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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Park Friday's: No Longer INTERNATIONAL!

I really felt the need to write this post because not alot of people know that the Park is no longer International on Friday's! The Park has alot more to offer than just "cocktails in an attractive setting." But lately it's been a little weak. Most of the 21 and up crowd work M-F, and the majority want a grown and sexy weekend party! The Park used to be four levels of fun. However, my experience last Friday definietly wasn't that! I stayed until about 1:30 and there were only 3 floors open. No one really danced, and the crowd began to thin really early. I remember the Park being a place you would go and just imagine the kind of beauty, style, and fashion that was behind the velvet ropes at the front door. But if you were refused entry at this upscale place last Friday, rest assured: you didn't miss anything. My question is this: What happenened to the CROWD? What happened to the hip, sexy, attractive people who waited in line for hours to get in? I'll be back to the Park another Friday. I only hope that I don't find myself in a bland, conservative, lame crowd again!
SIDEBAR to Mitch Mathis and Dreateam: I'm giving yall another shot to make it crack!!
Corre's Commentary:
Although the crowd was lackluster and the men were el lame-o, Marc Barnes sure knows a thing or two about hiring some eye candy aka bouncers! They grace the front door and each floor and I have yet to see a fugly one! Me like him and me like him too...(But I don't wish to eff 'em all...don't get down like Wayne & 'nem!) So if you're ever at The Park on a wack night ladies, trust me, the bouncers won't let you down! Fellas, if your job seems to be in jeopardy due to the influx of women pushing up on you...blame it on me! Just tell 'em Corre Caucha ;-)
DOUBLE SIDEBAR: Dave (guy on the right in the pic above) if you're reading the blog my correspondent wants your credentials!


  1. Funny that you would mention about not getting into The Park on Friday...

    A female friend that I just met called me to ask me how old did I think she looked. She's 36 and looks to be in her older 20s/early 30's.

    She has a Georgia drivers license and said that the doormen refused to let her in because they said her DL looked fake. She said three men and the manager looked at it and proclaimed for it to be fake. When she pointed out that there was a police officer less than 20 ft away that could verify it for her, the manager declared he didn't want the cop to look at it and said "I believe it to be fake and I'm refusing you entry into my club."

  2. No Shawn No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R u kidding me??? Tell her she didn't miss not a thing! Jeeze that sucks!

  3. and how they gonna turn people away when they needed them in there! SMH