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Monday, June 8, 2009

I want to know what YOU think!

Honestly, I think Tyson Beckford kind of dropped the ball last week at the Park! All my female readers of this blog what do you think?

I'm so not feeling that beard!

I give him credit here! Cute smile and KUDOS for rockin the green malachite beads that support better education in Africa!

Why isn't Tyson surrounded by females???????? UGH so upsetting!

Shout out to the ZEXY bouncers at Love...yall they are so nice and look so cute when they are working!

Oh I had to add this picture..cuz her dress is UBER HAUTE!
**** UPDATE - to the girl in the pic above email us! There is a really zexy soon to be doctor thats interested in you! **** EyeSPyZ is playing match maker!


  1. damn her dress. she's hot. who is THAT?

  2. LOL @ Tunde....

    Uhhh yeah, beard = gross, like not cute on him.... and you're right, why was he in the the mix with all dudes ;/

  3. Tunde I'm not sure but EyeSPyZ can definitely find out 4ya!