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Monday, August 31, 2009

Trey Where?

I hope everyone is planning on geting a copy of Trey Songz's new album "Ready." Trey's last album was nice...but is he gonna bring somethin' new to the game? If you have a copy of his latest CD bring it to DTLR (PG Plaza) this Friday and get it signed by Mr. Trey Songz himself! Make sure you are there at 6pm!

Eye C U: Layla Lounge

Looks like Kevin Durant is hittin them streets hard! Does anyone follow him on twitter? Check out his latest tweet. I wonder what club he was at...Layla??? LMAO!

Maaaan these dudes be stuntin round here...."I spent 10 grand in da club".......ahhahahahaahaahaahahahhahaaa wat an idiot

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eye C U: Shadowroom Edition

DJ Quicksilva...please tell me yall heard his song Wheretheydothatat! HILAR! If not check out the link! How a DJ gonna have a hit song..wheretheydothat?? LMAO

Raheem DeVaughn..ummm I need you to cut your nails and the mustache ASAP!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Who's Gonna Run This Town 2nite?

Hey peeps! Hopefully this yucky weather won't stop you from hittin the streets tonight. Below is your lineup (in no paticular order)!


The Park - H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Marc Barnes is celebrating his birthday tonight! So get down there and raise a glass with him! Happy hour starts at 5pm and party till 3am. Get on the list !

Lux Lounge - For the Grown & Sexy!! Free b4 11pm if you RSVP with first and last name and email addy to People look fly..or you will be blasted on twitter by the promoters (no I'm not playin!) Oh free shots of Ciroc on the 2nd Floor!

Indulj - Man is it still a sweat box on the second floor??? Ladies free b4 midnight..guy b4 11pm. DJ Alizay upstairs on the 1's and 2's! Downstairs LIVE BAND featuring Tamika Jones 9p-1a..RSVP at

DTLR - PG Plaza...Letoya Luckett will be there at 6pm! Go show your support! Her new album just dropped on Tuesday and I really like that song "She Ain't Got!"

Love - Oh how could I forget this place?? I heard they are gonna shut it down for remodeling soon! Ok back to the party performances by the Dream and Keri Hilson!! Oh and ladies Mario is celebrating his bday tonight! Free b4 11pm if you print out the flyer at Does anyone still go here? LOL

I think I'll add Saturday Spots as well....

Ozio - Late night happy hour starts at 9:30pm with $5 Martini Specials, 6$ Absolut Mango & Raspberry Shooters, $5 -Washington Apple, Kamikaze and Red Heads, and 5$ Rum Shots owwwww! Hosted by Aladdin of WPGC and it free b4 12 if you text "HEDC" to "313131". One of my readers celebrated her bday here and had a lot of fun! Shout out to SLOVEYP!

Lux Lounge - Ok yall there is a big difference on Friday and Saturday nite at Lux..the grown and sexy hit it up Friday and all the college people hit up Saturday. Regardless it always a party... Dj Iran, Dj Analyze, and Dj Gemini <--rock it out all nite! Free b4 11 if you text LUXVIP to: 25827

Capitol Skyline Hotel - POOL PARTY!!! 101 Eye Street this is gonna be a nice little event brought to you by Brightest Young Things and Sneak Suite. 10$ admission and it goes from 12-8pm. Guys get there in ur flyest sneakers, and swim shorts :)...ladies breakout the bikinis! Did I mention Dj Tittsworth on the 1's and 2's, plus a live performance from Tabi Bonney?? Sounds, swim, and sneaks...wowsers!

Stir Lounge - well is seems like Dave & Ray listened to what the people wanted...a good weekend party! So get there and like UBER HAUTE..yeah they don't play at the door!

Layla Lounge - Why is the second floor always a sauna?? Anyways free b4 11pm (even though it doesn't get packed till 12ish) if you RSVP with name and # of guests to don't forget to add Saturday night at Layla! DJ Harry Hotter (not my fav) on the 1's and 2's.

Station 9 - Not really the place for my 25 & up crew...Details: HU Dental Hosts Open Bar 10-11 Ladies FREE before 12, Men FREE before 11. RSVP w/names and email addresses by Saturday 6pm to


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eye C U: Fly Lounge

Dave & Ray stay havin the ballas at their parties!!! Who went to FLY lounge Monday nite? The place is really small..put the people really make the party!

Who do we have here?? Willis McGahee of the Baltimore Ravens! I'm not gonna bad mouth him..cuz he's really nice!

FACT: Willis is single..but he got like 4 kids lol!

Kevin Durant...boy I know ur azz had to duck all nite long. Fly lounge is massively small.

Eye C U: Stir Lounge

Aww Happy Belated Bday to Andray BLAH! HAhaha Just kidding..look who showed up to Stir Fry aka Stir Lounge this past Sunday!

Andray no Entourage???

Mya I can't wait to see ya on Dancing with the Stars!

KUDOS! Love the skirt!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Freaky Friday..Grown Up Version

I haven't blogged for almost a week. I feel like I'm going through withdrawal! But I promise to make it up to you spots for tonight below. =)

Layla Lounge - Geovizion + F.B.S.E. + Talk of DC are promotin an all BLACK party's free b4 11pm if you RSVP to by 5PM today! Oh and a portion of the event proceeds will be donated to Black Administrators in Child Welfare...should be a GOOD LOOK!

Lux Lounge - I used to hate this place..but I like TAZ promotin it on Friday =). This is a good staple Friday night party. RSVP for free admin b4 11pm to by 4:00 PM today! Taz knows all the ballas and you never know who might show!

Indulj - I think it's Indulj's 7 month anniversary? u know the PARTY gonna ROCK! Complimentary Admission w/ RSVP -Ladies until Midnight, Gentlemen until 11p go to to sign up! DJ Alizay (my personal fav) upstairs rockin it out all nite owww!

K Street Lounge - Always a PARTY..Premium Open Bar from 10 - 11pm but you got get there early to avoid the line!! Free if you text "CHOICE" to 202-491-3278. Oh did I mention DJ KI on the 1's and 2's?? <---ZEXY!

Current - So tonight ClockwiseDC is doing a naked sushi event at Current. You know..eating SUSHI off of naked models! It's like an artsy type of event. FELLAS you might want to be in da bldg!! Sushi + Models + Bottles = FTW (only for the men lol)

Skye Lounge - Another Sayo and Scottie party..I'm glad yall switched the venue up! I've never been here I heard it small...but it's FREE b4 12 if you email names to I might have to check this out and do a blog post on this lol.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Have A Sip

THIRST: An insistent desire; a strong craving, or to have a yearn.

EX. A thirst for knowledge. <---strong desire for something (not food or drink) LOL
How many have a thirst or desire to see Tyrese or Lebron James?? Just your luck kiddos, both smart, sexy, and RICH guys will be in DC Thursday night. So here's the rundown...
Alot of promotion has been goin on for the Shadowroom. The King Lebron James is hosting and I'm pretty sure this is one party you don't want to miss! Lebron is in town celebrating (hypin his release) of “More than a Game.” The film looks into how he went from highschool to NBA stardom. Ray, Omari, Taz, and Mitch have been promotin the sh*t out of this party and word on the street is that all major ballas have tables!!! My suggestion is this get their EARLY (no later than 10pm) and look UBER haute. Make sure you RSVP (full name and email addy) to Now the Shadowroom isn't very big so if you're not in the mood to sweat your hair out this is not the place you want to be. Especially since Lebron will be there and you know he has FEMALE and MALE groupies! If you prefer to be able to move around and not get bumped into, then make your way to the Park. The Park is where you will find multi-talented (u know singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, former fashion model ..blah blah blah) Tyrese! MYLANTA that brotha has come along ways since that Coca-Cola commercial. OK back to the pretty sure you guys are familiar with the usual happy hour 5-8pm and free b4 10pm if you RSVP to BUT, tonight Ciroc and Ian of Suitenation is teamin up to bring you a special CIROC open bar on the 4th FLOOR! Make sure you send names to Yes you read it right CIROC open bar so get there look fly and make sure to order a round of Diddy's (Ciroc and lemonade) on the house! Ladies and Gentlemen I'm outchea!
Your thirst has officially been quenched!
~Oh and if you can't make it out to any of the parties. Don't worry EyeSPyZ got u! I'll be reporting live from the so make sure to follow us on twitter all nite long!

What IS the Hush Society???????

Recently I got an inquiry from one of my readers asking whether or not I have heard of Hush Magazine. They happen to be having a free black tie event /ball *sideeye* to combat Domestic Violence on Sunday. Now we here at EyeSPyZ like to give our readers the real 411 on these parties. I had to do some investigating and it just so happens that my EyeSPyZ correspondent has been to one of their events. Here is the real inside scoop on this fake a$$ bourgieos society!

EyeSPyZ Corré Commentary:
I have been to a couple Hush Society parties and if you're into dressing up for a house party, then their soirees are for you. Don't get me wrong, its a nice house that they call the "Hush Galleria" but it lacks space.
When I think of a black tie affair I think of a ballroom space with tables and a wait staff. Because of the lack of space in the narrow three-story brownstone, you risk having to stand in your beautiful gown while holding a plate of buffet-styled "catered food". Not worth dressing up if I have to eat while standing and worrying about folks bumping my plate onto my threads!
The Hush Society is just that...a "society" of people that know each other and keep to themselves to promote a nightlife atmosphere outside of the busy-ness of the club scene. Ironically though, they always host after parties in a club somewhere after each event. If you go, take someone along for company because the cliques are heavy. They usually have a DJ or live entertainment but dancing space is limited. I don't think they view that as an issue because they don't dance at their events anyway.

But wait did I mention that they have a website and to become a member it's 100$ a month? *Rolling my eyes* To all of my avid readers...please do your research (reading my blog lol) before you hit the streets! I wouldn't want you to be disapointed!
~Remember who told ya 1st..EyeSPyZ!

Humpday Action

Hey guys it's ONLY Wednesday *sigh* but don't worry I have your list of spots to check out tonight! QUESTION: Do you guys party more during the week or weekend? Email me and let me know so I can post either more weekend or weekday spots! =)

Current - Indoor/Outdoor happy hour- Open Bar 6-7pm, drink specials till 8, sushi specials ALL night long! Free as long as you text "DDMGROUP" to 41411. SIDEBAR: I'm not a fan of sushi but I wonder who's sushi is better Lotus or Current????

Spot Lounge - 1214 18th Street (i keep getting emails asking for the addy lol)...Open bar 10-11pm, Ladies FREE All Night..Dj Hostility & Dj Mad Hands on the 1's and 2's...don't forget ur boy UK Sensation will be on the mic

Ibiza - Rooftop party TONIGHT..all women FREE! Um guys sorry but still get there! More details to come!

Josephines - Dave, Ray, Omari....owwww! Muy Caliente ! If yall don't know how to get on the glist by now email me! LOL..always a party! But you might want to hold out until Thursday..see my next post!

Topaz Hotel & Bar - this is a nice spot...Details: Happy Hour Specials from 5 - 8:30pm -$3 Domestic Beer, $5 Import Beer, Wine and Cocktails $5 ..prices aren't that bad!

~Happy Humpday...EyeSPyZ!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Eye C U: Lux Lounge

Lux Lounge on a Friday..have yall been? It's not my favorite spot but it seems like Taz is doing big things!

Bobby V: Shorty been Eyein me...

Raheem I don't like the glasses...not a good look.

Guys and there one finger point pose ..smh!

Eye C U: Shadow Room

Mario made an appearance at Shadow Room last week..yall know Lebron is hostin a party there this Thursday that ish is gonna be NUTS!

Zexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tigger get out the pic lol!

Ray-Ban's check!

Aww how freakin cute is he!

It's ur boy Roger Mason!

Eye C U: Layla Lounge

So it seems like a bunch of different celebs made it out to Layla last saturday! I heard Willis McGahee was there too!

Who is the guy in the middle yall?

Hurricane Chris....ummmmmmmm

Fat Joe what u doin in DC?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Amber Rose Look

So I had to do this post. Why? Because I love Amber Rose's look. Matter of fact, I think it's off the charts. But, if you're gonna try to pull this look off you better be a pretty F*ckin Biyatch! I think the chicks below get a "F" for fail! Bottom line is this, chicks STOP shavin your heads. Man, I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate mail for this, but I don't care cuz it's MY BlOG! I leave you with some recent club pics. Feel free to comment.


Yall thinking What The F*ck right?? hahah! These are your Wedesday, Thursday & Friday spots in one post! LET'S GO!


Spot - Ok, so seems like some other promoters are stepping up to the plate to conquer that Wednesday night spot. Personally this place is toooooooo small for me! Open bar 10-11pm. Complimentary Admission of Ladies All Night, Dj Hostility rockin it out and it's Hosted by UK Sensation.

Shadowroom - For the ALTERNATIVE bar 10 -12pm. Free cover all night! I think I might make an appearance cuz I wanna holla at the guy who works the door!! Can we say Zexy is an understatement! WHEW! Does anyone know his name? email me =) ..he also works the door thursday nite

Josephines - Yall know the 10-2pm free before 11pm..get on the list! You never know who might show!

Topaz Hotel & Bar - Happy Hour, Happy Hour!! I know some people requested these! 5:30-9:30 pm. Happy Hour Specials: $3 Beer- Domestic, $5 Beer- Import, Small bites, Cocktails & Wine- Red or White, $9 Drink+Food Combo Special


Ibiza - Party with the Kappa's from 9 - 2pm! DJ M.OS. (who??) on the 1's and 2' b4 11pm if you RSVP with full name and number of guests to Oh live performance by Dorrough...I say Yea buddy! Rolling like a big shot, chevy tuned up like a nascar pitstop!

Shadowroom - staple!! yall really want me to put the details? Email me if you do! *update - Mario's hosting!! =) *

Current - Party 10-2pm on the rooftop or inside on the dance floor! Music by DJ Reddz...I like his mix on 95.5 in the afternoon. Brought to you by Sayo, Andru, Reggie & ICS, Sean Breeze and James Craig!

Park - ANTM Eva Marcille (so pretty) and Rich Harrison's new group Rich Girl will be hosting. Open Bar 5p to 6pm • Happy Hour 5p to 8p • Dinner 5p to 10p • Dance until 2am..get on the list free before 10pm if you RSVP to Also I forgot the sexy gentlemen of Kappa Alpha Psi will also be in the house!


Tuscana West - Ladies Night!! I went two weeks ago and it definitely wasn't my cup of tea! The party was el-lame-o! Details: Ladies on the list are free before 12:00am. Gentlemen on the list are $10 before 11:30pm. Doors open at 11pm..DJ Oz spinning!

Lux Lounge - Raheem Devaughn and Bobby V in the building!! OWWWW! Free till 11pm if you RSVP to make sure you email your first and last name along with email addy. Yall know they don't play that mess at the door!

Love - So Yeezy is comin back to Love this Friday..along with Drake! Ok is Drake really gonna be there?? Yall know he tore his ACL..what they gonna roll out on stage? It's gonna be crazy..GET THERE EARLY!

Skye Lounge - So I haven't checked this place out..but don't worry I'll make sure to give details when I do. Until bar 10-11, complimentary hors devours and Kami Kazi shots 10 -12am and music by DJ Q!

~EyeSPyZ..I'll be adding more.....................

Sunday, August 2, 2009

EyeSPyZ Stamp of Approval: POV Lounge

Like many I was eagerly awaiting the opening of the W Hotel's POV Rooftop Terrance and Lounge. Lately the biggest trend in the city has been Hotel Rooftop Bars. So I made my way to 515 15h Street, NW to give my readers a full review!
Upon entering the hotel, you're immediately greeted by very friendly and helpful hotel staff. The lobby has impeccable decor filled with plush couches, armchairs, and a martini bar. You either have the option to get a drink in the lobby or try to make your way upstairs to the 11th floor's dark marble cocktail bar or rooftop bar. If you aren't able to make it to the top, you can listen to the DJ spin in the lobby. FYI, the music in the lobby lounge is more up beat (house/pop/techno) compared to upstairs.
The Rooftop or's just an elevator ride up to the 11th-floor! If you plan on going to the POV lounge it's best to make reservations (a week in advance.) Those with reservations go right up, while the people in line wait (usually about 45 minutes), hoping something opens up. If you are lucky enough to make it to the top, the scene is a nice mature crowd (late 20's - 30's). It's sort of like a late night happy hour for the corporate world. The rooftop has some nice panoramic views of the Nation’s monuments, including a good glimpse of the White House. You can also watch planes take off from Reagan National Airport (awww how romantic) or see the Pentagon from any spot along the railing.
Although the rooftop view is doesn't come cheap! Cocktails average around 15$, and wine by the glass is 9$. So be prepared to spend money if you plan on having more than one drink!
So what's all the hype about? Plain and simple...the VIEW! It's something you have to see for yourself. The POV Rooftop Terrance and Lounge definitely takes DC to another level!