Taz & Abdul's BIRTHDAY. Your boy Jim Jones is coming straight from the Neyo beat down at the Louis Vuitton store on Madison Ave. He might still have prints from Neyo's neck under his boot (send pics if you see his dirty azz!) Now for the other ballers who will be in the building:

  • Troy Smith - Who does he play for again? Didn't get the memo on this one...GOOGLE him!
  • Willis (Shady-Raw Dog) McGahee -He was at Indebleu last Sunday so I'm pretty sure he'll be at Love 2nite! Ladies watch out for this one..he got four kids and he does NOT like to strap up! But hey he is going to the pro bowl!
  • Caron Butler - Your contract has been renewed over here at EyeSPyZ...don't mess it up!
  • Antawn Jamison - Ok Antawn..I need you to play like you're at Chapel Hill and step your game up. I'll let you fly this time but if you mess up next will be put on blast!
REMEMBER who told you first............................EyeSPyZ!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

If you wanna work off some of the pounds tonight from that big dinner you had check out these spots:

Shadow Room - The place is nice, the ballers have been seen here...I'm just not feeling the DJ. Catch the usual promoters here...Dave & Ray (so cute), The Standard Events (zexy!), and DreamTeam.... 2131 K Street NW

MCCXXXII - Jolly Ole St. Nick supposedly dropped off a whole cellar worth of Rose and chocolate covered strawberry's. First 100 ladies get a free bottle of better not be the cheap stuff! 1223 Conneticut Ave NW

The Republic - Republic Gardens is having another Red & White they did last week or so. If you feel like it, wear red if you're NAUGHTY and white if you're NICE! They are also having a sexy santa contest! The sexiest and most original santa costume will win money. better not be chump change! 1355 U Street NW

*EyeSPyz wishes everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS...peace & blessings!*

Last Minute Shopper!

Guess who was seen in Macy's at Pentagon City Christmas Eve?...TAZ!! Yes, your boy was holding up the lines trying to buy a Macy's gift card! Sike...he wasn't holding up the lines but he was at Macy's buying a gift card. Spending that paper!!!!! I wonder who the gift card was for??? Better yet what was in the Sephora bag he was holding????? At least I know I wasn't the only one doing some last minute shopping!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve ...

Josephines is usually the Wednesday night hot spot...check out this spot tonight to party with Dave & Ray and The Standard Events! You never know who will be in the building!! Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are the Breakup Rumors True?

Awe Que from Making the Band was at Fly Lounge last night. Did him and Dawn really break up? Pics below...

Que who is this lady? She is old enough to be your mother.

To the guy in the blue..I'm not feeling the Pee-Wee Herman look. Sorry kiddo!

Had to give a shout out to Ellise..don't sleep on her she'll be on someone's runway soon!

Tabi Wants You

Calling all LADIES...Tabi Bonney is shooting his next video for his new album that drops Jan. 20. Read his latest interview about the album in EliteDC Magazine. Sidebar: Anwaa're doing big things keep it up. Anyways, if your interested in being the next VIDEO VIXEN..submit your pics or myspace/facebook page links to Supposedly his videos are shot tastefully and don't degrade women..we shall SEE! OooOooo will DJ Alizay be spinnin' in the background of the this video too????

I'm not done shopping but here goes..

Tuesday places:

Indebleu - Free till 10pm you can watch the Wiz kids on the big screen!
Lotus - Open Bar 10-11, Sushi, and Free Admission..I heard the Sushi is really good. Cafe Asia look out!
Eyebar - It always pops...DJ Alizay and DJ Analyze on the 1's and 2's

Enough said...EyeSPyZ Out!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I Almost Forgot..

Head down to Fly Lounge (1802 Jefferson Place NW) tonight to party with the ZEXIEST promoters in DC...Dave & Ray. They bring the ballers out on a constant basis!!! H*ll...I don't know what they are doing but they are doing it well! The pics speak for itself...RSVP for free admission b4 11pm to I'm out B*tches!!!

Clinton Portis...Party like a Rock, Party Like a Rockstar!

1/2 of the Clipse..SMH at that d*mn hair boy!

Dancing With the Stars

So your girl Stacy S was in the building last night at Indebleu (707 G street NW..across from the Verizon Center). When I walked in I thought that the spot was extremely small but sleek and stylish! I guess good things do come in small packages!! On Sunday there's no cover charge for ladies, with an open bar b4 11pm..which is always a good look. With that being said, I was really surprised that there wasn't a 20 to 1, male - female ratio! My absolute favorite DJ Alizay, was on the 1's and 2's and kept the party at an ultimate high. So while I was getting my dance on and lookin cute, I noticed that the Ravens were partying it up in VIP. Ladies, this is the place you need to be if you stay looking for BMW's! (know what I mean?? I got my 2 step on all night with Willis McGahee (NICE touchdown run last week agaisnt the Cowboys) and Edgar Jones..and I must say I was officially Dancing WITH the Stars. Oh before I forget I have to say that these men were bringing their A game...looking very sexy and dapper! Overall, Indebleu is a nice Sunday night spot! Check it out for yourself and remember who told you first...EyeSPyZ!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Slinky Saturday Spots...

Say that 3x in a row....Check out these places tonight!
Party it up w/ Fisayo, and J&K productions...1206 Wisconsin Ave NW. Maybe you'll drive past Oprah's future house on the way. Free Admission until 12am if you RSVP to

So I'm not sure about this spot anymore. When it first opened it was like a spark...not it seems to have fizzled! Jason Terry, Jerry Stackhouse, and Josh Howard are hostin..send pics if you see them! 501 Morse Street, NE

Caron Butler hosts another Holiday Party here tonight. DJ Analyze and DJ Quicksilva will be on the 1's and 2's! I wonder if any of the other Wiz Kids will be in b4 11pm if you RSVP to

Party it up with Talk of DC...1438 U street NW..Not much to say except for it's your usual Saturday night party!

UGH...this would be my LAST STOP for a party. The AKA's are rapping up their Centennial Year at Republic Gardens. Zexy azz Herkules form WPGC is hostin! 1355 U street NW..get there early for 1$ drinks b4 11pm!

Your LOVE in the club RECAP!

Pics below from Tiggers' Winter Wonderland party...who came up with that sorry azz theme? Anyways Enjoy!

Tigger I need you to take off that sweater vest and put on a d*mn tie! Someone get him a stylist ASAP! I see you trying to pop champagne though! Was Ron Browz song playing in the background??????

Is that Dani D. I see? Let me know when the next City Museum party is!

It's YA girl Hoopz..does anyone take you seriously? You actually put your tongue in Flavor Flav's mouth! Nasty!

Tigger are those Chanel pearls around your neck? ROTF!!

The Big O!

There's been alot of talk lately that Oprah is moving to DC! Reportedly she's been looking at buying a 9 bedroom mansion in Georgetown worth 50 million bucks! So where is this house? I want to do a drive by!! Are Stedman and the dogs moving in too???

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Razzi Was Out!!!

Jamie Foxx was seen at the Cap Center Boulevard today going into Sidelines!!! Word on the street is that he's gonna be the next James Bond. Seems like he's gonna give Diddy a run for his money in becoming the first black James Bond! What do you think will Jamie make a good Bond? Go grab his new album "Intuition" and meet him at Ibiza Nightclub tonight. We all know he likes to party!!! I saw those Vegas pics boy!!!

*Remember who told you first...EyeSPyZ!!*

Freaky Friday....Grown Up Version

Twelve Restaurant & Lounge (XXI Lounge)
I always love to listen to live music. A chic atmosphere and inexpensive drinks will make me attend an event. Well Ladies and Gentlemen head over to 1123 H St. NE, and Party with SOUL PATROL BAND TONIGHT, ladies are free until 10PM with DJ's HYPNOTIQ & CITY!

Happy Hour is from 5pm-7:30pm with $5 Martini's, $5 Cocktails, and $3 Beers!
FYI- They have a Party on Saturday, December 20, which is Cabaret Style so hit them BOTH UP!

Mezza Luna Lounge
Anwaa Kong, whom we just adore over here at EyeSPyz is having the Exclusive First Look for EliteDC Magazine Release Party. I support ALL WRITERS, since I did major in Journalism. KUDOS! So take your well wishes and your Holiday Swagger to 1940 19Th St. NW (19Th & Mst.) Free B4 11:30pm if u RSVP to

Party in a Winter Wonderland at one of DC's Fav spots that everyone associates "The City" with at Tigger's Birthday party! If You don't know Tigger you live under a rock on another planet. Tigger will be there with the help of his elves DC Local Video Vixen and aspiring rapper Angela Lola Love (I do like that Song "International" with her and Rick Ross), Melyssa "Is she still still around" Ford (I just gave you free Promo), and Nikki Alexander (I didn't get the memo on her)

Nasty Nupes
Last but not least the Beta Kappa Probate Show at UDC Main Yard 4200 Connecticut Ave, NW is TONIGHT! Don't know the time but if they do it like they did when I crossed into AKALAND, it will be late. But hey I'm technically " OLD SCHOOL" so, I don't even know how it goes anymore.
So Skee-YO! To the new Men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.

I should go! Toss some "wood" at some of y'all newbies. SEE HOW MADE YOU ALL ARE! I digress, I'm too old...NOT! LOL!
*** UPDATE : the probate is at 7:11 pm!

Tell Them EyeSPyZ sent you!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thirsty Thursday...Have a Taste!

WE'RE BACK! To quench your thirst on all the spots or "jump off's" that are going on TONIGHT, in the DMV. Always making sure you attend the places that require " Superstar Status" and " A Serious Swag"... So Here Are Your 3 Sips.... ENJOY!

OK so the last time I partied here, a guy thought I was his Ex-girl, and I looked like a deer caught in the headlights, because he seemed to have a bone to pick with her. LOL! But we ended up both laughing and he brought drinks the rest of the night! KUDOS

I love this place! Especially since DJ Gemini of 93.9 WKYS, will be on the wheels of steel. Let's not forget First 100 Ladies will receive a complimentary bottle of Champagne!!

Make sure they put Ron Browz, " Pop Champagne" on repeat, its going to be SICK! So ladies, get there early, and stunt of those fellas. 1223 Connecticut Ave., Washington, DC

So officially I'm a "STAN" for The Standard Events team, since Omari (See Above Pic) is GREAT for my eyesight, and he is an Uber Haute Promoter. Did I mention he is GREAT for my eyesight, LOL! I need you all to take your holiday cheer, and chic style to the Popular Mechanics Holiday Event sponsored by Lamborghini...with other promoters Dave&Ray, and DreamTeam, its Free B4 11 pm just email

The Park
Tis the season for giving, and that exactly what's going on at The Park, tonight! I love when we all give back it does something for the soul. The Ravens, The 76ers, and The Wizards will be in the building spreading some holiday cheer. I know one particular Raven that I'm a EyeSPy for but, that's between me and him. *wink* This event is sponsored by Johnny Walker Blue Label Liquor. So Drink Responsibly!!!
Your Thirst has Officially been Quenched! Oh, and tell them EyeSPyZ sent you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

But Really Who Has 8 Quarters Laying Around?

Yeah it's a recession...and the economy has tanked....and just about everything has gone up in price! Now we gotta pay twice as much to park! The DC council just passed an emergency legislation to raise the meter rates in almost all of downtown from $1 to $2 per hour. This will be for the next 225 days! So I ask this question? Who has 8 quarters to put in a meter to park for an hour!? In reality you need more than go to H&M, get a Potbelly sandwhich, or even stand in line at the club! This is CRAZY!!!! Remind me not to go to DC anytime soon..ROTF!

"Last Call" Moved up!

DC bars and clubs will be allowed to serve alcohol until 4 am not 5 am during inauguration week! The DC council changed the legislation it approved two weeks ago due to criticism from the community and religious organizations. The new rules will allow clubs and bars to remain open for food service round-the-clock from January 17 to 21. However, they will have to pay a registration fee for each evening they intend to stay open past the normal hours of 2 am on weekdays and 3 am on weekends. Cheers!

Wet Wednesday

If you want to venture off in the rain tonight (hopefully it will stop...) below is whats poppin off.

~Josephines the usual Wednesday night hot spot! Seems like the ballers are always coming thru...even it they aren't party it up with the hottest promoters in town Dave & Ray. Ladies snatch one of them up!

In the Christmas Mood?????? Check out these places:

~WOW Wingery (3010 Waldorf Market Place, Waldorf, MD) is having a Martinis & Mistletoes holiday party. Doors open at 7 and happy hour ends at 11pm! Get there early so you can get the 50 cent wings, 2 for 1 drinks, or 2$ "Naughty or Nice" shots!

~The Republic or shall I say Republic Gardens is having a Red & White Christmas party. Red & White attire is a must.....UGH that would be my last stop on my list.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Art and Rap Music: A Combination of my Two Favorite Things

Lance Wiggs is a local DMV artist who has had love for art since grade school. His career is taking off and his work is spine-tingling. If you frequent clubs like Cafe Asia, I'm sure you've seen his canvases outside of the door. He's also done alot of promotional ads for Indeblue, Love, and Station 9! Look at his work below it speaks for itself. Checkout his latest piece at He designed one of the illest shirt's for the Cool Kids, Cool Cash T-shirt design contest sponsored by the Cool Kids! So vote for his design and help him take home the GRAND prize!!!! You're gonna have to click through a bunch of designs but it's worth it he's a cutie!

UPDATE: click to pull up his shirt

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ballin'!!!! @ the Shadow Room last Thursday....

If you haven't been to the might want to check it out! This innovative spot allows you to order a drink, request a song, pay a bill, or ask a valet to retrieve your car just by touching a screen from your table! You can even ask the DJ to give someone a shout out!!!! I won't give away all the other perks but let's just say the ShadowRoom is like clubbing with the Jetsons! Pics Below....

Seems like Antwan Jamison is having a deer in headlights moment...

Club hopper Portis!

Someone tell Antwan Jamison that a man sucking a lollipop is never a good look!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I See You Boo!

Awe so it looks like the Celtics didn't want to come out and play at the Park. Did anyone see Ray Allen or Paul Pierce??? If so, send pics! Well Clinton Portis did manage to show up lookin' like he was ready to pose for a 2008 Gap Holiday ad!!! Rock those colors babycakes!!!!!

My Weekend Jump Off..On "The Hill"

Wylie K. & Friends is one of DC's PREMIER Promoters and Tastemakers, & they are at it again with, " Our Life, Your Entertainment" SECOND SATURDAYS at Jordan's 8, @ 523 8th S.E., on Capital Hill, Doors Open at 11pm With music by DJ Casper on the 1's and 2's. Hosted by the one and only WordUpBGodSon. I bet a dollar, you can't say that 5 times fast!

Also, this is the official album listening party for R&B Sensation Kev.O, album LOVOLUTION! If, you haven't heard you must, especially "Lights On", lets say it lives up to its sexy name.
I've personally have partied with Wylie K. & Friends from D.C. to Miami and I must say, NOBODY DOES IT BETTER!


That already tells you how HAUTE Jordan's 8 is going to be. They sold out during a RECESSION! OH YEAH, You all have been officially stamped by EyeSPyZ!

So bring your Superstar Status Swag, and Ladies, the quality of men, is STELLAR! Its plenty of B.M.W.s. So get there early!

Tell them EyeSPyZ sent you!


The Green Machine Steamrolls Our WizKids

Well my Wiz kids couldn't pull it off last night...despite my presence and my bomb a** sign! I blame it on Andray! He should have been home sleeping the night before instead of poppin bottles in the club! Anyways, I did spot someone from DreamTeam looking more than ready to head down to the ShadowRoom! As always, Big Tigger was on the 1's and 2's at the game. Can someone teach me how to SPIN? Oh, shout out to the two ZEXY guys sitting in front of me...yall really made the night enjoyable.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thirsty Thursday...Have A Taste

NO sleep again in the DMV Tonight!?! As much as I LOVE Ray Allen ( Back to the days I worked at BET) my Washington Wiz Kids are going to snatch the clover and walk away with the "W" as they hit the court TONIGHT at the Verizon Center. Word is that my fellow EyeSpy Stacy S. & Ish will be there giving you FIERCENESS!
OK Here Are your Two Sips, NOW DRINK UP!:
Its still going to be a celebration as Ray Allen and Paul Pierce will be making an appearance at The Park at Fourteenth TONIGHT to spread a little "GREEN", figuratively and hopefully literally. Maybe they will find it in their hearts to convince KG, to get a permission slip from his lady to come out and Play @ THE PARK! You know this spot requires a certain SWAG for the fellas, and certain SWITCH for the ladies. It's TRES CHIC! If EyeSPyZ say it, ITS OFFICIALLY STAMPED!
Now if your Swag or your Switch can't get you pass the guys at the front of THE PARK! You can always make your way to the ShadowRoom(2131 K.St, NW), and party with Two of DC's Hottest Promoters Dave & Ray, along with promoters DreamTeam & The Standard Events. Now its new people but, you know that anything that the swagalicious Dave & Ray touch seems to turn to GOLD!
Your Thirst has Officially Been Quenched!
Oh, and Tell them EyeSPyZ sent you!

Running the Streets!!

So like I said in my previous post...Andray Blatche was at Josephines last night. Word on the street is that he was at the Eyebar too! Ladies watch out for this club head...I heard he's CHEAP! Check out the pics!

From Philly With LOVE and SOUL

We all know that music with substance and soul is hard to fine, nowadays. But one of my favorites is bringing soul back just in time for the holiday and the new year. Musiq Soulchild will be at LUX Lounge(Formerly the Avenue), Tonight for his OFFICIAL Album release party!

His new CD On My Radio, dropped this week, and I must say, I love it! He also, has a Christmas album out, only available at Target stores. This will make a great stocking stuffer, and get you in the holiday mood. Even if its a recession!

Make sure that you get their early, and bring your A game! Oh, we have spies all over there. You may be on oursite for being FIERCE! Oh, and find out if its true that he and Kamillah formerly of 702, are expecting a child! (I'm not the one to gossip so you ain't heard it from me)

Tell Them EyeSPyz Sent you!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"I'm Gay" for Gilbert Arenas

The World of Technology has become the gift and the curse. After watching this hilarious video of a youtuber, confessing he would " Go Gay" for Washington Wizards very own Agent "O" Gilbert Arenas. I'm giving some side eye to Gil! Oh, and to make the video even more "titillating" no pun intended. My "YT" Rick Moranis understudy ( Honey I Shrunk the Kids circa 1988) youtuber goes in deep (no pun intended again) and says, " I want to be doubled team by Gilbert and Caron". Yeah that's right, Wiz Kid and " I Love NY" contestant Onyx look-a-like, Caron Bulter, got his 5 sec. shout out.

Gil, I heard this stemmed from you not accepting his friend request on Myspace. See how the public will do you! In the words of DIDDY, SEAN COMBS, PUFFY! Whoever he is this week! "It gets real dark and lonely, trust me"

Enjoy KIDS! **snap, snap**

Wednesday Night Spots...

~So Dave & Ray are doing their usual "Lure Wednesday's" at Josephines. You might want to check it out...Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce of the Celtics might be in attendance. Hopefully Andray Blatche will be keepin his butt in the house for the Wizards vs. Celtics game tomorrow. Yeah I said it....that fool stays in the club!

~So Fisayo and Jose are switchin' up the game and movin the usual Tuesday night Eyebar party to Wednesday. It's something a little different and alot of promotion has been going on bar for ladies from 10 till 11pm. No COVER for everyone all night!

Tough Act to Follow?

At some point in time we have all visited Ben's Chili Bowl craving their chili dogs or milkshakes. The local landmark restaurant has celebrated its 50th anniversary and the sons of the owners have decided to expand on it. Nizam and Kamal Ali have been working on a restaurant/bar for the past two years. They are in the process of putting the finishing touches on the new spot which is right next door to Ben's Chili Bowl. Next Door the name that gives "props" to the bowl will feature a 53 foot bar and nine flat screen TV's!! The new establishment will definitely bring a new atmosphere to the U street community. The menu, the look, and the concept will be completely different from what we are used to seeing when walking into Ben's Chili Bowl. At Next Door expect to see a menu that features salads and sophisticated entree's along with a bar that will feature real cocktails. Next Door will open sometime this month on 1211 U street NW! Remember who told you first...EyeSPyZ!

Mr. West is in the BUILDING!

Kanye West will be in DC performing at FUR nightclub January 20 for the celebration of Barack's inauguration. This is just one of many bashes that will be thrown that night. The ball will be hosted by the Impact Film Fund. Kanye is gonna make this party one of the hottest tickets on Inauguration Day! Word on the street is that Will Smith and Denzel will also be making an appearance.

Who cares about Will and Denzel...I want to see KANYE..... I NEED TICKETS ASAP!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bringing H St. BACK!

Twelve Restaurant and Lounge is one of the newest additions to the newly revamped and Chic H st. corridor. This stylish and plush establishment offers a variety of entertainment for your musical palette. From Live Bands, Neo Soul and R&B they boast that no night is the same. They feature different themes for everyday of the week! Did I mention that they have a 50ft bar, which is located on the second floor of the two level hot spot! Get My Peach Martini ready! Check them out, and tell them EyeSPyZ sent you.

Going, Going, GONE!!

For those of you who wanted tickets to Oprah Winfrey's D.C. television taping at the Kennedy Center....there gone! They were available online yesterday at 11am and 5,000 requests later, they were listed as unavailable!!

I guess I have to keep an eye out on Craigslist and Ebay!

Ginuwine back??

Yes ladies!!!!!!!!!! The DMV native is due to drop another album sometime in April. Hopefully he can bring back some real R&B or am I just wishfully thinking? With producers like Timberland, Bryan Michael Cox, and Johnta Austin is it safe to say he's back in the game??

Attention all Sag's!

If you're bday is in December you might want to party it up with Fisayo and Esby Inc.! The three part event starts this week!

~Wednesday Dec 10th @ the Eyebar Ladies open bar till 11pm!!!
~Thursday Dec 11th @The Park at Fourteenth
~Saturday Dec 13th @Tuscana West - The All Black Bash!

Free admission for any of the events just email names to

Monday, December 8, 2008

He Loves the Ladies!

Check out the Pix from Lux Lounge last Saturday.

Ne-Yo in the building with his Christmas Colors on!

OooOOoo is that David from Dave & Ray Ent. in the middle...ZEXY!
Ladies catch him at Fly Lounge on Monday's and Josephine's on Wednesday's!!

KUDOS! to these distinguished looking gentlemen! Maybe it is the year of the gentleman!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kanye Goes Nuts Over a Penny Hitting Him!!

So I know this has nothing to do with the DMV but it's hilarious!! Apparently a concertgoer hit Kanye with a coin. Well they must have knocked the sh*t out of him with that penny cause he starts rappin' that the person should "Eat Sh*t and Die!!". It's hilarious cause he does it all in autotune and doesn't miss a beat. I mean really...who goes to a concert to throw money at someone??? Keep your penny's we're in a recession people!

Attention Cupcake Lovers!!!

Are you searching for the perfect cupcake? Look no more! Red Velvet Cupcakery will be opening this month in the heart of the Penn Quarter! The owner Canada Gordon who grew up in DC moved to LA to pursue a film/TV career. She has worked on many different projects like Vanilla Sky, Thirteen, and Entourage! While in LA she developed a love for cupcakes and decided to return to DC to open a shop. The cupcakes will be sold for $3.25 each or $36 a dozen. With mouth watering names like Southern Belle (red velvet cake w/whipped cream cheese frosting)... I'm sure you will find a flavor you like! Red Velvet Cupcakery will open sometime in December 08' at 675 E St. NW. Check back for a firm opening date!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Product of the Week

OMG you gotta get to Starbucks to try one of their new (RED) Exclusives drinks. Someone decided to combine espresso and hot chocolate TOGETHER. KUDOS!! They are only available until Jan 2nd and come in three different flavors! My fav is the Espresso Truffle. Besides the fact that they taste so great...Starbucks will donate 5 cents of every purchase to the Global fund to help save lives in Africa. Their like crack in a cup!