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Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Got Paid...Friday Nite!

REAL TALK: I'm not feeling these weekend parties in the DMV..but I got a few spots to check out tonight that I will be reporting back on! *Crossing my fingers for some hot parties 2nite*

  • Indulj - Tamika Jones live on the first floor from 9-1am...DJ Alizay rockin it out on the upper level from 10-3am. Ladies free till 12, fellas free till 11 RSVP by texting INDULJ to 41411.
  • K Street Lounge - Hosted by Raheem DeVaughn and club hopper Andray Blatche. Free b4 12 if you text "RAHEEM" to 202-491-3278. Hey Raheem we heard you got caught by the police in your car doing unmentionable things in the HOOD! WHOA! ~EyeSPyZ will be in the building..hey follow ME or my CORRESPONDENT on twitter all nite long!!!
  • Lux Lounge - Hey I heard Taz was killin Marc Barnes this past Sunday at the Park. Heard they only had 1.5 floors open...damn the breakup reminds me of Jay-Z and Anyways free b4 11pm if ya bring THIS! I almost forgot Carmelo Anthony will be in attendance! <--Thanks for getting a shape up!
  • Ozio - Happy hour or party hour 5pm -3am? You choose..details : Food- Tapas include Sesame Chicken, Fried Mozzarella, Taquitos, Quesadillas, and Burgers all $7 each from 5pm-7pm. Drinks- Specialty Martinis, Beer, Wine and Drinks from $3-$6 From 5pm-8pm. Free b4 11pm if you RSVP by 5 today with your name and email (jeeze) to
  • Ibiza - F A B O L O U S...and DJ! Should be a nice little party. Free b4 11pm if you go HERE and RSVP! Get there early that line is stoopid ridiculous!
  • Love - I don't think too many are "lovin the club" anymore :/ Open bar 10-11am and free till midnight if your print THIS! NOTE: can yall do more texts RSVP..printing out paper and just trashing it is not environmentally friendly =)
Whatever you do, have fun! ~EyeSPyZ

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