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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EyeSPyZ Corré - pronounced Core-Ray

I started this blog almost a year ago with the intent to give people an inside look on DC nitelife. Spots you should go to, who's in the clubs, hottest promoters..blah blah blah. I must say I have really enjoyed blogging and partying. But it's becoming a little hard to hit up everything in the city and report back to all my readers! That's why I decided to RECRUIT a correspondent!! AKA "EyeSPyZ Corré!" Beware and look out! My correspondent will definitely be hitting the streets and telling it like it is! Be on the look out for more posts, pics, interviews and reviews! So without further ado, readers please welcome the newest edition to the EyeSPyZ family! Oh and follow her on TWITTER! My correspondent will not only entertain but will keep you in the loop of what's POPPIN'! I hope you enjoy and continue to read the blog!

Much Thanks,