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Monday, December 29, 2008

LOVE or LUST...IT Went Down Friday

Some say "vintage" or "seasoned" but I just call it plain ole OLD! Yes Dream, (nightmare) or LOVE (more like HATE). I know, I know, I had my 27th birthday party here during my sororities weekend in July. But of course it was a different caliber of people then. We.... the AKA's bring out the best in a city and especially in a "club" like LOVE. Not to mention I have gorgeous friends. (VANITY)

A friend of EyeSPyZ, Willis "Shady" Mcgahee, was out and about being interviewed. He seemed to be very familar with the camera since he is known for making touchdowns and being a pro bowler. Well so is my on again, off again fling, "who shall remain nameless" a pro bowler! He plays for a team (one of the three Pro teams in NY)....FIGURE IT OUT! (He reads EyeSPyZ too!, Hey Jughead!)
One of our many EyeSPyZ said it was typical LOVE, with a splash of "NFLers", a nice serving of "We just turned 21", and a pinch of " We all shop at the same store". All-in-all, it was typical LOVE!
You heard it here 1st, oh and tell them EyeSpyZ sent you!

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