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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4th of July Weekend Parties

Alright I compiled a list (whew!)...makin' sure you guys attend the places you should be! Whatever you do stay safe and have a happy 4th of July!..which reminds me I need to get some sparklers!

The Park - 920 14th Street, Not sure what's been going on with the Park lately but it hasn't been poppin! At least the bouncers are FIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNEEEEEEE! Open Bar 5p to 6pm • Happy Hour 5p to 8p • Dinner 5p to 10p • Dance until 2am..make sure you RSVP for free admission b4 11pm to

Shadowroom - 2131 K Street, NW party with some of the hottest promoters in the city..Dave & Ray, Omari, DT Nation...owww$www$! No need to say any more. Free before 11pm if you RSVP to

Current -1215 Conneticut Ave...yall it's FREE from 10 - 2am..brought to you by Sayo&Brandon, JK, Vannette, JR, Dru, Queenie..and a rack of other people. Make sure you RSVP to (subject line: Current RSVP)

Zanibar - Fantasia's Birthday Celebration!!! Hosted by WPGC's Herkules <--that's a zexy boy right there

Wisconsin Overlook - 2136 Wisconsin Ave..ok check this ..private luxury loft, 3 floors and the rooftop! 6 different DJ's..DJ Alizay, DJ John Bowen, DJ Stereofaith, DJ Jerome Baker, DJ Portarock, and DJ Iyah Petah & Selassie I!! Now for the details...40$ all day, 30$ all nite, 50$ all day and all nite!! Open Bar and ALL YOU CAN EAT with the best chefs in the city!! For advanced tickets go to

Pure Lounge - 1326 U Street...I'm staying away from U Street Friday night. I have a feeling it will be crazy! Details: 1$ DRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNKKKKKKKS! Free all night if your RSVP to

Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave, Join Taz for MOOD Friday's at Lux! Wzup with MOOD? Anyways I think Steve Francis will be in the building (maybe?) Free till 11pm if you RSVP by 4pm with name and email addy to Good Luck with that LINE!

K Street Lounge - 1301 K Street NW, last week Jack McClinton of the San Antonio Spurs and DaJuan Summers of the Detroit Pistons was there!!! Premium Open Bar Until 11, Ladies Free All Nite, Fellas till 12 with a text pass!! So text "CHOICE" to 202-491-3278!!!!

Ozio - 1813 M Street, free till 11pm if you text the word OZIO to 25827 with Ra-Ra, DJ Joe, and DJ Hostility...oh the second floor is now a non smoking level!! *cough cough* Last time I went I couldn't breathe from all of the cigar smoke!

The Park - 920 14th Street, You know all the fine men be at the golf course right? Well get to the Park Friday night and Come in your favorite golf inspired outfits!! HAHAH oh and you can also play a round of putt-putt! Tee up B*TCHES!!

24 - 2122 24th Place NE, Hosted by Angie Ange and Antonio the Cuban Cigar Smoker, DJ Quicksilva on the 1's and 2's ...also a live performance by MARIO!!!! Someone ask that boy why the h*ll he shaved his head????? Text the word "breakup" for free admission to 313131

Tuscana West - 1350 I Street NW, i've only seen it pop when Fisayo, and Scottie promote it. Take a chance if you want with Terry Fraiser, the Social Architects, and Garry Wright. Free before midnight if you RSVP to TLFRASIER@AOL.COM ..sorry but I gotta keep it real!

Layla Lounge - Seems like Taz got Steve Francis the whole entire weekend!! I can only imagine how HOT the top floor will be! Free B4 11pm if you PRINT THIS OUT! =)

Republic - 1355 U Street NW...someone is givin away 100 bottles of Rose! Maybe it will be bar till 11 and free for ladies all nite and fellas till midnight if you text "REPUBLIC" to 202-491-3278 for your free passes

Stir Lounge - 705 G Street NW, Dave & Ray & the Standard Events doing something special here tonight. I betcha this will be an ultra nice party! Not sure if there is a glist..I'll comeback and update if there is!

Lima Lounge - 1401 K Street..hosted by Steve Francis!! Discounted mojitos from 9-11pm <--get the good! Free b4 11pm with this FLYER!! Print it out =)

Josephines - 1008 Vermont Ave NW, Open Bar 10-11, Ladies free all night and fellas free till 11pm! Hosted by Big Tigger and Fred Smoot of the Washington Redskins!

I still got more to add so check back!


  1. Corre can tell you that NOTHING pops on a Saturday night with Terry Frasier's crew at Tuscana. It's so lame up in there you can't even get a buzz from the alcohol. Corre Caucha slippin!

  2. yo,

    i tagged you on my blog. check it out.

    p.s.-i'm coming home this weekend. what's popping thurs-sat?