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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hump Day Spots

Josephines - There's always a nice crowd and it's a must to hit up on Wednesday..Hosted by Lebron James and tickets start at 20$ click here to get them!

The Park - Private event held by LeBron James and his friends (I guess he's club hoppin)...Did you get the invite? If not, it's ok I'll be there and will be sure to give a recap of what goes down! Or follow me on Twitter all night!! =)

Posh - Karaoke Wednesday' -12am..hey it's something a little different! My friend loves Karaoke*shout out to ADUb*! You can dine and get you're singing on!

Capitol Building - West steps to be concert from 6-8pm featuring Tabi Bonney, Kingpin Slim, Kyonte, and more. There will also be a bunch of speakers speaking out about DC statehood.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Stir Lounge: One of Many Resto-Lounges to Open

Stir Lounge (705 G Street, NW) is one of many resto-lounges that will be makin DC it's home this year. This new and exclusive venue will have it's grand opening this Saturday April 4th! This upscale lounge is in a prime location -the heart of the Penn Quarter. Will it give Indebleu a little competition? I don't know..but I'll definetly be there for the opening to give you guys a full report!!

**Update: Stir Lounge is from the same people as Indebleu..thanks to LitonEvents for the info!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spa Week April 13-19th

So this is my personal favorite time of the year...SPA WEEK! Spas are so much fun to go to. Not only do they pamper you they have alot of health help with sleep, rest, and so on. So what can you get for 50$??? Some of your favorite signature full length services such as scrubs, massages, facials and more... Click HERE for more info! ENJOY!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Some things to do on Saturday:

  • A cute little event called "The Apartment" will be held at The Century - 1500 Delafield Pl. NW from 9pm-1am. There will be an artist showcase, drinks, music and more RSVP by 6:00pm to No cover and 25$ to drink all u want...might be a good look!
  • Tuscana West - 1350 I street..ladies free till 12, guys till 11 if you RSVP to This is most likely another UMD party..YAWN! LOL =)
  • Policy Restaurant and Lounge - this a swanky lil spot that I just opened and I LOVE their cocktails!!! (try the lemongrass truthtini) Oh and make sure you get a seat at the marble and glass bar!!! HOT! Check it out..........1904 14th st NW
  • Had to post girl and I would talk about this alot..Pure Lounge - 1326 U street (not my favorite spot in the world) but it's ladies free all night ...and men u gotta be 25 and up!! Someone finally took note! Yes we want to party with a mature grown and sexy crowd! KUDOS to who ever came up with the age idea! RSVP to

Have a great weekend..oh and don't forget to follow me on TWITTER!

Celebs at The Park

The Park was a little lame last night. IDK..was it a full moon last night?..cause it was alot of wierdos in the building. Only two floors were open and not many people were there. However, a few celebs did manage to show up. Oh and of course I was there turnin' heads up in that BIYATCH!! Pics Below! look..I want you to change it up. Give us something new..jeeze!

Willis McGahee...cutie!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fastest Way To A Man's Heart..Fast Cars!!

I'm taking a break from the night life and postin something different! If you like to test drive cars this is for you... Audi is having a driving event at FedEx Field April 3rd - 5th.. and it's free!!! Click HERE to register and you can whip and peel out in your favorite cars on the specially designed courses! I know what I'll be pushing...that R8! Vroom Vroom B*tches!!
Remember who told you 1st...EyeSPyZ!

Monday, March 23, 2009

For All You Neo-Soulers

Raphael Saadiq will be performing at the 9:30 club (815 V street NW) Tuesday night. His latest album The Way I See It has a 60's vibe to it. With this album you can't really put him in the neo-soul category. The love songs (I thought they didn't exist anymore) on the album seem like the music and the words flow PERFECTLY together! If you haven't had a chance to listen to the should definitely listen to a couple of tracks on

Tpain @ Love : You Do The Caption!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ready for the weekend!

I'm making this short and sweet..I actually got work to do on Friday!

Indulj - Ladies free all night, men b4 11pm. RSVP here! Ladies pull ur hair back in a ponytail!! It's like a sauna in there!

Pure Lounge- Happy hour 6 - 9pm with 1$ drink before 11pm if you RSVP to

Love- TPain and his circus will be there. Open bar 10 - 11pm, Free admission till 12 with this flyer!

Have a great weekend and follow me on Twitter!! ~EyeSPyZ!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thirsty Thursday's...

I don't know how these kiddies do it during the week...but I'm here to keep you up on the latest weekday night spots. Cue my theme music..My favorites from top to bottom *wink*! Enjoy!

The DYNAMIC DUO Dave & Ray are at it again. The Shawdow Room is a must on Thursday's attracts a zexy crowd and has given these other spots some major competition. It really raised the bar with emphasis on being an exclusive spot. It reminds me of a dark filled cave..but a really attractive and zexy one! I'm renaming it the Zexy Room! Now if you don't look stunning enough to get into the Zexy Room *giggle* you can always engage in recreation at The Park. Lately, the only thing this place has been offering are cocktails in an attractive setting! Maybe it's Thursday nite's promoters..who knows but head to it if you're up for a bunch of socializing and fake-me out networking. Hmm...networking.. makes me think of the guys promoting K Street Lounge tonight. Not saying any names but they been trying to make a couple of spots pop off but haven't had that much of a turnout! Is it their connections??? K Street just doesn't do it for me! But, at least there is open bar for LADIES (sorry guys) till 11pm! Get there early and DRINK up!.....Your thirst has officially bench quenched!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Um...Did He Even Make it to Josephines??

Seems like the Redskins DeAngelo Hall made it to Fly Lounge on Monday night!! But wasn't he supposed to be hosting a party Sunday at Josephines? I don't even think he came through..correct me readers if I'm wrong. Anyways, the party was LAME....the Park killed it last Sunday with Caron's party.

Two Days Till Spring...I think???

OMG..K street Lounge on Wednesday's is back??? OH BOY!!!

K Street Lounge - Frank Crawford and some other boys (LMAO) are promoting tonight! IDK..can Frank pull the crowd??? I paticuarly don't like this place..the floor is like they poured the cement right from the truck! Not a good look when your rocking over 4 inch heels. Free b4 midnight ..if you print the flyer!

Josephines - Yall know the deal..pretty sure it will be crackin tonight since it's going up to the 60's today! Shout out to Dave & Ray for looking so fly last night! RSVP to


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back up in this BIYATCH!!

First Thing First: I apologize to all of my faithful readers of this blog.
I've been away for a minute and haven't had a chance to blog. But I'm back up on my grind. Here goes!

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! I'm doin things a little different so here's a drink recipe to start ur St. Patricks day off right..u know before u hit those streets!
¾ oz. Powers Irish whiskey
¾ oz. green chartreuse
½ oz. Cointreau
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
2 dashes celery bitters
1 egg white
Basil leaf
Drink up...b*tches!!

OK, so it's Tuesday, I'm really SMH on these weekly parties! Sidebar: Dave & Ray can we get yall to promote a good Friday/Saturday night spot? PLEASE!! Readers email me if you agree!..the majority of people work and I can't be callin out all the time.

Eyebar - I keep hearing that sometimes it's cracking..sometimes it isn't. I haven't been in a minute..but I know for sure Alizay (hey dome piece!) be rockin those turntables! Get there early to get the free Nuvo cocktails from 10-11:30..I know they were promotin the h*ll out it a few weeks ago at Layla. They definitely got my friend to buy a 14$ glass at Posh the following week. SMH..the guys givin' out the glasses had more effect than the actual Nuvo chick!

Posh - TAKE CASH! I can't stress this enough..too many of my friends have been over charged at the bar. Anyways, Antonio the Cuban Cigar Smoker is hosting tonight..along with a special perfomance by Terrance Cunningham. He is an unsigned artist..but it should be nice for all the lovey-dovey (ugh!) R&B heads! =)

Lotus - I'm your physician, I'm your addiction! Don't you like that better than "Addiction Tuesday's??" So one lucky addict will get a free bottle of Moet Rose...blah, blah, blah..happy hour 7-9pm, open bar 10 - 11..great party for all those who just graduated from college!