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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

If you wanna work off some of the pounds tonight from that big dinner you had check out these spots:

Shadow Room - The place is nice, the ballers have been seen here...I'm just not feeling the DJ. Catch the usual promoters here...Dave & Ray (so cute), The Standard Events (zexy!), and DreamTeam.... 2131 K Street NW

MCCXXXII - Jolly Ole St. Nick supposedly dropped off a whole cellar worth of Rose and chocolate covered strawberry's. First 100 ladies get a free bottle of better not be the cheap stuff! 1223 Conneticut Ave NW

The Republic - Republic Gardens is having another Red & White they did last week or so. If you feel like it, wear red if you're NAUGHTY and white if you're NICE! They are also having a sexy santa contest! The sexiest and most original santa costume will win money. better not be chump change! 1355 U Street NW

*EyeSPyz wishes everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS...peace & blessings!*

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