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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4th of July Weekend Parties

Alright I compiled a list (whew!)...makin' sure you guys attend the places you should be! Whatever you do stay safe and have a happy 4th of July!..which reminds me I need to get some sparklers!

The Park - 920 14th Street, Not sure what's been going on with the Park lately but it hasn't been poppin! At least the bouncers are FIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNEEEEEEE! Open Bar 5p to 6pm • Happy Hour 5p to 8p • Dinner 5p to 10p • Dance until 2am..make sure you RSVP for free admission b4 11pm to

Shadowroom - 2131 K Street, NW party with some of the hottest promoters in the city..Dave & Ray, Omari, DT Nation...owww$www$! No need to say any more. Free before 11pm if you RSVP to

Current -1215 Conneticut Ave...yall it's FREE from 10 - 2am..brought to you by Sayo&Brandon, JK, Vannette, JR, Dru, Queenie..and a rack of other people. Make sure you RSVP to (subject line: Current RSVP)

Zanibar - Fantasia's Birthday Celebration!!! Hosted by WPGC's Herkules <--that's a zexy boy right there

Wisconsin Overlook - 2136 Wisconsin Ave..ok check this ..private luxury loft, 3 floors and the rooftop! 6 different DJ's..DJ Alizay, DJ John Bowen, DJ Stereofaith, DJ Jerome Baker, DJ Portarock, and DJ Iyah Petah & Selassie I!! Now for the details...40$ all day, 30$ all nite, 50$ all day and all nite!! Open Bar and ALL YOU CAN EAT with the best chefs in the city!! For advanced tickets go to

Pure Lounge - 1326 U Street...I'm staying away from U Street Friday night. I have a feeling it will be crazy! Details: 1$ DRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNKKKKKKKS! Free all night if your RSVP to

Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave, Join Taz for MOOD Friday's at Lux! Wzup with MOOD? Anyways I think Steve Francis will be in the building (maybe?) Free till 11pm if you RSVP by 4pm with name and email addy to Good Luck with that LINE!

K Street Lounge - 1301 K Street NW, last week Jack McClinton of the San Antonio Spurs and DaJuan Summers of the Detroit Pistons was there!!! Premium Open Bar Until 11, Ladies Free All Nite, Fellas till 12 with a text pass!! So text "CHOICE" to 202-491-3278!!!!

Ozio - 1813 M Street, free till 11pm if you text the word OZIO to 25827 with Ra-Ra, DJ Joe, and DJ Hostility...oh the second floor is now a non smoking level!! *cough cough* Last time I went I couldn't breathe from all of the cigar smoke!

The Park - 920 14th Street, You know all the fine men be at the golf course right? Well get to the Park Friday night and Come in your favorite golf inspired outfits!! HAHAH oh and you can also play a round of putt-putt! Tee up B*TCHES!!

24 - 2122 24th Place NE, Hosted by Angie Ange and Antonio the Cuban Cigar Smoker, DJ Quicksilva on the 1's and 2's ...also a live performance by MARIO!!!! Someone ask that boy why the h*ll he shaved his head????? Text the word "breakup" for free admission to 313131

Tuscana West - 1350 I Street NW, i've only seen it pop when Fisayo, and Scottie promote it. Take a chance if you want with Terry Fraiser, the Social Architects, and Garry Wright. Free before midnight if you RSVP to TLFRASIER@AOL.COM ..sorry but I gotta keep it real!

Layla Lounge - Seems like Taz got Steve Francis the whole entire weekend!! I can only imagine how HOT the top floor will be! Free B4 11pm if you PRINT THIS OUT! =)

Republic - 1355 U Street NW...someone is givin away 100 bottles of Rose! Maybe it will be bar till 11 and free for ladies all nite and fellas till midnight if you text "REPUBLIC" to 202-491-3278 for your free passes

Stir Lounge - 705 G Street NW, Dave & Ray & the Standard Events doing something special here tonight. I betcha this will be an ultra nice party! Not sure if there is a glist..I'll comeback and update if there is!

Lima Lounge - 1401 K Street..hosted by Steve Francis!! Discounted mojitos from 9-11pm <--get the good! Free b4 11pm with this FLYER!! Print it out =)

Josephines - 1008 Vermont Ave NW, Open Bar 10-11, Ladies free all night and fellas free till 11pm! Hosted by Big Tigger and Fred Smoot of the Washington Redskins!

I still got more to add so check back!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Freaky Friday - Grown Up Version

Short and Sweet:

Indulj - Ladies and Gentlemen..SHOE CONTEST! Guys with the flyest sneaks and ladies with the sexiest heels will win a cash prize! I might have to come down there and cop that prize real quick! LOL As always DJ Alizay crankin the hits..I know he doin a MJ set 2nite! =) Free b4 12 for women and 11 for guys if you RSVP HERE.

Lux Lounge - Man Taz has been doin it big at Lux on Friday's ..he's definitely been bringing the mature crowd out. There's always a line around the corner so get there at 10 if you want free admission with THIS before 11pm. DJ SNS on the 1's and 2's

Ibiza - Outdoor open bar on the rooftop from 5-6pm, half price drinks from 6-7, complimentary buffet and Free till 8pm (whoa) with THIS! IDK about that 8pm but everything else sounds good.

Ozio - Dinner and Happy Hour starting at 5! Free b4 11pm if you RSVP to with first and last names and email address by 5pm today. If you can't stand second hand smoke this might not be the place you want to be! LOL

The Park - Uh oh...Mitch Mathis of DT Nation mixin his signature drink on the third floor? You read it right..get there and meet him on the third floor to watch Mitch guest bartend for a cause. All tips will be donated to the Pediatric AIDS/HIV care. Ladies did I mention he has a killer smile and cute dog!!!??? Snatch him!! RSVP for membership and complimentary VIP admission before 11pm. by 5pm today!

K Street -Open bar 10-11pm (includes top shelf liquor:Ciroc, Patron, Remy, Henessey <---whoa) free till midnight if you text CHOICE to 202-491-3278...there always a line..not sure if they are holdin the door or not!

Pure - Happy Hour from 6 - 9pm..get there early to take advantage of the 1$ drinks!! Party till 3am afterwards RSVP for free admission to 1$$$$$$$$$$$


I still can't believe the King of Pop passed away yesterday. He was an icon and entertained us with his music and dance. One of the blogs I follow Clockwise Clothing is paying tribute to Michael Jackson with the release of their "King of Pop" shirt. All the proceeds of this shirt will go to The Childrens Defense Fund a charity that Mike has donated thousands of dollars to! Shoutout to Clockwise Clothing...I think this is a great idea! CLICK HERE to pre-order your shirt. RIP Michael!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

and some really good pics curtosey of Anwaa Kong!

I'm kinda feelin that tat!

See the jeans..KUDOS!

He does look like Bobby V!


Jeremih AKA the "Taller Bobby Valentino"

EyeSPyZ here with your EYE C U recap of the Eyebar last night. Ladies, I must say that Jeremih is really cute in person. He sang "Birthday Sex" and "I'm A Star" right from his VIP table by the DJ booth. The boy got a voice on him...singing must run in the family. You know he is the cousin of Willie from Day26 right? He came in with his entourage around 1ish and left immediately after he sang Birthday Sex. Did I mention that I peeped some dudes singing along too? LMAO...more pics below!

Home girl in the back is messin my pic up! But I had to get a close up of the hair!

Sing BOY!

I was trying to get a shot of his entire outfit..cuz his jeans were HAUTE! Sorry guys =(

~Remember who told you first...EyeSPyZ!

Beyonce Takin Over the City 2nite

We got some good weather in the DMV! Make sure you go out and take advantage! Wednesday spots below!

STIR -Official Beyonce concert after party ...Hour + Late Night 5pm - 2am, Open Bar 5p-6p Half Priced Cocktails 6p-7p, Ladies Free all NITE and fella till 11pm if you RSVP HERE! or Get in FREE all nite with your ticket stub! Oh and its hosted by RICH GIRLS!! I'm pretty sure it will pop since it's right across the street from the concert.

Josephines - Need I say more???????? Ladies ..If you don't want to go to party at least go to mingle with the hottest EYE CANDY in the city...Dave, Ray &'s rediculous how fine they are! WHEW!...RSVP to for free entry b4 11pm. But yall know that it doesn't crack till after 12.

Verizon Center - BEYONCE CONCERT!!! Is anyone going???...Email me or send pics of how it was if you do go! I like her but not enough to buy tickets!!!! hahaha

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Your Birthday So I Know You Want To Goooo Out!

Okay maybe it's not your birthday but I know you want to hit the streets tonight!!! Tuesday spots below:

EyeBar -1716 I Street NW, FREE all night and Jeremih will be performing his song "BIRTHDAY SEX." DJ Analyze and DJ Alizay rockin it out all nite long!! *singing*.... BIRTHDAY SEX, BIRTHDAY SEX, it's the best day of the year...*

Policy Lounge -1904 14th Street NW, Really Sexy afterwork Late Night Happy who would want to miss a chance to sip cocktails with fellas of DTNation!!!! Owww$www$$!

Lotus - 1420 K Street NW, Yall know the deal...HAPPY HOUR with $5 Sushi from 6pm-9pm & OPEN BAR from 10pm-11pm!! Get messed up b4 you hit the!

I think EyeSPyZ will be making some guest appearances follow follow follow ME and my CORRESPONDENT on twitter all nite long!

Monday, June 22, 2009

EyeCU: Musiq Soul Child & More @ Lux

Looks like a lot of familar faces showed up at Lux this past Friday!

It's your BOY Andray Blatche of YOUR Washington Wizards. Oh Andray let me be your stylist!

JaVale McGee (on the right) lookin totally out of it! OK guys help me, is the guy on the left of any importance? UPDATE: guy on the left is Kevin Durant..thanks Dr.J!

Musiq we HEART you here at EyeSPyZ!

Teach me how to love
Show me the way to surrender my heart
Boy I'm so lost, teach me how to love.......

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Park Friday's: No Longer INTERNATIONAL!

I really felt the need to write this post because not alot of people know that the Park is no longer International on Friday's! The Park has alot more to offer than just "cocktails in an attractive setting." But lately it's been a little weak. Most of the 21 and up crowd work M-F, and the majority want a grown and sexy weekend party! The Park used to be four levels of fun. However, my experience last Friday definietly wasn't that! I stayed until about 1:30 and there were only 3 floors open. No one really danced, and the crowd began to thin really early. I remember the Park being a place you would go and just imagine the kind of beauty, style, and fashion that was behind the velvet ropes at the front door. But if you were refused entry at this upscale place last Friday, rest assured: you didn't miss anything. My question is this: What happenened to the CROWD? What happened to the hip, sexy, attractive people who waited in line for hours to get in? I'll be back to the Park another Friday. I only hope that I don't find myself in a bland, conservative, lame crowd again!
SIDEBAR to Mitch Mathis and Dreateam: I'm giving yall another shot to make it crack!!
Corre's Commentary:
Although the crowd was lackluster and the men were el lame-o, Marc Barnes sure knows a thing or two about hiring some eye candy aka bouncers! They grace the front door and each floor and I have yet to see a fugly one! Me like him and me like him too...(But I don't wish to eff 'em all...don't get down like Wayne & 'nem!) So if you're ever at The Park on a wack night ladies, trust me, the bouncers won't let you down! Fellas, if your job seems to be in jeopardy due to the influx of women pushing up on you...blame it on me! Just tell 'em Corre Caucha ;-)
DOUBLE SIDEBAR: Dave (guy on the right in the pic above) if you're reading the blog my correspondent wants your credentials!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who Went to Eyebar Last Nite?

Shout out to Anwaa of Elite DC Mag for the pics...luv the photoshop techniques!

Letoya let me borrow the shades!

Have yall seen Maino's chest..that joint is tat tat tatted up!

Maino with the Mic..hey drop it like sexual chocolate!

Raheem please thin out the mustache and goatee..trim it down or something! Oh and Red Cafe with the same style / look...blah.

Letoya Luckett and DJ Alizay in the background! Letoya luv the pink lipstick..FEROSH!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EyeSPyZ Corré - pronounced Core-Ray

I started this blog almost a year ago with the intent to give people an inside look on DC nitelife. Spots you should go to, who's in the clubs, hottest promoters..blah blah blah. I must say I have really enjoyed blogging and partying. But it's becoming a little hard to hit up everything in the city and report back to all my readers! That's why I decided to RECRUIT a correspondent!! AKA "EyeSPyZ Corré!" Beware and look out! My correspondent will definitely be hitting the streets and telling it like it is! Be on the look out for more posts, pics, interviews and reviews! So without further ado, readers please welcome the newest edition to the EyeSPyZ family! Oh and follow her on TWITTER! My correspondent will not only entertain but will keep you in the loop of what's POPPIN'! I hope you enjoy and continue to read the blog!

Much Thanks,


Ketchup: Put A Fork In It!

We here at EyeSPyZ (did you notice I said we? catch my next post) don't just review the hottest clubs in the city we also hit the restaurant scene up. Let's face it, you gotta eat right? <--Checkers can you pay me for the free promo? Anyways, I'm an avid watcher of MTV's The Hills, well just about anything MTV airs. On a few episodes I caught Lauren and her friends eating at a spot called Ketchup. You know the restaurant that Ashton Kutcher, Tara Reid, and a few other celebs invested in. Since I love food I did a little research and found out that they were opening one at the National Harbor. Well, I waited about a year for it to open and was finally able to go the first week it opened. Let's just say Ketchup was not worth my wait! Be prepared for a long review...I'm going from decor, to service, to the food...Let's GO!

My aunt and I went on a Saturday around noon and there was a 20 minute wait. Now the restaurant wasn't busy at all..but we had to wait because there wasn't enough waiters/waitresses' ...a big NO NO! While we sat and waited in the hard, plastic, backless, ball shaped chairs I noticed the horrible decor. Did I mention these chairs are only big enough to fit one butt cheek in them? Back to the decor...the restaurant looks like it's all white plastic and red neon. The tables have comic style prints with cheap plastic tops, and the lighting is a pale yellow, UGH! So the service has to be better right???...NOT!

It took about 15 minutes for a waitress to wander over and greet us. She started off with, "We just opened, please bare with us as we are all new!" My aunt and I both raised an eyebrow. She took our appetizer order and brought back our water and their signature homemade ketchup sampler. This is what threw me...unless you order the "threesome" (french fry sampler) you will be looking at 5 different ketchups until your meal comes out. Why wouldn't they bring out something to try the ketchup up with? Kind of like how other restaurants bring out complimentary bread and butter! This brings me on to my next review of the food.

So I ordered the turkey burger and fries which were HORRIBLE! My burger was tough and it tasted like a turkey cutlet! The fries were over cooked and taste the same as a bag of Ore Ida frozen crinkle cut fries that you buy in the freezer section of your local grocery store. Now for a restaurant named Ketchup you would think a side dish such as fries would be the main focal point. I expected them to be so much bigger, and not as greasy or mushy as they were! Nevertheless..we tried to finish our food even though it was nasty. We asked for our check and was just about to pay when I noticed that they overcharged us for the appetizer. After we waited another 15 minutes for her to come back to the table, I pointed out the price on the menu and the price we were charged. She said she would take care of it. She came back with the bill, and we paid for the meal. This is where it gets BAD! Now I was expecting 9 dollars and some change back. But, she came back with a 10$ bill. I told her she gave me too much money. She said, "We don't give change." Apparently, it's was policy that they don't have change because on their bills they "round up to the next dollar." Really?!?!?!? Needless to say I will NEVER go back there. If you decide to take a chance on this restaurant, PLEASE email me your experience! I give this place NO STARS!


DC nitelife has not been the same..the Park is now 18 and up on Sunday's, and to top it all off there is alot of FUGAGANESS going on! Tuesday spots below:

Policy Lounge - hosted by Letoya Luckett (former Destiny's child member)...AND Raheem DeVaughn will be hosting a listening party for his mix tape 2nite as well!!! Policy is gonna be really nice 2nite...if you haven't been to policy check it out! The vibe is pretty cool. You can also play checkers with Mitch Mathis of DT *all the ladies love him!* Oh and have yall downloaded Raheem's mix tape yet???? DO it !!!

Eyebar - Raheem DeVaughn's mix tape/album release party (yes he will be at eyebar as well but don't get there till after 12) (hey he also has a double CD droppin in the fall!), my favorite DJ's Analyze and Alizay (hey brace face) on the 1's and 2's....definitely a good look 2nite. Hey yall know he got a double CD droppin in the fall right?

Lotus - TONIGHT!! Maino & Red Cafe will be in the building. Wait Anwaa aren't u doin an interview with Maino for elitedc mag?? Can't wait to read it..anyways HAPPY HOUR with $5 Sushi from 6pm-9pm & OPEN BAR from 10pm-11pm!!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Got Paid...Friday Nite!

REAL TALK: I'm not feeling these weekend parties in the DMV..but I got a few spots to check out tonight that I will be reporting back on! *Crossing my fingers for some hot parties 2nite*

  • Indulj - Tamika Jones live on the first floor from 9-1am...DJ Alizay rockin it out on the upper level from 10-3am. Ladies free till 12, fellas free till 11 RSVP by texting INDULJ to 41411.
  • K Street Lounge - Hosted by Raheem DeVaughn and club hopper Andray Blatche. Free b4 12 if you text "RAHEEM" to 202-491-3278. Hey Raheem we heard you got caught by the police in your car doing unmentionable things in the HOOD! WHOA! ~EyeSPyZ will be in the building..hey follow ME or my CORRESPONDENT on twitter all nite long!!!
  • Lux Lounge - Hey I heard Taz was killin Marc Barnes this past Sunday at the Park. Heard they only had 1.5 floors open...damn the breakup reminds me of Jay-Z and Anyways free b4 11pm if ya bring THIS! I almost forgot Carmelo Anthony will be in attendance! <--Thanks for getting a shape up!
  • Ozio - Happy hour or party hour 5pm -3am? You choose..details : Food- Tapas include Sesame Chicken, Fried Mozzarella, Taquitos, Quesadillas, and Burgers all $7 each from 5pm-7pm. Drinks- Specialty Martinis, Beer, Wine and Drinks from $3-$6 From 5pm-8pm. Free b4 11pm if you RSVP by 5 today with your name and email (jeeze) to
  • Ibiza - F A B O L O U S...and DJ! Should be a nice little party. Free b4 11pm if you go HERE and RSVP! Get there early that line is stoopid ridiculous!
  • Love - I don't think too many are "lovin the club" anymore :/ Open bar 10-11am and free till midnight if your print THIS! NOTE: can yall do more texts RSVP..printing out paper and just trashing it is not environmentally friendly =)
Whatever you do, have fun! ~EyeSPyZ

Monday, June 8, 2009

First Impressions

I always said that within the first few seconds of meeting someone I knew whether or not I wanted to pursue something with that person! Well, I just recently did some research on speed dating and there is scientific evidence that proves that most people make up their minds within the first three seconds of meeting. UPenn : Falling in Love within the First Three Minutes
This Wednesday June 10th, you can test out this theory at Posh Lounge (730 11th Street NW.) RSVP here to reserve your spot for the free speed dating event that starts at 9:15pm. Oh and don't forget to enjoy food, drinks, and karaoke beforehand. Remember kiddies to come looking FLY because first impressions are often permanent.


EyeSPyZ =)

I want to know what YOU think!

Honestly, I think Tyson Beckford kind of dropped the ball last week at the Park! All my female readers of this blog what do you think?

I'm so not feeling that beard!

I give him credit here! Cute smile and KUDOS for rockin the green malachite beads that support better education in Africa!

Why isn't Tyson surrounded by females???????? UGH so upsetting!

Shout out to the ZEXY bouncers at Love...yall they are so nice and look so cute when they are working!

Oh I had to add this picture..cuz her dress is UBER HAUTE!
**** UPDATE - to the girl in the pic above email us! There is a really zexy soon to be doctor thats interested in you! **** EyeSPyZ is playing match maker!

Saturday Night Pics from 24

24 is one of my LEAST favorite spots to party! However I did have to post the pics from last Saturday..quite a few ballas in the building! he really engaged to Christina Millian?

Andray Blatche of the Washington Wizards..not really surprised to see him in the club.

Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals..this had to be before he got wasted! Uh huh..we know you like to do shots of patrone! Oh and BTW it's never a good look to send twitter updates when you stooopid drunk! No one can understand what you're saying!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Go See Tyson Beckford or Watch the NBA Finals??

IDK..this is a hard decision. I kind of like Dwight Howard's body better! A few Thursday spots below:

The Park - Tyson Beckford hosts, open bar 5-6, happy hour 5-8, dance till it What's Tyson's Beckford's deal is he single?? That's what he keep saying on his twit page. Whatever! RSVP for free admin to
K Street Lounge - you watch Dwight and his deltoids on as many screens as you want to!! Free till 12 with THIS!
Shadowroom - Someone is always in the building..Mya was there last week. Pretty much a staple Thursday night spot. Look cute and RSVP to

Yeah DC chillin, PG chillin...

Did anyone make it out in the rain to the 9:30 club to see Wale? From the pic above it seems like alot of people showed! I heard he killed case you didn't make it click here to see his new video for "Chillin" with Lady Gaga! *Shout out to Anwaa these are some hot pics!*

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MTV's Real World - DC

I remember the first episode I caught of the Real World - San Francisco. Yall know the show with seven or eight strangers who audition to live together in a house for several months, as cameras record their interpersonal relationships. Well I've been addicted ever since! I must admit some seasons were better than others but nevertheless, I've been a faithful watcher! It's now going into it's 22nd season set in Cancun! I'm sure the footage will be crazy! MTV has actually picked up the show for 4 more seasons! Since the show moves to a different city each season guess where they will be filming next??? DC!!!!!!!! MTV's Real World DC will start filming on June 20th and the house is located in Dupont Circle! Who's headed to Dupont to check out the house? LOL..happy Humpday!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Wale @ the 9:30 Club 6/3

Im just doin' what i gotta' do flyin' with the rest of em' still got my nike boots ..IDK why that paticular part of the song comes to mind when I say WALE!! Anyways Wale along with UCB will be performing at the 9:30 club this Wednesday. Click here to get your tickets for 25$, doors open at 7, show starts at 8. Hey Wale (I know your reading lol) your song with Lady Gaga ROCKS!