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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm so HAPPY he cut his hair!

I'm so excited cause it seems like we're finally going to have some nice weather! My Tuesday spots:

Eyebar!!!! - Busta Rhymes will be making an appearance tonight and ladies look cute cause they shooting some of Southeast Slim's Video TONIGHT!! Eyebar is gonna be crazy!!

Policy Lounge - everyone keeps raving about it on Tuesday's!! Even the bouncers..hahaha! Shout out to Kolumbo!! *wink*

Lotus - yall know the deal!!! Your usual 5$ sushi, open bar 10-11..blah blah blah



  1. Ironically today is his birthday. 36.

  2. WHAT??? D*mn I should have brought him a bday cake last nite! LOL