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Friday, December 26, 2008

Freaky Friday ..Part Two!

If you're tryin' to ball to you fall you need to make a stop at LOVE tonight..where all the ballers will be in effect!

LOVE - Head to 1350 Okie Street, NE to celebrate Taz & Abdul's BIRTHDAY. Your boy Jim Jones is coming straight from the Neyo beat down at the Louis Vuitton store on Madison Ave. He might still have prints from Neyo's neck under his boot (send pics if you see his dirty azz!) Now for the other ballers who will be in the building:

  • Troy Smith - Who does he play for again? Didn't get the memo on this one...GOOGLE him!
  • Willis (Shady-Raw Dog) McGahee -He was at Indebleu last Sunday so I'm pretty sure he'll be at Love 2nite! Ladies watch out for this one..he got four kids and he does NOT like to strap up! But hey he is going to the pro bowl!
  • Caron Butler - Your contract has been renewed over here at EyeSPyZ...don't mess it up!
  • Antawn Jamison - Ok Antawn..I need you to play like you're at Chapel Hill and step your game up. I'll let you fly this time but if you mess up next will be put on blast!
REMEMBER who told you first............................EyeSPyZ!!!!

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