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Monday, July 27, 2009

It Was A Baller Winning Weekend

Did anyone go to the Fabolous album release party at Lux Friday night? I couldn't make it..I had a bday party to go to! Besides Lux Lounge is not my favorite spot. But Taz does know how to make the ballers come out! Pics Below - Enjoy!

Clinton Portis and ??? Is that ur boo??? This is such a cute pic!

F A B O L O U S luv the Ray-Ban Wayfarer shades!

Look at all the fans..they almost like the Paparazzi lol.

Your boy Vernon Davis again! Cute smile but can we do something with those eyebrows?

Eye C U Edition: Layla Saturday's

Caron do you have a stylist?

Wale...I freakin HEART u! Hey don't forget his album drops Sept. 22nd! =)

Eye C U Edition: Sunday @ Stir Lounge

Guys..I really want to do a post about What NOT to wear! What do you think?
Anyways check out who made it to Stir Lounge last nite...Vernon Davis of the 49ers! Yall ready for football season?

Not feelin the shirt..looks like it came from Forever 21.

Rule of Thumb Vernon: It's never okay to rock shades in the club..especially on top of your head!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thirsty Thursday Have A Sip: Matter of Fact I'll Be Your Water!

Sense of humor, kindness, and intelligence are some things we all want in a mate. But yet we often don't want to admit that a nice PHYSICAL APPEARANCE is something we want as well. Personally I'm throwing all of that out of the window and going for LOOKS today cuz Devin Thomas of the Washington Redskins is hosting the Park THURSDAY night. He's definitely a GOOD LOOK! FINE is an understatement for this brotha!!! This makes up for the Park becoming 18 an up Sunday nights!! Here are the details: Open Bar 5p to 6pm • Happy Hour 5p to 8p • Dinner 5p to 10p • Dance until 2am. Don't foregt to RSVP with ur name and email addy to

So if Devin Thomas isn't your type..there are a few other players who will be hitting the clubs tomorrow night as well. Clinton Portis will be hosting a party at the Shadowroom. I guess they gotta get that partying out of their system before they hit camp huh? :P It seems like it will be a suasage fest in there cuz Visanthe Shiancoe (Vikings), Vernon Davis (49ers), Demetric Evans (49ers), and Vonta Davis (Dolphins) will be there too! SIDEBAR: word on the street is that Clinton Portis is a man whore...ladies u might want to stay away from his azz! As always RSVP for free admission b4 11pm to
I don't know about you but MY thirst has officially been quenched! ~EyeSPyZ

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Round of Diddy's on the House 2nite!

Whose ordering the Diddy tonight?? You know..Ciroc and Lemonade! Before I let you know what's poppin I'm starting you off with one of my newest drink concoctions...

  • two ounces of Ciroc vodka
  • one ounce of Chambord
  • top up with lemonade and ice

~Oh u can add sugar to the rim of the glass for a sweet tingle and a lemon round for garnish. Not too fruity, not to subtle - just the way it should be.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Why am I talkin all this ish about CIROC? Cuz tonight at Lotus there having a CIROC open bar from 10-11pm and it's FREE ALL guestlist...owww! Get there, order a Diddy, and party all night with RaRa and DJ Money. Next round of business..Policy Lounge. I luv this place. It's always a good look, always packed with the grown and sexy crowd. The happy hour starts at 5pm and ends at 1am..Somebody toast one up for me with the boys of DTNation <--zexy! Policy is always a good look, and always packed with the grown and sexy crowd. Which reminds me... attention all GROWN FOLKS make your way down to Station 9 for an all new R&B live featuring Keke Wyatt. Yall remember her collabo with Avant "My First Love"? She will be performing hits from her up and coming release "ghetto rose" tonight and admission is 10$. Strictly for the mature R&B Continuing on with R&B...Ginuwine will be at Glass Lounge (287 10th Ave at 27th Street) tonight and they are doing free patron shots from 7-8pm! WHOA...and for those who can't handle patron they will have 6$ drink specials as well! =) Make sure to RSVP to As always..whatever you do have fun!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Dey Say Who Dat??

Look who made it out to perform at Love last Friday...Jeezy! Yall I heard it was nuts!

Even with all that sweat his shirt still looks clean!

Jeezy what's in that cup?

I wish I could see his sneaks.....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kevin Hart @ Josephines Wed Nite

Did anyone go to the comedy show that night? If you did email me..I want details! Shout to Kevin and the Russ Parr Morning show yall had me dying laughing on the way to work in the morning!

For real Kevin that's how you feel about me? I HEART u 2!

Looks like he was takin over that party!

Who is that trying to take your arm off? LOL


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thirsty Thursday Have a Sip

Hey can finally dry out your eyes and lay out your best outfit because I'm here to let you know tonight's hotspots...LET'S GO!

I'll Start with Current..the club has three bars (two alcohol and one sushi) and sneaks in a subtle aquatic theme thats decorated with a black and white wave pattern. Who doesn't love Sushi and alcohol. It's like two treats in one! Given the d├ęcor and the clientele, you’ll want to look your best..especially since the promoters are claiming that stylishly dressed ladies are entitled to complimentary admission all night. Just in case get on the I know we all hate standing in lines and RSVP'ing but it's FREE. No one wants to pay the cover at the door. Speaking of cover charges... if you don't get to the Shadowroom early you'll likely be standing outside the velvet ropes or unable to avoid dropping at least 20$! We all know Dave, Ray, and the Dreamteam men don't play at the door. So get on the list( and make it by 11pm. If you're late and can't sweet talk these dapper looking guys into letting you in, I would make my way to the Park. I'm sure yall have heard me raving about the staff looking UBER HAUTE! So leave your tennis shoes, hats, and athletic wear in the closet and put something ZEXY on! Their happy hour and open bar from 5-6 gives you the perfect atmosphere to mix and mingle. Enjoy a drink or two =) and since most of us are working professionals and miss the open bars..I got you. You can always make late plans to get to Lotus from 10-11pm to take advantage of their open bar! After that time the cocktails run a tad on the expensive side, but are generally up to par with similar clubs in the area. Whatever you do tonight have FUN!

Your thirst has officially been quenched! ~EyeSPyZ

Tabi & Raheem @ Eyebar

FRESH!! Don't be rockin my!

Luv the mixtape Raheem!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Layla Lounge 7.11 - Eye C U Edition

So did anyone hear that Day 26 was supposed to perform at the DC armory with Trey Songz? Well, long story short they didn't!! The promoter couldn't come up with the money so they didn't perform! Come on who is really paying to see a show at the DC Armory?!?! Awww they flew all the way from Houston to DC for nothing! I guess Que decided to hit the club up instead!! LMAO!

UPDATE: Did Dawn put a ring on it?? Oh snap what's the deal?

I just posted this because I thought it was a cute pic! KUDOS ladies yall look FAB!

Lux Lounge 7.11 - Eye C U Edition

Yo Tigger when you gonna get a girlfriend? You gettin a little too old to be playin the field..or do you already have one?

Eye C U Fantasia all tatted up..a lil too hood for me!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm back..did yall miss me?

Freaky Friday Let's Go:

Lux Lounge - Shout out to Taz for doing big things! Free till 11pm if you print out this FLYER!

Ibiza - Who watches MTV Jams??? The crew from Hood Fab will be in the building!! Oh Al B. Sure as well! Get on the Guestlist HERE!

Park - *sigh*..yall read my post right? I like the happy hour but the party gets a little weak afterwards!! Ladies if you go you can at least check out the UBER HAUTE bouncers!!Owww$ww$ww!!!!

K Street Lounge - PREMIUM open bar from 10-11pm..I wonder how long this will last?? Free before 12 if you text "CHOICE" TO 202-491-3278! Get there early and get you a CIROC and lemonade! LOL

Ozio - Enjoy First Friday's with Ra Ra the party starter!!! Free before 11pm and reduced admission after if you email your name along with email addy to ..make sure yall do it before 5pm!

Indulj - Upstairs DJ ALIZAY (my fav) from 10-3am, Downstairs LIVE BAND featuring Tamika Jones 9p-1a...Complimentary Admission w/ RSVP..Ladies til Midnight...Gentlemen til 11pm..RSVP here!

Tuscana West - Ladies Night!!! I just hope it's not 10 ladies to 1 MAN! OK um... for all ladies that come in a group of three or more no cover....five or more, either Fisayo, Russ, or Scottie will personally buy your group a round of drinks OR Ladies drink for half price from 11-12!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Humpday Action

Is anyone partyin during the week? Or are yall waiting till Thursday to get it crackin? I got quite a few spots to post for the weekend so beware. Until then my Wednesday spots below:

Stir Lounge - 705 G Street, NW..omg I like this spot..I only wish they stop spraying those huge tanks of liquid air throughout the nite. Messin up the kid's hair game! Details: Open Bar from 5-6 & 10-11, half price cocktails 6-7! Ladies free all nite, guys free till 11pm. But u gotta RSVP! Go HERE!

Josephines - 1008 Vermont Ave, NW..Honestly I haven't had a bad experience! Free to 11pm if your RSVP to U never know who might show Mario in my above pic from last Wednesday nite! Boy why did you shave your head bald?

Shadowroom - 2131 K Street NW, FREE ALL NITE and open bar 10-11pm. How can you beat that??? NO RSVP just get there. For all the Alternative readers of my blog! I gotta look out for ALL my readers!

Topaz Hotel - 1733 N street NWI saw some comments and I got a few emails. Seems like my readers want more happy hour spots! Check this: $3 Beer (Domestic), $5 Beer (Import), and you might bump into the real its really close to Dupont!