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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Art and Rap Music: A Combination of my Two Favorite Things

Lance Wiggs is a local DMV artist who has had love for art since grade school. His career is taking off and his work is spine-tingling. If you frequent clubs like Cafe Asia, I'm sure you've seen his canvases outside of the door. He's also done alot of promotional ads for Indeblue, Love, and Station 9! Look at his work below it speaks for itself. Checkout his latest piece at He designed one of the illest shirt's for the Cool Kids, Cool Cash T-shirt design contest sponsored by the Cool Kids! So vote for his design and help him take home the GRAND prize!!!! You're gonna have to click through a bunch of designs but it's worth it he's a cutie!

UPDATE: click to pull up his shirt

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