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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Your Birthday So I Know You Want To Goooo Out!

Okay maybe it's not your birthday but I know you want to hit the streets tonight!!! Tuesday spots below:

EyeBar -1716 I Street NW, FREE all night and Jeremih will be performing his song "BIRTHDAY SEX." DJ Analyze and DJ Alizay rockin it out all nite long!! *singing*.... BIRTHDAY SEX, BIRTHDAY SEX, it's the best day of the year...*

Policy Lounge -1904 14th Street NW, Really Sexy afterwork Late Night Happy who would want to miss a chance to sip cocktails with fellas of DTNation!!!! Owww$www$$!

Lotus - 1420 K Street NW, Yall know the deal...HAPPY HOUR with $5 Sushi from 6pm-9pm & OPEN BAR from 10pm-11pm!! Get messed up b4 you hit the!

I think EyeSPyZ will be making some guest appearances follow follow follow ME and my CORRESPONDENT on twitter all nite long!


  1. I love how your weekend starts on Tuesdays. When I get back from Vegas, I think my summer will officially start, I need to check out this Policy Lounge you speak of. Actually wait... is this that spot on U Street?