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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Plans for New Years Eve?

Please forgive me...I know it's been a minute since I've blogged but I took a little break lol. However EyeSPyZ will be back in 2010 with a brand new look and more posts of what's poppin off in the DMV. I hope you guys can hang until then! But don't fret!!! Below are my suggestions for New Years.

1. The Park - Shoutout to DTNation..they have been doin big things at the Park on Friday's. The Park might be the place to be. Details...Tickets are $40 includes admission & dinner from 8-10pm. Tables start at $1000 <--wow Visit for tickets and more info. *Hey Mitch I saw the pic of you and Amber Rose...HAUTE!
2. Recess (727 15th Street NW) - TEAMBBC, PMG, and CirocNation (have yall tried the new flavors?) are hosting a CIROC private New Years Eve event. I haven't checked out Recess since the new promoters moved in but I'm sure it will be a grown and sexy affair. Details... VIP admission with open bar from 9 -11pm 50$...general admission 40$ HERE for tickets. For those who can't make it home...$119 Luxury King Rooms are available at the beautiful Madison Hotel. Use code “TEAMBBC NYE” For Reservations Call 800.424.8577
3. Hogates (aka the old H2O) - Cricket along with Taz Wube, Eric Taylor, Terry Frasier, and Rashad "RaRa" Jenkins present to you Casino Night On The Waterfront! Get drunk and gamble your money away!! Javaris Crittenton (say that 5x in a row really fast) of the Wiz Kids will be celebrating his bday there. Details..20$ General admission, 75$ VIP HERE for tickets!
4. Ibiza - *sigh* Why don't I like this place? Anyways.. Adimu (where has he been?), Level Ent., Rolo Ent., and 93.9 WKYS are bringing in the New Year here. General Admission tickets 30$..VIP tickets $100. VIP tickets include premium open bar 8 - 12 and complimentary House Rose. To buy tickets in advance click HERE ! Oh did I mention Live Broadcast with DJ Quicksilva, EZ street and Fiyah Oats...wait r u thinking what I'm thinking?
5. Station 9 - Anthony Hampton, Anton Alexander, Anwaa Kong, Bryce Adams, Daniel Spence and a TON of other hosts (sorry too many to name) bring you the Resolution Pt. 2 Details..Premium open bar 8 - 12 Tickets start at 30$ and go up to $200. Watch out for that service charge. Yes..I look out for my readers! Get your tickers HERE now. The party ends at 4am!
6. Union Station - Celebrate in style! <--YES! Hosted by Hypnotik, Stockholm, & The Good Life. Party it up in two different rooms...West Wing (Hip Hop/Reggae/Soca), East Wing (House Music and Top 40). Or just mix and mingle like grown folks in the Mezzanine. Ticket prices range from 40$ - 1000$ Go HERE to purchase in advance. For all my 25 and up readers this party seems like a winner!
7. Love - I thought they were closing it down to renovate it? Anyways..Trey Songz is there on New Years and Drake New Years Day. One ticket at 40$ gets you in to both events. Thursday night enjoy open bar from 8 - 9pm and free dinner from 8 - 9:30pm. Friday open bar from 9 - 10pm. Purchase 40$ or 80$ VIP tickets HERE.
8. Stir - OPEN TILL 4AM!! <--What? OK details ...2 levels of entertainment (ok I've only seen one floor open) DJ Hositility spinin hip hop on the 1st and DJ Yveco spinin Afro - International on the 2nd. 40$ per person and 70$ per couple. Free shots 9 - 11pm and Complimentary Champagne toast at midnight....brought to you by Trademark, NFininty, BCBG Productions, Party Addicts, and Nocturnal Group.
9. Penang - Sayo, Scottie, Wayne, Brian Newton, The Cool Committee, Kirt Floyd, Dominique Charles and Kimiko have all joined together to bring in the New Years' here. Hurry and get tickets HERE for 20$ Otherwise it's more at the door. Open bar 9 - 10pm and bottle specials for $300. Now bad if you don't mind partying in a somewhat small but chic spot. Penang can get a little crowded at times.

Hopefully that's enough for you guys till 2010! Whatever you do PARTY RESPONSIBLY!!

HEART U all,


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lebron: Is it Chalk, Baby Powder, or Rosin?

I'm sure we are all familiar with Lebron's recurring acts of throwing and clapping baby powder everywhere before a game. But I always wondered, is it for a better grip, for show, or is he just being a copycat? It doesn't matter to me because I'll be watching my Wiz Kids take on the Cavs tonight. Hopefully they can come out with a W and ruin Lebron's party at Josephines tonight! Oh YES, you read correctly King James will be hosting Josephines tonight with the UBER HAUTE promoters Dave & Ray. But do make sure to get there early or you might be stuck outside. Personally, I really just want to see Shaq and Gilbert on the court together!!! By now I'm sure yall have heard the ins and outs of the Shaq + Gilbert Arenas' fiance story. Will they fight tonight? Will Gil give Shaq the double side eye 0_O ? LMAO..will Laura Govan be courtside???????? Whether you are at the Verizon Center or Josephines tonight..I'm sure both will be crackin!

Happy Humday,


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eye C U: Lima Lounge-Devin Thomas Bday Edition

Redskins won you know they had to hit the club to celebrate LMAO!

Hey Clinton! What yall think about the shirt and scarf? For some reason the color looks nice on him.

OMG had to add this pic..Do you see her hot pink Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Alma? Girl you better WERK! KUDOS!

Something just not quite right about this pic....

Devin Thomas...why did he look so much cuter in Vibe magazine???

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Was Darnell Dockett HATING?

Read the below Twitter convo that happend last night between DMV's own Wale and Darnell Dockett (Arizona Cardinals Defensive Tackle.) Wale's album Attention Deficit is in stores TODAY (go get it!) ...Read below what Darnell has to say about it. Was his comment out of line? Or was it just "Real Talk"? All I'm saying is this..If you are from the DMV show love and support!

Darnell Dockett: Look I'm not buying no wale cd, unless he Featuring JEZZY on every song that's REAL TALK. And FYI jeezy cd coming soon!

Wale: @ddockett and we not supportin no darnell dockett on this side either unless brian westbrook playin for yall..i dont need ur support nigga

Wale: @ddockett dc md or va dont excpect u to support ..but ill tell jeezy ur waiting for him to drop..good luck this season tho ..okbye

Wale: lol we dont support the AZ cardinals EVER not even if there was a fire.. (brennan huff voice)

Darnell Dockett: Look I dont have nothing against @Wale I don't even know the dude, I haven't bought CD's since 07 nothing against him, people kept -cont

Darnell Dockett: Asking was I gonna get it and I'm like nah, nothing toward him I actually like the the song with gaga - I'm just a big jeezy fan

Darnell Dockett: Support @Wale: EVERYONE GO BUY #attentiondeficit the album drop today 11/10 good luck, I wish u well do it big!

Darnell Dockett: Shouts out to all the people that stood there ass in a line at best buy for the new call of duty at 12am Been playing this shh 4 2 weeks LOL

Wale: goodnight yall, i love all yall even the naysayers. #attentiondeficit is finally out lets catch whoevers number 1! #dmv goodnight

What do yall think? Was Darnell Dockett hating?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Eye C U: Mio Lounge Edition

Promoters, Ballers, and Reality TV Stars made it out to Mio Lounge on Saturday. Of course EyeSPyZ was in attendance. Full Recap of the new spot coming soon...meanwhile enjoy the pics below.

Visanthe Shiancoe of the Minesota Vikings..he always looks off for some reason.

Uh oh...Ryan of DreamTeam nation in da building! Get it boo-boo!

My FAVORITE DJ Alizay the Paul Bunyan shirt!

Look who we have here... DeAngelo who didn't make the band! Guess he's become a clubber?

EyeSPyZ favorite promoters Dave & Ray..HAUTE!

Andray Blatche: Professional Baller and BOXER!

One of my many EyeSPyZ sent me an email about a fight that occured at Stir Lounge last night! Apparently Andray Blatche of the Washington Wizards was fighting! Word is arms and hands were all over the place..LMAO! OMG old are we? You are a professional basketball player and you're in the club fighting! SMGOSHDH! You don't have the sense God gave ya. When is he going to learn to stay out of the club!! It's nothing but TROUBLE!

Sidebar: Was any of my readers there? Send me pics!!!!!! LOL! For some reason I imagine that this fight was HILARIOUS!

Monday Night Football..where do u go to watch?

Do you guys stay home or go out to watch Monday Night Football? Here is my list of spots that you might want to check out tonight.

Bar Louie -701 7th Street NW, looooveee this spot! It has a wide selection of appetizers and flavored beers. Speaking of beer...for MNF there is a big Guinness promo going on. Get there and have a pint of Guinness on the house. I know, I know, Guinness is nasty..but it's free! :)

Rhino Bar - 3295 M St NW, I like this place because it has two separate levels. U you can separate the fans of either team! They have 29 TV's and 3 HD screens so you don't have to worry about being able to see the game. They also do 10 cent wings for MNF which are pretty tasty and a good size! Make your way here if your in the mood for cheap food and drinks... and your typical Georgetown crowd.

Fly Lounge - 1802 Jefferson Place, NW...More people go here to party then to watch the game! However, if you are in the Connecticut Ave area stop by and view the game on all screens. The place is rather small and their are few table and few seats. But that encourages mingling and the after game party makes up for Fly's small interior.
Happy Monday, EyeSPyZ!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eye C U: Eyebar Edition

Fellas, is it ever really OK to have an almost empty bottle of NUVO in ur hand? Hey I'm just saying....

Nick Young and Andray Blatche of the Wizards. I swear I better not see their *sses in the club during basketball season.

Why do I look at this picture and laugh? It's like Andray is hugging his

Hey Raheem!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Howard Homecoming Takeover!

What makes Howard Homecoming so great? Well it actually lives up to all the hype! Your list of places to be below!

Crampton Auditorium - Comedy Show..7-9pm 20$ for students, 25$ General Admission.. performances by B Phlat, Big Sean Larkins, Gary Owens, and Lil Duval...get your tickets HERE!

Policy Lounge - So Tuesday night at Policy is always a must go! Get there tonight and catch big head Omarion in the building. He really got a jug head..yall catch the flyer with that dome piece? lol

Eyebar - the kickoff starts tonight FREE admission all night! My Fav DJ's Alizay, Analyze, and Gifted Son spinning all nite. Free Belvedere from 9:30 - 11pm. I suggest you get there after 12..that when the party starts!

Lotus - Free all RSVP (yay) ...Ciroc open bar 10-11pm..sushi happy hour from 6-10pm Pink & Blue- $5 Ciroc & Nuvo Drink Specials..not bad guys!

Reserve Lounge - Free Admission all night...they usually encourage people to get their grown and sexy on. Hint Hint..not the place u wanna be if you trying to get it in. Upscale attire is highly Make sure u RSVP to

Josephines - This is the place you want to be if you want to be seen! It's gonna be crackin..just RSVP to Oh and celebs are always spotted in the spot.

Crampton Auditorium - can't miss HU's fashion show..this year the theme is Ballad of the Bizarre..get ur tickets HERE! 20$ for students, 25$ for General Admission

The Park - Last week Idris Elba was there..this week Triple Crown is hosting? IDK..but its free b4 10pm if you RSVP to ...Hennessy Black happy hour from 6-8pm, dinner 5 - till 2am.

Shadowroom - LANCE GROSS...LANCE GROSS...LANCE GROSS..did you see my previous post? RSVP is mandatory people!! So email the boys at

Main Yard - Yard Fest! FREE It's always celebrity filled just get there! Noon to be exact.

K Street Lounge - Ladies Free all night but you gotta text the word MARKSPAIN to 41411..oh and wear ur comfortable shoes the floor is pure CONCRETE! I forgot to mention FREE premium drinks until midnight.

Lux Lounge - Special performance by Kid Cudi! DJ SNS on the 1's and 2' bar 9 -10pm. I can't stress this enough..get there early! Rocawear is sponsoring the you never know what other celebs will be in attendance. Purchase tickets HERE!

Love - Drake, Wale, and Willis McGahee will all be in attendance. Damn, damn, damn! It's gonna be packed. Hey Wale will Solange be in attendance with u? Purchase tickets HERE.

The Park - Common and Russ Parr hosts...I wonder what kind of crowd it will be? Especially on a The Park has been a little weak lately. I'm thinking Howard Homecoming will bring out a crowd. Tickets HERE!

City Musuem - Party it up with the Usual Suspectz..I'm thinking for happy hour only? Doors open at 6..and its free b4 7pm if you RSVP to ...complimentary hors d'ouvres and drinks!

La Carbornara - Never heard of this place..take a chance on it if u want. 1926 9th Street NW. Ladies free b4 11pm with RSVP to

DC Armory - STEP SHOW! I love these..and I love seeing the Kappas twirl their canes *wink* All tickets 30$ kind of steep but get'em here. Show starts at 7 and ends at 10pm.

Ozio - Yall know how I feel about this place. But they have some good drink specials :) 5$ martinis, 3$ beers, 5$ Cherry vodka (Ciroc) and red bull <--not sure how that might taste. Discounted admission till 12 (what?) with RSVP to

Station 9 - I'm prediciting a lot of young kids will be there...the ALUM will be elsewhere lol. Party from 9 - 2:30am! It's also my favorite DJ's official bday party. Although he's had like 5 already..happy belated birthday DJ Alizay!

Layla Lounge - where most ALUM will performance by the Clipse...Willis McGahee of the Baltimore Ravens will be celebrating his bday! 2 for 1 Nuvo bottles..there will be an extended tent from Layla Lounge for more u know its gonna be poppin! Purchase tickets HERE!

The Park - Lance Gross, Brian McKnight and Terrence J will be in the building..that's a whole lot of man candy going around!

City Musuem - get there after 9pm enjoy free hors d'ouvres till 10pm. Gilbert Arenas, The Dream, Santana Moss, and Ray J will be in the buidling. Oxgen bar and Hookah bar on deck..POW! Puchase your tickets at

Ibizia - I always wondered what's the correct pronounciation is..eye biza or e-biza..whatever. Get there and don't miss the Cirocnation event with F A B O L O U S, Tigger, and Terrence J! Get ur tickets HERE! Shout out to JayJack ..thanks for reminding me to add this!

Love - ahhhh Trey Songz..he so doesn't do it for Purchase ur tickets HERE to check out the R&B sensation.

Josephines - I thought there was no more Josephines on Sunday after the big fight? Anyways..Big Tigger hosts..with models Rosa Acosta and Tammy Torres...doors open at 9pm! Dress to impress..oh and u can catch my Giants beat up on the Cardinals!

Lima Lounge - Catch Willis McGahee and Antwan Barnes celebrating their bday here..I'm pretty sure some other Ravens will be in attendance. Purchase tickets HERE!

~Guys this is just some of the parties..check back for updates.

A little Something to MOISTEN your screen!

Oh yes! Need I say more? Ladies make your way down to Shadowroom this Thursday! Eva you better lock your man up! With pics like that circulating around..I'm sure some ladies are gonna try to snatch that azz up! better plot to get to SHADOWROOM early..oh and make sure to RSVP!

Hands down...Lance Gross is one of the finest men I've seen in a looooonnnnnnggggg time! ~EyeSPyZ

Monday, October 19, 2009

B*tches, Brawls, and Busted Windows!!!

What THEE hell happened at Tuscana West this past Saturday?? I heard there was a serious fight! A chick got punched in the face...people were looting....stealing bottles....and throwing chairs into windows?????? Were any of my readers there? Please comment if you were! Nevertheless Antwan Jamison was in the building! I wonder if he left before the big brawl! comment lol!

Oh Antwan why do you always look like a deer caught in the headlights? Was the flash too bright? LOL

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What separates a good party from a great one?

The way I look at a successful or good party is positive press and celebrity turnout. That's why EyeSPyZ is here to give you the rundown on what's going on in the city tonight!

Lets start with Reserve Lounge (1426 L St NW). If you missed the grand opening don't fret. Another Wednesday is here to checkout DC's newest venue. Reserve is a tri-level lounge with mahogony hard wood floors and soft accent lighting. The ambiance is that of an old castle. If you are looking for a more chill, intimate venue this is your spot. Make your way there tonight to enjoy 5$ cocktails and a live band from 7-10pm. Did I mention it's free all night for guys and gals? Just make sure to RSVP at the If you're not in the mood for cocktails in an atractive setting make your way to Josephines (1008 Vermont Ave.) At Josephines you will find much more than the setting attractive. The promoters, the hosts, and the celebs that make an apperance are all easy on my eyes! Speaking of celebs Mario, Oguchi Onyewu, and Laron Landry will all be making an appearance. At Josephines the party is merely the climax! Just prepare yourself for the inevitable hangover. Get on the list ( for this party and get there early. I wouldn't want my readers stuck outside in the cold. Ahhhh cold weather..makes me remember the boys from Making the Band walking for Cheesecake and singing outside in the freezing cold for 12 hours. Well you can rest assured that the boys of Day 26 will be warm inside of Stir Lounge (705 G street, NW) tonight. I wonder if they will get on the mic tonight and sing something a capella? If they do, I'm sure it will be strictly for the ladies. Oh and it's also free for the ladies before 11 if you RSVP to Whatever you do tonight have fun! Just remember this: Clubbing Friday and Saturday is for amateurs. Try Sunday - Thursday for a real scene.

Happy Humday,


Chopper - Isn't Ur Rap Career Non-Existant?

OMG yall remember Chopper from Making the Band? He had the nerve to be poppin bottles at Lotus last night!

You look like a BUM!

He had the nerve to have on a fur coat..SMH!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Maxwell’s Black Summer’s Night Tour: Mr. “Prit-Tay Wangs” & Friends

EyeSPyZ: Ladies & Gentlemen the guest blogging series continues! You're in for a treat with the below read! *Shoutout to my fellow blogger LiliSheree for this! If you like this post..make sure you check out her others at Love Li Daze*

I like to think of Maxwell’s current album, Black Summer’s Night, as an aged bottle of wine. Fermented for a time such as this and finally cracked open for the celebration. What’s the occasion, you ask? The re-emergence of real soul music and an A-1 class act show crafted to visually compliment what your ears have the privilege to hear. Not only was I afforded the opportunity to purchase a copy of Maxwell’s latest album after an eight-year hiatus, I was also blessed with admittance to his concert experience. I use the word, experience, very loosely because the melodic pleasure coming from Mr. “Prit-Tay Wangs” (as I like to call him), band and back-up vocalists was only one aspect of the concert.

Let me start by adding my disclaimer: I never drank the Maxwell-is-a-sex-symbol kool aid, nor have I purchased any of his albums in the past. I have always been a fan of his radio cuts and was never in dislike of him. Prior to his sabbatical, I was still in high school and couldn’t appreciate “grown folks music”. Yes, I have always thought of him as a handsome and attractive man. Before you assume that I’m another regular, panty-throwin’ housewife, allow me to assure you that this review isn’t based on a previous bias. You can smirk and say “yeah right” under your breath all you want to, but it’s the truth. Bueno!

It saddened me that my friend and I were a little “tardy for the party” and found our seats on Chrisette Michele’s last song, Fragile, from her sophomore album, Epiphany. So instead I will compliment her threads- brown-furred vest with a black long-sleeve underneath, black hot pants and bangin’ boots. Her signature “Sonic the Hedgehog” front swoop short cut (as I’ve coined it) was in full affect and very cute! From what I did hear, she was on point vocally and her stage presence was connected with the small amount of patrons who made their way to their seats at the Verizon Center. A lot of folks were standing in long food and liquor lines in the lobby areas or were late, like us. My feelings weren’t hurt, though, because I’ve seen Chrisette a couple times on stage and seen quite a few of her television performances. I am a huge Chrisette Michele fan and have been since day one and I look forward to the day she’s headlining her own tour.

Next on the bill was Common.. Now, I must admit that I expected to be bored with Common’s performance because A) I don’t own any of his albums. B) I know maybe a handful of his songs and C) I figured my pitfalls of A & B would have me antsy for his set to be done with so Maxwell could get on and do his thing. BOY OH BOY was I in for a RUDE-YET-WONDERFUL AWAKENING! Since Common isn’t bad on the eyes, it was hard for me NOT to pay attention. He had a full band as well as a DJ so that caught my attention as well. It’s always good to hear live instruments interpret midi beats for a more organic and energetic feel of a hip-hop song. Common’s energy matched the music’s and he flowed effortlessly while making everyone in the arena a believer of his music. There were three major highlights of Common’s performance that I want to point out:
1) Super-talented and super-slept-on, Neo-Soul artist, Bilal came on stage and sung the tail-end of “Love’s Holiday” by Earth Wind & Fire.. Now, y’all know ya girl is partial to her old school, ESPECIALLY when it’s coming from one of my favorite bands, “The Elements”, lol! From there the band transitioned into Bilal’s “Soul Sista” instrumentals and Common rapped a verse from his song “Come Close”, then Bilal sang the hook. Later on in the set, Bilal returned to sing the chorus to “The Light”.
2) Common incorporated an “ode-to-Hip-Hop” melody, including classics like Biggie’s “Juicy”, The Fugees’, “Ready or Not” and a host of others. He ended the segment with Michael Jackson’s, “The Way U Make Me Feel” and then allowed his DJ to rip the stage as he exited for a quick wardrobe change.
3) Before ending his show with his latest hit, “Universal Mind Control”, Common delivered a cold and catchy freestyle that had the audience ooh-ing and aah-ing for about a minute-and-a-half. Once the beat dropped with that Planet Rock-ish feel, Common went into a pop-locking frenzy and served it up to the crowd as we cheered. At the end of his verses, he dropped the mic and immediately bust out with some pretty good hand spins and b-boy moves. The greatest moment was when he popped up and posed in the b-boy stance staring at a hysterical crowd on their feet, cheering for the ending of his performance.

Common not only proved my theory wrong but he had me begging for more. My friend and I made a point to look out for the next time he comes into town! I believe he gained a lot of new believers in his music because we weren’t the only ones amazed. Slap me and call me late but please trust that I was not the only one, and after that show, shame on me!
So now to the main attraction…Maxwell! There’s always that long period of time in-between the openers act and the main performers act for set-up. It’s during this time that I’m hoping not only for a good show but that the audio technicians work out the kinks that the previous performers had to endure, so it’s just right for the one we truly paid to see. Mostly, I believe, they take a little extra time just to build the anticipation and the anxiousness in the arena for the artist to feed off of once the curtain goes up. Well, I am pretty sure that the anticipation and expectancy level in that room was on one hundred because Maxwell showed up, showed out, showed around, forwards and backwards!

The opening song of choice was “Phoenix Rise”, the very last track on “Black Summer’s Night”. It’s a spell-binding instrumental that gives the CD a great ending but served up a wonderful entrance piece for the audio-visual show unfolding before our eyes. What appeared as one giant screen on-stage soon split into 4 rectangular screens showing the same picture. Shortly thereafter, the rectangular screens split off by two on opposite sides of the stage and then the two pieces became one, making two big screens to see Maxwell up-close. Then the Verizon Center became black as Maxwell proceeded to the microphone and the main spotlight turned on showing the dapper, thirty-six year old singer donning a black suit, white collar shirt and black tie. It was time for the Maxwell experience! As I stated earlier, I was never a follower of his performances or shows so everything I saw that evening was mind-blowing! I didn’t expect his energy level to be at two hundred as he slid across the stage floor during “Get To Know Ya”. Attached to the stage was a Y-shaped runway which made him accessible to the lucky bastards in the floor seats (the very reason why they were two hundred dineros and up a ticket)! During the inspirational tunings of “This Lifetime”, Maxwell brought a churchy-feel to the song and testified how grateful he was to DC: “if it wasn’t for Washington, D.C. there would be no me. I did my first show at Howard University.” The Chocolate City concert-goers applauded and I fell in love with his humbleness before the crowd.

Next, the unsettled multitude roared in excitement as Maxwell’s immaculate band played the intro to “Bad Habits”. The stage was flooded with red lights to set the mood and Maxwell immediately pulled himself to the floor and started…uh, making love to the stage. I had to grab my girlfriend’s arm and it was at that moment the show went from energetic to saucy! Once his brief encounter with the stage floor (or maybe his imaginary girlfriend) ended, he pulled himself up and asked the band to stop the song. Laughing, obviously at himself, he reported, “I gotta start this song over. Y’all are makin’ me so horny!” Whew! I knew he could feel my presence but I didn’t think it was that strong! J The sauciness did not stop and his energy never dropped one bit, even during the slower songs. It was during the slower moments that it became more intense. At one point of the show, he worked every bit of the runway, popping up from under on each end to serenade fans on the left, right, and center. Maxwell let the naysayers know that he was made for the stage, showcasing his vigorous dance moves coupled with endurance. The ladies on the floor, not once, took a seat during the entire performance- Maxwell was relentless the way he worked the crowd up. Even during “This Woman’s Work”, not one person, female OR male wasn’t singing.. I found that extremely amusing that the song that he’s probably loved the most for by women, men couldn’t resist liking as well. His “mojo” is just that strong. Panties of all colors were being thrown; I just KNEW I was transported back to a Luther Vandross concert, circa 1989!

Not only was the entire stage and runway utilized for the show, Maxwell was able to incorporate his band members in some of the numbers, as well as using props! While performing his very first single, “Til The Cops Come Knockin’”, red siren lights were placed at each end of the runway and spun in syncopation to the beat. At one point in time he did a duet with his one female back-up singer and his horn section/ back-up singers came out for a Temptations-ish kind of act. Maxwell made it clear that his band members weren’t merely his backup but an enhancement of the show, and showed his appreciation by allowing them time to introduce themselves at the end-not just running down a list of names. Just when I thought “Pretty Wings” would be his last piece, Maxwell was caught in the moment of gratitude as the entire crowd stood to their feet with unending cheers, screams and applause. He received more than a standing O- it was an offering of love and he couldn’t receive without giving a piece back. His energy level, probably on three hundred at that moment, compelled him to start singing the first verse of “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)” in accapella. The entire arena sung along and the band kicked up and contributed to a mesmerizing encore performance that was the cherry on top of the ice cream cake!

Exactly a week before “Mr. Prit-TAY Wangs” arrival in Washington, D.C. he did a show in Detroit, MI and my family members and friends there would NOT STOP talking about his performance. Since it was not originally in the plans (or the budget) for me to initially attend, I felt they were being dramatic and trying to make me feel bad. That evening as my friend and I were sitting in iHop still on our “Black Summer’s Night” high, I realized what the Maxwell fuss was all about. The feeling was “something-kinda-wonderful” and we wallowed in it over french toast, eggs and hash browns. My Twitter updates were emphatically dramatic but they matched every aspect of Maxwell’s show! He even tweeted a couple days later, “since D.C., ankle’s the size of the stage you saw tonight; swollen. Show must go ON. Perfection is an illusion- effort is divine! Sink or SWIM!” His words echo the very reason for his class act-show and newfound success- bravo Maxwell!

~Ms. LoveLiLi

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shadowroom: Stamped!, Stir Lounge: SMH!

EyeSPyZ: The Guest Blogging series continues..check out what my fellow blogger had to say about Shadowroom and Stir Lounge. Oh and if you haven't already check out his blog Sleep is the Cousin of Death.

Eyespyz was kind enough to let me do a post on their blog, so you guys could get a different opinion (well at least a male one) about some spots in DC.
**Disclaimer- I’m from the area but I don’t live there anymore (for now) so I was home for a little bit and decided to take the advice of Eyespyz and hit a couple of spots.**
First I’m going to get into the good then the not so good.
This past Thursday I hit up Shadow Room. I’d been hearing a lot of good things about it so my brother and I decided to check it out. Upon first look it looked like a bigger K Street Lounge. I liked the layout. I was pretty cool. Wale had a party that night there so I don’t really know how many people would be there on a regular night, but I would imagine maybe about the same amount of people. The DJ was pretty decent. He played a constant number of hits and he had good transition. All in all I had a good time at Shadow Room. I would recommend anyone who didn’t have to get up early Friday to go, because I definitely got wasted. Hell, even if you don’t have to get up early I still say go.
Now onto the not so good. Stir Lounge. I went there Sunday night. I think that Stir has a lot of potential but it was some things that threw me off about the spot. First off the DJ really wasn’t that great to me. I heard Wasted (Gucci Mane) three times. I shouldn’t be hearing the same song that many times. Secondly, I don’t like going out and everyone just stands there and looks at each other. Damn, you came out to have fun, so have fun. Party!!! Lastly, the go-go dancers (yes go-go dancers) were mad annoying. I thought go-go dancers were supposed to be visible to the crowd but not inaccessible. These chicks (in bikinis) were dancing on the dance floor. Now maybe if they looked better or had better bodies I wouldn’t have minded. That clearly wasn’t the case so I did.
Overall the majority of the spots that Eyespyz recommends to have a good time are places that you can actually have a good time. I respect their gangsta on the party scene.

Remember who told ya 1st...EyeSPyZ

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hush Society, Part 2: EXPOSED!

One of my many readers (or as I call them EyeSPyZ, lol) sent an email...well more like a follow up to my "What is the HUSH Society" post. Read what they had to say below!

Hello eye spyz, I read your blog on HUSH Society and I feel the need to express my feelings on it as well. I've been to 3 or 4 events myself and have come to grasp the concept of HUSH. Its just as you said "The Hush Society is just that...a "society" of people that know each other and keep to themselves to promote a nightlife atmosphere outside of the busy-ness of the club scene" Then the men of the society try to get with as many of the "groupies" as possible. I know 4 girls that the VP of Sales, Brian Silver- slept with so far and he is suppose to have a girlfriend, from what I was told. Poor woman. The CEO, Carlos Allen, has done the same- he actually tried to get with one of my girlfriends and he is married!!! A young man by the name of Immanuel Alonza has disrespected my girls and I a couple of times at these events, he is a member as well. There was a young indian lady Sharmila Viswansan, who only talked about "money money money" the entire time I spoke with her. She didnt once mention the charities reason for "being" she just asked "so how much money are you going to give us", "when are you going to give us money?" A total turn off!!!! I think these guys use these events to get women- well the dumb young women that is. This Society is a bunch of CRAP! They dont make any money- they are in the club weekly pretending to be this elite society when in actuality they are just a bunch of peole trying to take your money to join something that has so significance! I suggest you tell ALL of your readers to stay the hell away from HUSH Society and all of its members. I had a chance to speak with Brian Silver for about 15 minutes at the last event and his words kept going in circles- it sounded like he knew he was full of shit and just hoped I believed the shit that was coming out of his mouth. I feel sorry for the wives and girlfriends of these men- for they have no idea what is going on. If your a valid charity- you would be utilizing a BALLROOM not someone old small ass townhome....if you were a real chairty- you would be involved with the "big wigs" i.e. Senators, Democrats, etc not your friends from around the corner who come for the open bar and to get into the club for FREE. HUSH Society is BULLSHIT!

Remember who told ya 1st...EyeSPyZ!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eye C U: Lima / Stir Lounge Edition

Willis McGahee of the Baltimore Ravens and his veneers *cheese :) *

De'Angelo..who didn't make the band! I'm mad!

Seeinz or as the DMV knows her..Autumn Joi from Flavor of Love

Hot Wings from Real Chance of Love

The Week is Half Over

Yes the week is finally half over! Or half way through...or whatever it's Wednesday PEOPLE. These are your top spots for tonight!

1. Reserve Lounge (1426 L Street, NW) - Free ALL night, just RSVP to 3 Floors, brand new spot, ladies...fellas just look Uber Haute! <--I think this will be a good look

2. Modern (3287 M Street, NW) - Ladies Free till 11pm, fellas 5$ before 11pm..DJ Alizay (my fav) on the 1's and 2's. I heard he's doin 80's...or nothing pass 99'! Owwww!

3. Josephines (1008 Vermont Ave, NW) - Yall know the deal right? Free B4 11pm if you RSVP to Always a party!

Dr. J on Skye Lounge

EyeSPyZ: This is the very first post for my Guest Blogging show my fellow blogger and reader some LUV!

I’m very thankful for the opportunity to guest blog here. I am a faithful reader and enjoy all of the inside scoops that I get from coming here. Often times when my friends ask me what’s going on in DC, instead of giving them the rundown, I’m quick to reply, “Have you checked EyeSpyz?” Anyway, let me introduce myself, I go by the pen name Dr. J, I’m a native Washingtonian, although I am a “native” I’m quite the transient as I’ve spent significant time in New York City, and spend about half my weekends there a month. So chances are if you’ve met me out and about, you’ve probably mistaken me for a NYC guy. That’s neither here nor there. I write on three blogs, (I know right?), my personal blog is, the other two are, the World Renown, and most informative Please check them all out I appreciate the views and your thoughts and feedback.

I was asked to provide an account of my experience at Skye Lounge. Now I don’t want to date myself, but I believe this place used to be called Karma. I’m not sure, don’t quote me. I have been a patron at this place twice. Although in drunken memory, I’ve only been there 1.5 half times. (This is the point in my blogs where I contemplate the repercussions of roasting the subject or toasting the subject…)

Ahhh… why not?

1) Must be weary of glass front venues, with the shades drawn. As you roll up to this spot, (and this is why I say it used to be Karma), the first thing you notice is the glass windows. This is the gift and the curse of nightlife in DC. If you have a popping party going on, everyone outside can see and wants to be inside. If you do NOT, say… every party in DC before 12:50AM, then you have a bunch of people standing outside staring in like, oh nah this joint ain’t gon crank tonight. Either that, or everyone is at the door now negotiating cheaper door prices.
2) Make shift entrances to lounges, Read: Restaurant by day… DC hot spot by night… LMAO… walking up I thought we were going to pull a fast one because there was like a podium out front, but no attendant. I was like I guess that’s for the restaurant during the day, I guess we just walk in. Then the “dude at the door” came over and was like $20. I gave him this look like… I can see inside the club, ain’t nobody here but us chickens. This typically only happens at venues that are not really made for clubbing or lounges. Or when they don’t want to hire a “PYT whose favorite word is, “No,” at the door.”
3) Turn the effing music down. If I can hear it, it’s loud enough. If I can’t talk to my friends or order a drink, it’s way too loud and not conducive to me having a good time. What is this Mezza Luna? #noshots.
4) Arbitrary dress codes, cover charges and re-entry rules
I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I have this thing about cover. I stop at nothing to not have to pay cover for a party, unless… it’s peoples then I don’t mind paying. HowEVAH… If… you’re party is empty, regardless of if it’s after 11, you shouldn’t charge, if you’re going to charge, $10 is a consolation. Don’t tell me grown & sexy and I show up and graphic tees and Nike Dunks are OK. I’m pet… I literally left the club and came back an hour later to no problems what so ever. I also chilled outside the club for like 20 minutes talking to my homegirl. Only reason why I stepped out was because I couldn’t hear her talk inside. When I go to walk back in they said $20... The only reason why someone would leave and come back was because they wanted to see if something else was popping. (Read: I had already dropped $20 to get in here, only to hear my theme music, “I AM THE CLUB” when I walked in. Meaning, it was just me and the party that I brought there.)
5) Drink prices… um… wtf?
My tab was a LOT more than I expected. Luckily there were females with me, which means, no arguing about the tab. “My tab is $79, can you tell me what I ordered because, I’m sure it should be $65.” – Broke Phi Broke Chapter President.

And… why?

1) To be honest, it’s something new. You should always try something new. I mean, how many times can we go to the same clubs/lounges on Saturday night? It’s nice to check out something different, even if it’s just a new name and management.
2) The service wasn’t half bad. Drinks came pretty fast and were pretty good. I must say. The bartender was on point.
3) It’s the same crowd, but a new venue always brings out a few new faces. I saw a few new faces. There is something about a new venue even with the same promoters that brings out a few new faces. Some people are starting school, some people are newly single, some people are new in the area for work, however, whatever the cause, I really do appreciate it.
4) Perfect spot for a birthday. This is a great birthday spot. Reason being, you won’t have too many issues at the doorBecause it’s a restaurant they can easily accommodate large parties with a sectioned off area. I assume if you got a list and a table, you’d be bringing a big part of the party, therefore, all signs point towards yes.
5) You can actually dance at this spot. There is a good amount of space for dancing. Literally my boy was tossing one of the females with us into the air about five feet and people were getting down. There wasn’t much sweating, but there was space to cut a rug. The music was cool and the DJ seemed to be feeling the crowd out. There are few places in DC where you can go and dance these days. We’re so concerned with bottle service, we section off the club so much, that all you can do is stand there and look at other people. (I’m actually convinced that some people go to parties like this, and leave and say, “Yeah it was popping.”)

Y’all probably like stop hating J. I’m really not hating, if someone asked me about it, I’d be like you should go it’s a decent look. This place has no problem that any other place in Downtown does not have too. It’s different, you might see a couple new faces. If you get on the guest list you may not even have to pay. Show them some love. And always keep in mind, if you are anywhere near K Street you are never far from a good time. If you don’t like it, just take the party to Shadow, Josephines, Lima, Park, Eye Bar, CafĂ© Asia, Tuscana, K Street, need I go on??? Thanks for the shoutout EyeSPyZ, really enjoyed writing this piece. Let me know if I can help again in the future. Keep it up with the always appreciated 411.

Dr. J also known as, “Ye told me to kill it, to keep it 1-hunnit”

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Bakers Man?

Remember my post on the Cupcakery? Well your boy Andray Blatche was there with NBC's Lindsay Czarniak trying to bake the perfect cupcake. He also talks about why he changed his number to 7. Would you buy a cupcake that he made? LOL


View more news videos at:

WERK B*yatch!

Look who was seen coming out of the airport in DC this morning...Lady Gaga! I wonder where she is going????????? Anybody planning to see Lady Gaga and Kanye at the Verizon Center 12/30?
*photos courtesy of*

Papa-Paparazzi..givin them the finger! POW

Outfit reminds me of something Victoria Beckham would wear!

Love the Boots!
Remember who told ya 1st...EyeSPyZ!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Perfect Weather for FLYing

I hope my readers have their passports ready because you're about to live the life of a Jetsetter...or at least for the night that is!

The Standard Events & Dave & Ray Entertainment presents to you "High Altitude" Monday at Fly Lounge (1802 Jefferson Pl, NW Washington, DC 20036).
Your flight takes off immediately at 10 pm and lands at 2 am. There will be plenty of in flight entertainment in the form of "EYE Candy." Oh and before I forget, the traveling experience is complimentary as long as you RSVP to

So ladies make sure you dress the part! Work the bar, and don't forget to make your presence known. Besides who wouldn't want to sit between two "First Class" guys as pictured below. *snicker*

Happy Monday, ~EyeSPyZ

Al Sharpton Hits The Streets! OWWW!

Look who showed up to the CBC event at Tuscana West.....get it boo! Many others in attendance as well.

Al Sharpton and Lisa Raye (always in some type of white/off white).

PIMP! lol

What??? Biz Markie ..where u been hiding?

Eric Taylor and the infamous Roland Martin..POW!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eye C U: Lux Lounge Edition

When are the Wizards not in the club?? SMH!..Que from Day 26 made an appearance as well, Friday night at Lux.

Javale McGhee lookin bored as h*ll.

What do yall think of Andray Blatche's glasses?

Happy belated birthday Que! I didn't know he just turned 21! He's still a baby!

So yall know who the dude in the leather jacket and sunglasses is right? It's De'Angelo the guy from DC who didn't make the band the season Day 26 was put together! Awww De'Angelo we HEART you here at EyeSPyZ!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eye C U: Letoya Luckett @ Josephines

Yall miss me? I took a week long break from blogging..but I'm back! Check out the pics of Letoya Luckett partying it up @ Josephines last Wednesday. I know I'm late...but anybody know why she's hittin up DC so much?

Hey Omari!! LOL..we are officially stans for the Standard That's one fine azz black man right there.

I'm really liking the hair style.

Party, Party, Party..lets all get wasted! LOL

CBC Recap at Love - with T.O.!

T.O., T.O.!!! Ummm so I can't lie I'm still a little start struck from the Congressional Black Caucus event held at Love last night. I must say, I was really impressed with the atmosphere and crowd. At the last minute, I got an invite through a friend of mine (shout out to Monet, thx chica) and I was officially in there! I was really thinking about not going because Love just hasn't been the same since I partied there back in 02'/03'.... shall I say? The atmosphere last night was totally different. It was definitely a grown, mature, well dressed crowd of people. I got there a little before 10pm (when do I ever go anywhere this early?) and there was no line. However, inside was a different story. It was packed with everyone surrounding the bars or buffet line. Yes Love managed to have a free buffet with roast beef, chicken, cornbread, and some type of Mexican corn dish. The food wasn't bad, but they did run out of plates!

Later on during the night we hit the second floor. Big Tigger and DJ Money kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night. I also managed to somehow meet Terrell Owens and I nearly fainted. Ladies, he is really an attractive guy. Although he lost major points with his outfit. He had on a black blazer, white button down, jeans, and black converse! I think he was the only guy in there with jeans on! His stylist totally dropped the ball! Oh well, it was still a really nice night and I'm glad I decided to go. :)
Oh..before I forget..other celebs in attendance were Roland Martin, Vivica Fox (sorry fellas I tried to get a good pic but couldn't), Kevin Liles, Big Tigger, and BJ Coleman.

T.O. laughing with Mo and Kita..they were so nice!

T.O. stole somebody's cell phone and was taking a pic with it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Eye C U: Spot Lounge

Uh oh look who was seen at Spot Lounge last Sunday...Antwan Barnes of the Baltimore Ravens!!

Not a bad pic..Antwan!

I'm mad the guy in the blue jumped in the picture like that!

Labor Day, Where Were U?

Did anyone go to the Capitol Skyline Hotel Pool Party like I suggested? Despite the rain..people still managed to show up and have fun! A few pics below for the people who missed it!

Got u MATHIS! Ladies its ur boy Mitch Mathis of DreamTeam nation..owww I still luv u!

My favorite door boy...hey Shaun!

Burberry swim shorts? 4real???????????

I wonder if they are together..yall make a cute couple!

Pretty need to be on somebody's runway!!