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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I only got 5 minutes

Saturday night spots:

Mai Thai - 1200 19th Street NW, Ladies free till 12 and guys till 11 on guestlist. 5$ drinks till midnight! RSVP to

Layla Lounge - 501 Morse Street NE, free till 11 if you go to and print out the flyer! Print it out it's not worth paying 20$ to get in.

Lux Lounge - 649 NY Ave NW, Free till 11pm if you text the word LUXVIP to 25827. Just show your cell phone at the door!

~I'll be at the wizards game!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cockroach and Miguel at Josephines!

Look who showed up to Josephines' Wednesday night. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cockroach where is Theo? LMAO..for real look at Carl Anthony Payne II..what's up with that taco meat on your chest? Now on to Miguel A. Núñez Jr. I haven't seen his azz since Juwanna Mann! WOW!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

All ladies should read this book..I think it's great. The author Greg Behrendt, is not the only one offering women a rare insight into the male psyche. Comedian Steve Harvey is also offering tough love and plain talk to females. His new book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" offers funny advice as opposed to the straight shooting advice Greg Behrendt gave in "He's Just Not That Into You." Steve Harvey will be signing copies of his new book at Borders' Largo location (931 Cap Centre Blvd) on Friday @ 7pm. If you have his new book let me know how it is. I really wonder if a funny man can offer relationship advice!

I HEART a man in a suit!

How freakin cute are they? I had to get that out of the way! Anyways, Dave, Omari, & Ray must all be on one accord because they have been promoting the h*ll out of the Shadow Room lately. Get there tonight cause you never know who might be in the building. Just look at the recent pics below. Oh, RSVP by 7pm tonight for free admission before 11pm to

Raheem Devaughn


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DC's Penn Quarter on Fox!

Is anyone a "24" fanatic like I am? Well if you watched last night's episode DC's Penn Quarter was featured. The entrance to the Residences at Market Square was shown along with the interior of (fictional unit) PH201. I remember watching he first episode and being so surprised that I didn't want to change the channel! This tv series has so much action and unexpected twists! Anyways, click here to watch last night's episode!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stevie Wonder at McCormick's

A friend of mine was attending a birthday dinner at McCormick and Schmicks' and look who he bumped into! Stevie Wonder!! Just another day and dinner right?? LOL..shout out to Dbailey for sharing the pics!

Luv this spot..Indebleu

Ladies free all night...get there cause Antawn Jamison and Brendan Haywood will be in the building!! BALLIN'!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out the video recap of Tank's bday party! *thanks Anwaa for sharing the video!* Remember who told you first..EyeSPyZ!

IndeBleu 1.18.09 [Tank's Bday Party] from elitedc on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week in DC is fast approaching...for those who don't know its' Febuary 16th - 22nd. Restaurants will offer three-course lunches for $20.09 and dinners for $35.09. Click here for the participating restaurants. For those who work or prefer the Bethesda Chevy Chase area, restaurant week begins January 26th and ends February 1st. Prices are 12/15$ for lunch and 30$ for dinner. Below are the participating restaurants for BCC...Make your reservations soon!

Assaggi Mozzarella Bar (lunch only), Bice (lunch and dinner), Clyde's of Chevy Chase (lunch and dinner), Famoso (dinner only), Gaffney's (lunch and dinner), Grapeseed (dinner only), Jaleo - Bethesda (lunch and dinner), La Miche (dinner only), Lia's (lunch and dinner), McCormick & Schmick's Seafood - Bethesda (lunch and dinner), Mon Ami Gabi (lunch and dinner), Old Angler's Inn (lunch and dinner), Persimmon (lunch and dinner), Redwood (dinner only), Rock Creek (dinner only), The O.Z.- Doubletree Hotel Bethesda (dinner only), Tragara (lunch and dinner), Visions (lunch and dinner)

MCCXXIII Closed???

Man the recession is killing everyone! MCCXXIII, aka "1223", closed after being in business on Connecticut Avenue for 10 years! According to David Karim (one of the partners who ran the club) the lease was up and the new renting value was a lot higher than what they could afford. How does the saying go? Out with the with the new! Word on the street is that Josephines' gave it a run for its money on Wednesday! Must be those HAUTE promoters Dave & Ray who promote there on Wednesday night...Dave your money and open your own club!!!

Sexy Saturdays

Station 9 - 1438 U street NW, Word is all the Kappas will be in the building..we all know how the ladies love them!

Republic - 1355 U street, NW, Open Bar 9-11, Ladies free till 12, and guys free till 11 with this pass. Guys you can wear sneakers and blazers there!

Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave, the spot is nice but the hold the line outside! Get there early! I drove past it last night at 10 and the line was around the corner by the convention center. REDICULOUS!!!! Text LUXVIP to 25827 for free admission before 11pm.

Tuscana West - 1350 I street NW, Free for ladies and men before 12pm. No RSVP needed!!! Fisayo has been really looking out for people lately!! DJ Lil Mic on the 1's and 2's (dj for Raheem DeVaughn & Jasmine Sullivan tours) should be nice.

Cosby at the Kennedy Center

Bill Cosby will be at the John F. Kennedy Center tonight doing stand up comedy. The 7:00 show is sold out but you can catch his 9:30 show! Tickets range from 54$ - 79$ call 202-467- 4600 for additional info. His show at Wolf Trap last night was sold out as well. I know he always keeps me laughing with his Jell-O pudding goofy face! =)

Friday, January 23, 2009


It's been minute..but here is your line up tonight!

Love - 1350 Okie Street...They are encouraging everyone to wear their Barack Memorabilia. Free before 12 if you go here to print the flier.

Indulj - 1208 U street NW...The grand opening was last week and alot people came through. Free all night for ladies and free before 12pm for men. DJ Alizay on the 1's and 2's..Shout out to Anwaa of EliteDCMag! Check out last weeks video.

Indulj Fridays 1.16.09 / Happy Birthday Yvonne from indulj fridays on Vimeo.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Indebleu Sunday Night Pics

The celebs are everywhere this weekend! Look who showed up to my favorite Sunday night spot yesterday! Oh if you've been out this weekend send us pics of your sightings!

Lamar Rucker

Omygaw look at Mark Curry from Hanging with Mr. Cooper..hilarious!

Tank, Gloria Valdez, and Q. Parker from 112!

Q your so cute! I Heart U!

My President is BLACK!

So LOVE has been packed out all this weekend. Check out the footgage of Jay-Z, Jeezy, and Akon yesterday. Jay killed the remix to My President is Black! FIYAH!!!!!!!! *Thanks EZ for the video!*

Jay-Z My President is black Remix LIVE 1-18-09 from pleasedontstare on Vimeo.

EXCLUSIVE pics from the concert!!

Shout out to my boy Glenn (I've known since high school) for sharing these pics! He was actually on stage at the Lincoln Memorial! Who needs a damn ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you those other blogs don't have these pics! REMEMBER WHO TOLD YA 1st EyeSPyZ!

Michelle and the back of Usher's head!

Usher and Biden!


Perfect ...and his zoom isn't even on!

Another CLOSE UP!

And another one!

Garth Brooks...he was taking pics for 30 minutes!

John Legend..give me the green light!

My friend Glenn and Tiger Woods.

Jamie Foxx and my boy Glenn! BTW..great party Glenn on Saturday night!

"We Are One" Concert Pics

Not only did the stars brave the cold but the people did too! There was an estimated 400,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday. EyeSPyZ has the pics in case you didn't make it.

Obama and Jamie Foxx

Mary J.

Shakira, Stevie Wonder, Usher (love that coat!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Like perfect Harmony!

Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, &

More Lance, Cause I Just Can't Get Enough

Here he is on the red carpet earlier at the BET Honors Second Annual Black Entertainment Awards. Man I went to the wrong college! I can't imagine him walking around HU's campus or him being in one of my classes. Naw, I take that back. I never would have graduated in 4 years! Love the glasses Lance..looking so collegiate.

His Train Can Definitely Pull Into My Station!!

I'll admit I've been sleepin on Station 9..but lately I've been hearing good things about the parties there on Saturday night. Just look who managed to show up....Lance Gross!! How HOT is he? Eva from ANTM is a lucky woman! Enjoy, pics below!

Just ZEXY! No comment needed!

That's a nice chocolate piece of man candy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Helpful Tips for January 20th!

  • You will absolutely need to use the metro to the events.
  • The metro starts running at 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning, and if you want to get to the mall with a chance to see one of the screens and not the person's head in front of you, you should be on the metro by 5 a.m.
  • The Archives-Navy Memorial/Penn Quarter Metrorail station (yellow and green lines) will be closed the entire day of the inauguration.
  • The Smithsonian stop (blue and orange line) will also be closed until 6:30 p.m.
  • The Mt Vernon Square/7th St-Convention Center Metrorail station on the Yellow and Green lines will close at 7:30 a.m.
  • Judiciary Square Metrorail station on the Red Line will close at 4 p.m.
  • The price of the one-day fare ticket will be $10 .
  • If you have a ticket to the inauguration, your best bet is to go to the Capitol South Metro Station (blue and orange line) or L'Enfant Plaza (yellow and green lines). If your ticketed seats are on the other side, the Judiciary Square (red line) or Union Station (red line) stops are best.
  • Federal Triangle (blue and orange line) and L'Enfant Plaza stops are all the most convenient for those looking for a spot on the Mall.
  • Metrobuses will be running starting at 6 a.m., but they have to deal with street closures. Stick with the metrorail system.
    Parking at the metro station closest to where you are staying will cost you $4.25.

Jay & B @ Love..Did you manage to get in?

Below are the pics from Love Friday night! Email us if you attended the "American Dream"and were able to maneuver throught that crowd! I wonder if the Fire Marshall showed up????

Jay cut your hair...that is aweful!

How could anyone move around?

Solange and B must be sharing the same hair stylist.

The Razzi was out!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Metrosexual Wiz Kids!

Gentlemen please take NOTE! It's ok to get a mani and long as you aren't puting color on your nails! So tonight I was in Kevin Nails in College Park getting my signature french manicure and pedicure when who was walks in? Juan Dixon of the Washington Wizards..oh good game last night! Anyways, he was in there getting a manicure and a pedicure! He walked in looking so handsome! BTW....his feet look great and he left a good tip! When he left he zoomed off in a Black Maserati with red leather seats! WHEW...he is killing the game with that ride! Shout out to Juan for keepin it tight! (as my boy Benny Hobbs would say)

Friday, January 16, 2009

President Barack H. Obama...Our Dream is Our Reality

Today kicks off tons of events leading up to the first African American President in the History of theUnited States of America to be sworn in to the highest office of this country. I have been a strong supporter, both financially and by volunteering my time. Also, I have convinced my Hilary Supporter friends to see the light which NOW shines so bright in our President Barack H. Obama's eyes!

For our ancestors; from great- great grandparents who were the sons and daughters of slaves, who built this country with their bare hands and endured centuries of pain. To our grandparents who marched on Washington, Selma, Alabama, the smallest towns of Mississippi, held sit-ins at the lunch counter in Greensboro, NC and Walked into a high school in Little Rock, Arkansas where they were not welcomed.

To us coming together to protest for Sean Bell for his unjust assassination. To the country marching in Jena, Louisiana from young to old, to fighting against the horrific killings of John Byrd in Texas and to the 41 shots that killed Amadu Diallo.

We have come along way...We have fought and cried tears of joy and pain. For many of us we thought we would never see the day where someone who looks like us, who experienced many similar ups and downs of life. Here is a man who has so much charisma, whom is able to communicate through the masses. He crosses over race, ethnic views, religion, gender, sexual preference and wants to CHANGE the way America is viewed.

He has given HOPE, to the HOPELESS; he has YES YOU CAN, to those who have been constantly told, NO YOU CAN'T; He has said YES WE DID, to Those Naysayers; he has planted the seed in everyone to say, WE WILL CONTINUE, to pursue our dreams and aspirations.
Yes, this is only the beginning and we have a long way to go! The time is now, and the man to lead this nation is here, and as we take a step into a new era. Let us connect to the things that make us alike, and learn to RESPECT the beautiful differences that we have, that make us unique.

President Obama, we stand behind you and know that you can turn this country and the world into a more sensible place. We pray for you, we will do our part, we will critique, but at the same time that is what family does. As you go on this journey, you are not alone. You have an extended family, which you have never met. But we say your name proudly! Your Mother, Father, Grandmother, and Grandfather will all be with you on this magic carpet ride that you are taking.

As you have made everything that they work so hard for and instilled into you be utilized for greatness!

We smile and marvel at the love that you have for your beautiful, strong, intelligent wife Michelle. As many women get to see how a woman stands beside and completes a man. She is a outstanding vision of what a First Lady should exude. From wife to mother, to advocate to lawyer Michelle makes us want to strive for more, and look at life in a different prospective. For many of us she represents a woman that you don't see too often. She is testament to what I have been told since I was a child. You are beautiful, smart, gregarious and you CAN achieve any goals that you have set with hard work, determination, staying spiritual and treating others with respect.

This is shown through your beautiful daughters, Malia and Sasha. As we are excited to see them grow up and live through the legacy that you have created. We are so proud of them, to see them go to school, make great grades, attend campaigning events, and continue to smile and remain genuinely good kids.

President Barack H. Obama you have made Dreams become a reality. You are our Great Hope! November 3, 2008, we cried tears, we flooded streets, we cheered, and we finally saw what many thought would never be seen be brought to life.

As I will be headed to the Mall in frigid weather, to watch history be made. I'm not worried about the cold weather or the millions of people. But, that I can represent what my great grandfather Lorenzo fought for, and my great grandmother Malissa worked her fingers so hard to the bone for; and raised My Beautiful Grandmother, and Great Aunt and Uncle to instill wisdom and knowledge and the sentiment of YOU CAN ACHIEVE. I proudly will sacrifice warmth for this moment...To see Our Dream become a Reality!



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More events..I hope you got your outfits lined up!

Coco Sala - 929 F street, NW...Sunday, January 18th...Eveyone I know raves about this place! (Especially Miss Eli D.) It's a chocolate lounge and they have great ambience and DESSERTS! Just not a place to eat a meal! Anyways, J&K productions (hey Devin!) is having a cocktail attire affair there. Get tickets here starting at 30$!
~Sidebar...My girl gives it 1.5 out of 4 stars...Good food, good cocktails, portions way too SMALL! The ambience is what persuades you to go in!

Studio 10 - 2828 Rhode Island Ave, NE...Sunday, January 18th. The Talented Tenth Society is having an are 20$ (not bad) Get them here!

Tuscana West - 1350 I street, NW...Teusday, Janauary 20th. Young professionals line up! Fisayo is having a semi-formal black tie ball. Dinner is from 8-10 and the party is from are sold separtely. Buy them in advance here.

Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave, NW January 16-20th..whew a 4 part line up?
16th - Neyo in the building
17th - Ron Browz...pop that champagne
18th -My Dougie My Dougie..Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh!
19th - Jay-Z concert after party..who knows who will show up??
20th - John Legend will be giving the ladies the Green Light!

Keep checkin back more to come! ~Eyespyz

Layla Wednesday?

There's alot of promotion going on for Happy Hour at Layla Lounge on Wednesday! Open bar from 6-7:30, drink specials from 6-10pm, and Free Appetizers! Before you head down to the Fish Market (literally) read what one of our readers sent us! Hey if you go, let us know what your experience was!

Layla is my Wednesday spot. However....
The first night I went there was after their review in the Post. They said they didn't have an open bar as described in the review and they had to go get their food since so many people complained about the story saying that they had complementary food.
I know of at least three or four people who had the clipping in their hand and confronted the manager.
The second time I went there they had a new barmaid working. My date and I were hungry and I asked her if they were going to serve food for the night, her response, "I don't know."

~Shout out to S squarred..we might have to put you on the payroll!)

Remember who told you 1st?

Did anyone make it to screening of Notorius at Landmark Theater? If you didn't check out some of the celebs who came thru! I heard Willis McGahee from the Ravens was supposed to be there..I wonder why he didn't show! That's ok...yall gotta beat Pitt this Sunday!

Santana Moss from the Redskins..say CHEESE or something. Wear is your scarf it's cold!

Lamar handsome!

Raheem Devaughn..word on the street is you're stuck up. Per one of our many EyeSPyZ!

Clinton "club hopper" is that velour?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UPDATE: Wanna Taste My Candy

Cause we here at EyeSPyZ want to give you the most accurate information please make note of our latest post about Fly Lounge tomorrow. Apparently there is no where to land the jet this week (why not just take up all of Connecticut Ave?) so this event has been postponed until a later date!

WE are going to reschedule because our focus is on OBAMA this week, YES WE CAN! ~EyeSPyZ!

Wanna Taste My Candy...

Here at EyeSPyZ we always make sure that the "entire" family is covered for what's HAUTE in the DMV, and yes that includes my fellow LOGO Viewers. I absolutely love, Noah's Arc. "So What's the T", in the words of my "gir" Alex.

I hope you Bytches are ready to Jetset! So hold on tight, clutch your pearls and buckle up! Because this is going to be One HELL of a RIDE! (pun intended)

I CanD Entertainment (Love the Name KUDOS) and its Uber Haute Hosts Janoffery Clark and Nate the Great Presents LAYOVER WEDNESDAYS at Fly Lounge DC (1802 Jefferson Pl, NW Washington, DC 20036).

Your first class flight departs at 9:00p.m. and lands at 2:00 a.m. and DJ INDIA will be your in flight entertainment. Oh, Did I mention that this First Class Experience is on I CanD Ent. (FREE COVER)

Make sure you do your part, and come buy the bar out! $5 Premium Rail Drink Specials. YOU BETTER WORK! Mingle and Mix with other sexy professionals!

Oh, and tell them EyeSPyZ sent you!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

It's a Star Studded Line Up for Sunday's inaugural celebration at the Lincoln Memorial! The event which is going to remember President Lincoln who led the U.S. through difficult times will be televised by HBO at 7pm EST. It will be free for everyone to watch even if you don't have HBO! The outdoor concert was put together in two and half weeks....which is really impressive for the amount of musical artists that will perform. Those who will perform include Usher, Shakira, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Heather Headly, Sheryl Crow and a whole lot more! Oh I almost forgot Beyonce and her lace front wig will be there too! I guess Beyonce did get her wish!

I'm Jumping Out the Window w/This... I think I need to open a club just for inaugural weekend cause these owners will be making a Billion Billion and more this weekend coming up. If you got money to spend or even if you are trying to save, here is my list below:

Republic Gardens - 1355 U street NW, Monday January 19th The Usual Suspects present the "Cool" event...10 pm until DJ Shogun and DJ Cuzzin B (WHO?) Buy your tickets here presale starts at 30$. Not bad..but I don't about the Usual Suspects...they got SLAMMED about their hotel Palamor party on New Year's!

Oxon Hill Manor Mansion - 6901 Oxon Hill Road, Monday January 19th, Exclusive Black Tie Affair in a 49 room mansion....hosted by the Young Democrats. Advanced tickets only! Starting at 100$ (good grief) Get them here!

Jin Lounge - 2017 14th street NW, Thursday January 15th, start your week with the Talented Tenth Society! Happy Hour from 6-9pm...I HAD TO POST THIS...FREE cocktails by CIROC! Shout to anoymous (see all the CIROC won't be Free all night if you RSVP to

Indulg Lounge - 1208 U street NW, Friday January 16th, Anwaa of Elitedcmag is hosting a Presidents and First Ladies Event...Ladies free all night..Men free till Midnight! Anwaa we love you at EyeSPyZ (ladies he is single u better snatch him up he is an Entrepeuner!)..and my favorite DJ Alizay is on the 1's and 2's! HAUTE! Derek its FREE!!!!

Midtown Loft - 1219 Connecticut Ave NW, TONIGHT! This is the grand opening of Suite 1219 (i guess that is what they will be calling the parties here from now on?) Anyways its FREE ALL NIGHT!! Dress is stylish....see im looking out for my readers! Sorry I sneaked this in at the last minute...TONIGHT!

Ozio's - 1813 M street NW, Thursday January 22nd, The inaugural BLACK special hosted by Geovizion (hi bad DARKSKINLUVA!) & Trademark Ent. ALL LADIES FREE & Gentlemen, $10 before 12AM..the dress is AVIATOR (FLY) who coined that? LOL

Lotus - 1420 K street NW, Tuesday January 20th, it's an ObamaNation celebration..Happy Hour 7-9pm sushi and some drinks half price , open bar 10-11pm sponsored by Ciroc, DJ Money on the 1's and 2's.

More to come...I gotta get ready to watch Real Chance of Love!

Countdown to NOTORIUS!

If you can't wait until Friday to view the life and death story of Notorius B.IG. you can see a special viewing of it at Landmark Theater in DC @ 7:30 pm Tuesday night! (555 11th street NW)I'll be in the house with my tims and red & black Paul Bunyan shirt on...sike! No for real get there early (you can get a latte at the espresso bar while you wait)...the lines for the special screenings are worst than the club! Oh and you can't buy the tickets in advance its on a first come first serve basis!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Inaugural Stuff...

I think everyone will be out late during the inaugural week (Friday the 16th - Wednesday 21st). So here is a helpful list of the clubs where you can still get a drink and PARTY till 4am!

Lounge 201, Eyebar, Josephines, K Street Lounge, Lotus, Panache, The Park, Current, Fly Lounge, MCCXXIII, Ozio's, Clyde's, J. Paul's, Fur, Ibiza, Love, Bar Louie, Indebleu, Lux Lounge, Ultrabar, Zanzibar, Busboys & Poets....DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Your face belongs on tizzube..Mine too! Seems like the camera men are going to be getting alot BIZness tonight in the DMV. Below is my line up for Sunday!

Shadow Room - Join Dave & Ray and Chris Cooley from the Redskins for the Ghosts Don't Exist Post Investor Film Party. NBC 4 will be filming live on location so look HAUTE! You never know might be some other skins in the house!!

Indebleu - Get down there from 10-12pm Elite DC Mag is looking for their next VJ. I should go down there and flirt with Anwaa a lil bit. Anyways ladies free all night and who knows you might get the VJ gig! If you try out, make sure you look camera ready!

The Park - Awe remember Sunday night dinners when you lived at home with the parents? Well the Park is having a dinner party. I wonder if Marc will bring his mothers' linen? Free before 11pm with this flyer.

Current - Ladies free admission and champagne all night long. Has anyone been since Dave & Ray stop promoting this spot? Let us know!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Your Saturday in the DMV..

I think it's supposed to rain tonight so if you venture out...remember to bring your Umbrella-ella-ella! Personally I think our weekend parties in the DMV are LAME! Your better off going out during the week. See my Saturday night line up below and if you go out PLEASE email us your experiences! We love to read them.

Mai Thai - 1200 19th Street NW, Yall remember Mai Thai right...well Sayo and Scottie are bringing it back! Free for ladies till 12pm and free for guys to 11pm if you RSVP to Get there early so you get the 5$ drink till midnight. I really like this cute underground spot. I also really like their spring rolls too! Hey get there early and bring me back

Layla Lounge - 501 Morse Street NE, This is my personal little diamond in the rough spot! Some say it's a hole in the wall some say it's nice. I SAY get down there and get an orange martinis they're GREAT! Free before 11pm if you go to to print out the flier. That's right print it out cause I wouldn't pay 20$ to get in!

Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave, NW, Party with DC's most know hypemen RaRa & Scotty Free before 11pm if your RSVP to Get there early yall that line is always around the corner to the Convention Center.


Street Closures During Inaugural Week

Below is a list of street closures for anyone who plans to attend any type of festivities in DC! The list is long so plan ahead if you're going out!

Constitution Avenue from 1st Street NE to 18th Street NW
Pennsylvania Avenue from 1st Street NE to 18th Street NW
2nd Street NW from Constitution Avenue to C Street NW
3rd Street, from D Street NW to Independence Avenue SW
4th Street from Pennsylvania Avenue NW south to Independence Avenue SW
6th Street from D Street NW south to Constitution Avenue
600 Block of Indiana Avenue
7th Street from D Street NW south to Independence Avenue SW
9th Street from E Street south to Constitution Avenue NW
10th Street from E Street NW south to Constitution Avenue NW
11th Street NW from E Street south to Pennsylvania Avenue NW
12th Street NW from F Street NW south to D Street SW
13th Street from I Street south to Pennsylvania Avenue NW
14th Street from I Street NW, south to Independence Avenue SW
15th Street from I Street south to Independence Avenue NW
Vermont Avenue from H to I Street NW
16th Street from I Street south to H Street NW
Connecticut Avenue from 17th Street to H Street NW
17th Street from K Street to Independence Ave SW
C Street NW from 3rd Street to 5th Street and from 17th Street to 23rd Street
D Street NW from 6th Street to 8th Street and from 17th Street to 23rd Street
E Street NW from 12th Street to 18th Street NW
F Street NW from 9th Street to 18th Street NW
G Street NW from 13th Street to 18th Street NW
1300-1800 block of New York Avenue
H Street NW from 14th Street to 18th Street

Friday, January 9, 2009

I almost forgot..

Beanie Sigel in the house! Go see him at LOVE tonight. Free before 12pm with the above flyer. Beanie aren't you on probation? Instead of showin up you need to go ahead and knock out the one day prison sentence you got! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Frank! It's been a minute since I've seen ya. You still ballin' with the big boys???

Freaky Friday..makin it QUICK!

Here is your line up:

Pure - 1326 U street NW, free till 12 if you call Mike Walker at 202.725.2638 Happy Hour from 6-9pm with 1$ drinks. DJ SNS and DJ Trini in the building.

Cafe Asia - 1720 I street NW, Purchase tickets in advance at Be there are and help the Sigma's celebrate their founders day! Hosted by the DreamTeam, the Alist Group, and RaRa and Scotty. There should be alot of men in the building!

FUR - 33 Paterson street NW, here's another Phi Beta Sigma event...ladies free all night just text FIRSTCLASS to 88202, Open bar 10-11pm Hosted by the Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma

Inauguration Events

You'll see alot of posts from us about Inauguration week in is just a few to wet your palette!
~I thought LOVE was a nightmare but they are steppin their game up! Jay Z is hosting an inaugural gala at LOVE on the 16th! Black Tie attire ONLY! Each level of the club will be hosted by a different celeb! OK LOVE!
Level 1 - Eva Longoria
Level 2 - Jamie Foxx
Level 3 - Labron James
Level 4 - Apparently this is exclusive only selected people will be allowed on this level
~Rhianna will be performing January 20 at the Recording Industry Association of America’s Presidential Inauguration Charity Ball! KUDOS to her...I like that new duet with C. Breezy! HAUTE!
~Also on the 20th Kanye will be performing at FUR nightclub for the Impact Film Inaugural Ball! I need tickets ASAP! Kanye email if you're
Seems like the ROC is in the BUILDING!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

You ain't no ANGEL! =)

So I got a request to post more pictures of DMV females. (Are you happy now Stoner? lol) Check out DMV native Angel Lola Luv at the premiere of Notorious in NYC! Kudos to her stylist for this look! Keep it up..I can't even hate...I like the the clean, sleek, and polished look! Now if we can just clean up the way you sound when you rap...that would be GREAT! *Picture courtesy of Sandra Rose!*

Thirsty Thursday...Have ANOTHER TASTE

This was a hard week for alot people to get back in to the routine of That's why we here at EyeSPyZ have your Thursday night line up so you can begin your weekend early! I'll start with our favorite promoters 1st! =)

It seems like the Shadow Room has made a name for itself on Thursday! Just look who managed to show a few weeks ago above. DJ how'd u get out of the DJ booth and make it to the club? Next time bring Phife your cute little puppy! I'll hold him while you make your rounds! Raheem Devaughn..I see you protectin' that precious throat of yours with the ill Gucci scarf! Awe and look at Dre another DC club promoter...I don't like the swearter vest! But I'll give you a pass. Anways, free till 11pm if you RSVP to KUDOS to Dave and Ray...keep bringing those ZEXY guys out to your parties! Oh and thanks to one of our readers (keep sendin' us emails we love them) we got the real SCOOP on you two ZEXY little baby cakes! We'll be prepared to snatch one of you up (yeah!! Dave or Ray) at the next party *wink!*

FREE is the key word lately so head to The Park for their open bar from 8-10pm. Make sure to RSVP for free admission till 11pm for all you late ones! I'm still lookin' out for ya's a recession I know! Moving right along with other free events...

So Trademark Ent. wants you down at Ozio's in your flyest cocktail attire! Hmph..SMH and givin' the side eye! Awe Ozi No-No's...last time I went here I was squished in a corner next to the DJ booth and they called that VIP! This club is missing that Je ne sais quoi..if you know what I mean! But it's FREE all night for everyone!! Did they do anything with the inside of this place? Send us pics if you know!

Has the price of champagne gone done? Cause they sure have been giving alot of it away at MCCXXIII lately! First 100 ladies in the door will receive a free bottle. It better be Veuve Cliquot or better. Swish that around and savour that in your mouth...Okay!!!!!!!! On that note....


Remember who told ya 1st, EyeSPyZ!