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Monday, June 22, 2009

EyeCU: Musiq Soul Child & More @ Lux

Looks like a lot of familar faces showed up at Lux this past Friday!

It's your BOY Andray Blatche of YOUR Washington Wizards. Oh Andray let me be your stylist!

JaVale McGee (on the right) lookin totally out of it! OK guys help me, is the guy on the left of any importance? UPDATE: guy on the left is Kevin Durant..thanks Dr.J!

Musiq we HEART you here at EyeSPyZ!

Teach me how to love
Show me the way to surrender my heart
Boy I'm so lost, teach me how to love.......


  1. that guy on the left is kevin durant, plays for the okc thunder

  2. I see Musiq is doing what he does best when performing Live.......letting the crowd sing instead of him.

  3. And why would you get a rose tattooed on your hand? (3rd Pic)

  4. Hey, hey now...he was promoting, not performing! Singers need to save their voice for the concert! LOL! <<<---- Devoted fan, maybe?! LMAO!