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Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Wet Review of Josephines

Last night I was dragged out of the house (well not really I'm a professional clubber anyways) to go to Josephines. We got there around 11ish and I honestly thought no one was going to show. Before we even made it in the door two guys got escorted out for being too drunk..yeah and it was only 11! If you haven't been to Josephines the place is nice and it has a lot of cool decor. Service at the bar was good and so were the drinks. Later on some familiar faces started to show like Willis McGahee, RaRa (certified party hype Dave & Ray, and Roger Mason! Roger, Roger, Roger we need to talk I want to find out who's single on your team *wink*. Oh and why were you letting that girl wrap you up all night..spittin that game in your ear?? Other than that, there were some well dressed people there and the ladies looked classy and my fellas looked...average! A few pics below enjoy...EyeSPyZ!

Willis "Nappy Headed" McGahee ...yup I said it! I'm wondering what the Ravens gonna do next season!?

Roger Mason and I'm not sure who the guy is on the left but they definitely got the memo about the long sleeve fitted plaid shirt! Awww u guys look like you were up at the crack of dawn, fed the hogs, milked the cows, and killed a few chickens before you came to the club! LOL

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  1. i am so not feeling the matching shirts...*gag me with a spork* UPDATE TIME HUN...I NEED MY MONDAY FIX LOL