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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"I'm Gay" for Gilbert Arenas

The World of Technology has become the gift and the curse. After watching this hilarious video of a youtuber, confessing he would " Go Gay" for Washington Wizards very own Agent "O" Gilbert Arenas. I'm giving some side eye to Gil! Oh, and to make the video even more "titillating" no pun intended. My "YT" Rick Moranis understudy ( Honey I Shrunk the Kids circa 1988) youtuber goes in deep (no pun intended again) and says, " I want to be doubled team by Gilbert and Caron". Yeah that's right, Wiz Kid and " I Love NY" contestant Onyx look-a-like, Caron Bulter, got his 5 sec. shout out.

Gil, I heard this stemmed from you not accepting his friend request on Myspace. See how the public will do you! In the words of DIDDY, SEAN COMBS, PUFFY! Whoever he is this week! "It gets real dark and lonely, trust me"

Enjoy KIDS! **snap, snap**

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