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Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Hour vs. Club Parties

I would like to hear from readers do you prefer happy hours or club parties? I'm on the search for a great happy hour spot. When I find it..I'll be sure to update. So far STIR on Wednesday nights for a few drinks after work seems to be in my fav 5! LOL, anyways below is a list of what's going on this weekend...EyeSPyZ!
  • Current - 1215 Conneticut Ave...Professional Happy Hour from 5-9pm. Drink and Sushi specials all night long. DJ Too Cool Uncle Q rockin it out on the ROOFTOP! This should be nice..I like this idea *shoutout to Fisayo*. Don't forget to bring your business cards. Upward mobility right ShaThor??
  • Tuscana West - 1350 I street NW, THE MENAGE is the theme *sideeye*.. 3X as sexy; 3X as fun is how they are promotin it. Check these details: 3 ladies get into the Menage for the price of 1 ($10), all 3 ladies must arrive together before 12:15am, and one must be on the guestlist. Admission for guys into the Menage is $10 before midnight on the list and $15 after on the list..for Glist email ***Yall are doin way TOO much!***
  • K Street Lounge - 1301 K Street NW, Open bar till 11pm, Free b4 12 if you RSVP to Playoffs on all TV's...Who doesn't want to see Kobe loose?...TWO THUMBS cuz I love bball.
  • Ibiza - 1222 First Street, NE...Camron will be in the building...AGAIN! What did he forget???? b4 11pm if you go here!
  • Pure Lounge - 1326 U Street NW, 1$ drinks from 6-9pm and it's get packed early. Everytime I pass by there is a line. The spot is ok, but it reminds me of a basement party. I just get a little nervous with that many people in such a small spot. RSVP to
  • Indulj - 1208 U Street NW, Live Jazz 8pm-11pm downstairs w/Jazz musician Pete Muldoon, Party 10pm - 3 am upstairs in the Loft w/DJ ALIZAY, RSVP here! Free before 12am for Ladies or $10 after and Free before 11pm for Fellas or $10 after.
Did yall notice how I gave you happy hour and spots to party at?? On to Saturday...

  • Jordan's 8 Lounge - 523 8th Street ..Shawquana from the Russ Parr Morning Show is having a Makeup, massages, and martini's party. Whew that's alot of M's! Massages are $1 a minute and I think this is a charity event for Pediatric AIDS foundation in DC! You can do something nice for yourself and for CHARITY! LIKE TWO TREATS in 1! Shoutout to the Radio Vixen!
  • 24 - 2122 24th Place NE, I went once and I'll never go back. Just not my cup of tea..and I was even scared to valet park my car!
  • Station 9 - 1438 U Street, LADIES FREE before 12. GENTLEMEN FREE before 11. Don't forget to RSVP by 6pm saturday to Nothing really special to say about this place. I used to party here back when I was in
  • Mai Thai - 1200 19th Stree NW, good music, good party..but for the college GRADS! For Glist info email Free for women before midnight and gentlemen before 11pm but you gotta email them! =)
  • Layla Lounge - 501 Morse Street NE, happy hour 10 - 11pm Free before 11pm with THIS flyer. Hey it's where the wizzards pop bottles during the season.
  • Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave, Dj Iran, Dj Analyze, and Dj Gemini..good looks for any floor! =)RSVP for membership and complimentary VIP admission before 11pm. RSVP to by 6pm Saturday, May 30th
  • UMCP - WALK THAT WALK!...LOL..Walk of Love fashion show at the Adele Stamp Student Union ..these are usually pretty good! Doors open at 6pm show starts at 6:30.. tickets sold at the door for 12$! Oh and it's for CHARITY! KUDOS!
  • Midtown - 1219 Conneticutt Ave NW official after fashion show party..hey you can meet the MODELS! Yall remember this spot right? It used to be PLAY.
  • Tuscana West - 1350 I street NW..ALL WHITE PARTY..but ladies where a black One of my many EyeSPyZ gave me this info..Cost is 20$ and it's brought to you by Join Goombay Adventurers, Playtime Promotions, and the intelligent Black Men (luv the names!) Shawn if you go I'm expecting a full report! LMAO..I sound like a teacher!


  1. Love your blog..and its needed

    I prefer happy hour spots now..(I act like an old lady)



  2. I glad you enjoy the blog and thanks for reading! I'll post more happy hour spots!