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Friday, May 1, 2009

Fri - Sat - Sun

Hopefully it won't rain all weekend...!
  • LOVE - Uno De Mayo?? Start celebrating the 5th early tonight. Free b4 11 with this flyer.
  • Indulj - I'm soooo glad someone invested in an AC system..pretty good party..really good DJ! Fellas u can rock ur sneaks..really FLY ones! RSVP here!
  • Ozio - Hosted by the George Wilson (who??) and the Buffalo Bills free till 11 if you RSVP by 5 to
  • Pure Lounge - 1$ drinks from 6-9pm that's if you don't drink TOP free till 11pm if you RSVP to
  • Ibiza - always a good party free b4 11pm if you TEXT 939QUICK TO 63389


  • Mai Tai - it gets packed early..nice party for recent grads..hhahaha guys free b4 11, ladies till 12 RSVP to
  • 24 - Open bar and free till 11pm if you text YUNG LA to 202-491-3278 they r really pushin this text thing *sideeye* Oh Young LA live..maybe he will do the Macarena?
  • Layla Lounge - Open bar 10 -11pm *no one gets there till after 1* free b4 11pm if you print and bring this!
  • The Republic - free all nite for ladies and free b4 12 for guys with this!
  • LaPlata Beach - UMCP block show from 12-3pm...I just want to see the Alpha's step in some tims and wife beaters! LOL
  • Station 9 - official after party of the UMCP block show free b4 11pm if you RSVP to guestlist@j-kproductions
  • Lux Lounge - least they have good DJ's! free b4 11pm if you RSVP to


  • Stir Lounge - Love this spot..u never know who might show up! Free all night for ladies and free b4 11 for guys if you text "CARESS" to 202-491-3278
  • Park - its a cookout on the patio...i heard the food was really good 2! Free b4 11pm with THIS!
  • Josephines - ladies free all night, guys free till 11pm nice party on Sundays just a lot of females!

OK that's enough...took me too damn long to post this! Computer SUCKS!

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