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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lebron: Is it Chalk, Baby Powder, or Rosin?

I'm sure we are all familiar with Lebron's recurring acts of throwing and clapping baby powder everywhere before a game. But I always wondered, is it for a better grip, for show, or is he just being a copycat? It doesn't matter to me because I'll be watching my Wiz Kids take on the Cavs tonight. Hopefully they can come out with a W and ruin Lebron's party at Josephines tonight! Oh YES, you read correctly King James will be hosting Josephines tonight with the UBER HAUTE promoters Dave & Ray. But do make sure to get there early or you might be stuck outside. Personally, I really just want to see Shaq and Gilbert on the court together!!! By now I'm sure yall have heard the ins and outs of the Shaq + Gilbert Arenas' fiance story. Will they fight tonight? Will Gil give Shaq the double side eye 0_O ? LMAO..will Laura Govan be courtside???????? Whether you are at the Verizon Center or Josephines tonight..I'm sure both will be crackin!

Happy Humday,


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eye C U: Lima Lounge-Devin Thomas Bday Edition

Redskins won you know they had to hit the club to celebrate LMAO!

Hey Clinton! What yall think about the shirt and scarf? For some reason the color looks nice on him.

OMG had to add this pic..Do you see her hot pink Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Alma? Girl you better WERK! KUDOS!

Something just not quite right about this pic....

Devin Thomas...why did he look so much cuter in Vibe magazine???

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Was Darnell Dockett HATING?

Read the below Twitter convo that happend last night between DMV's own Wale and Darnell Dockett (Arizona Cardinals Defensive Tackle.) Wale's album Attention Deficit is in stores TODAY (go get it!) ...Read below what Darnell has to say about it. Was his comment out of line? Or was it just "Real Talk"? All I'm saying is this..If you are from the DMV show love and support!

Darnell Dockett: Look I'm not buying no wale cd, unless he Featuring JEZZY on every song that's REAL TALK. And FYI jeezy cd coming soon!

Wale: @ddockett and we not supportin no darnell dockett on this side either unless brian westbrook playin for yall..i dont need ur support nigga

Wale: @ddockett dc md or va dont excpect u to support ..but ill tell jeezy ur waiting for him to drop..good luck this season tho ..okbye

Wale: lol we dont support the AZ cardinals EVER not even if there was a fire.. (brennan huff voice)

Darnell Dockett: Look I dont have nothing against @Wale I don't even know the dude, I haven't bought CD's since 07 nothing against him, people kept -cont

Darnell Dockett: Asking was I gonna get it and I'm like nah, nothing toward him I actually like the the song with gaga - I'm just a big jeezy fan

Darnell Dockett: Support @Wale: EVERYONE GO BUY #attentiondeficit the album drop today 11/10 good luck, I wish u well do it big!

Darnell Dockett: Shouts out to all the people that stood there ass in a line at best buy for the new call of duty at 12am Been playing this shh 4 2 weeks LOL

Wale: goodnight yall, i love all yall even the naysayers. #attentiondeficit is finally out lets catch whoevers number 1! #dmv goodnight

What do yall think? Was Darnell Dockett hating?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Eye C U: Mio Lounge Edition

Promoters, Ballers, and Reality TV Stars made it out to Mio Lounge on Saturday. Of course EyeSPyZ was in attendance. Full Recap of the new spot coming soon...meanwhile enjoy the pics below.

Visanthe Shiancoe of the Minesota Vikings..he always looks off for some reason.

Uh oh...Ryan of DreamTeam nation in da building! Get it boo-boo!

My FAVORITE DJ Alizay the Paul Bunyan shirt!

Look who we have here... DeAngelo who didn't make the band! Guess he's become a clubber?

EyeSPyZ favorite promoters Dave & Ray..HAUTE!

Andray Blatche: Professional Baller and BOXER!

One of my many EyeSPyZ sent me an email about a fight that occured at Stir Lounge last night! Apparently Andray Blatche of the Washington Wizards was fighting! Word is arms and hands were all over the place..LMAO! OMG old are we? You are a professional basketball player and you're in the club fighting! SMGOSHDH! You don't have the sense God gave ya. When is he going to learn to stay out of the club!! It's nothing but TROUBLE!

Sidebar: Was any of my readers there? Send me pics!!!!!! LOL! For some reason I imagine that this fight was HILARIOUS!

Monday Night Football..where do u go to watch?

Do you guys stay home or go out to watch Monday Night Football? Here is my list of spots that you might want to check out tonight.

Bar Louie -701 7th Street NW, looooveee this spot! It has a wide selection of appetizers and flavored beers. Speaking of beer...for MNF there is a big Guinness promo going on. Get there and have a pint of Guinness on the house. I know, I know, Guinness is nasty..but it's free! :)

Rhino Bar - 3295 M St NW, I like this place because it has two separate levels. U you can separate the fans of either team! They have 29 TV's and 3 HD screens so you don't have to worry about being able to see the game. They also do 10 cent wings for MNF which are pretty tasty and a good size! Make your way here if your in the mood for cheap food and drinks... and your typical Georgetown crowd.

Fly Lounge - 1802 Jefferson Place, NW...More people go here to party then to watch the game! However, if you are in the Connecticut Ave area stop by and view the game on all screens. The place is rather small and their are few table and few seats. But that encourages mingling and the after game party makes up for Fly's small interior.
Happy Monday, EyeSPyZ!