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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunday Lux Lounge Review!

Hey guys..I got a lot of writing to do for this past Memorial Day's parties!! I tried to hit everything I could in the city..but with me being soooooo wasn't possible! If you hit the streets like I did over the weekend EMAIL ME and let me know your thoughts!! I love to post the GOOD, the BAD,...and the UGLY! Now on to Lux!

You know I had to make an appearance Sunday at Lux Lounge..with all the hype that Dave, Ray, Omari and Taz were promotin it...I wanted to see for myself whether or not they could pack it out like the Park always is! We got there around 1am and the line was AROUND the corner. Luckily enough we walked right up to the door and didn't have to wait. Hey, sometimes it pays to look cute *wink*. When we got in, LUX was crowded, but not so much where you can't dance. It was just enough for you to get a good variety of people to dance with. BUT and this is a very big BUT it was about 60/40 girls to guys! SIDEBAR to Dave, Ray & Omari..yeah yall are fine and we know the chicks follow wherever you go..but we need MEN at the club!! So tell all your HAUTE friends to role through! For the people who haven't been to lux..the next couple of things are for you! When I give a review I make sure I cover all things...the drinks were good and the bartenders were super nice. Every once in a while we would run into a guy with a mop lookin for spills to mop up. He didn't bother anyone from dancing and it was great to not have to step or SLIP in sticky nasty alcohol. You know I can't ruin my shoes! The DJ was good but he wasn't No really, the DJ did make some nice transitions and they blended smoothly so KUDOS! The look and layout of LUX is nothing to really talk about--wood paneling, flat screen TVs, bars at the front and the back, and a decent size dance floor on each floor. All in all, I wouldn't mind going back again but only on a SUNDAY! Good job Dave, Ray, Omari, and Taz!

~EyeSPyZ...oh had to include a pic of a baller!

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