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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jeremih AKA the "Taller Bobby Valentino"

EyeSPyZ here with your EYE C U recap of the Eyebar last night. Ladies, I must say that Jeremih is really cute in person. He sang "Birthday Sex" and "I'm A Star" right from his VIP table by the DJ booth. The boy got a voice on him...singing must run in the family. You know he is the cousin of Willie from Day26 right? He came in with his entourage around 1ish and left immediately after he sang Birthday Sex. Did I mention that I peeped some dudes singing along too? LMAO...more pics below!

Home girl in the back is messin my pic up! But I had to get a close up of the hair!

Sing BOY!

I was trying to get a shot of his entire outfit..cuz his jeans were HAUTE! Sorry guys =(

~Remember who told you first...EyeSPyZ!

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