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Monday, February 2, 2009

Lux Lounge, I'll never go back!

So the plan was to go to Lux Lounge and make it in for free before 11pm. Well that wasn't the case since we (my friend, her cousins and I) waited in line for over an hour. You know...typical lets hold the door to make it seem like the club is packed. So after finally making it in, I was shocked at how much the club had changed on the inside. I remember it when it was the Avenue and it looked like an old warehouse! We got our drinks 1st and started to party! DJ Analyze was playin the hits kinda early so the club was rockin! It filled up fast and within 15 minutes a fight broke out on the first floor! Come on's not even midnight and your fighting already? After the bouncers were finally able to break up the fight we moved upstairs..and we were litterally pressed up against the wall because there was no where to move. We managed to stay in this position a while and I was appalled at what I saw in that area. Girls were on bars and everywhere else thrusting, girating, and humping like they were in a porno movie. I thought to myself this is worst than the old DC Live. At some point during the night we moved back to the first floor and I decided to leave. I got my stuff and was out the door when I realized I lost my phone. I stood outside for another 5 minutes arguing with a bouncer to let me back in to look for it. I never found my phone and had to choke it up as a lost. My experience at Lux wasn't a great one. However I think my friend and her cousin pictured above seemed to enjoy it.

Highlight of my night: DJ Gemini on the 2nd floor..quite ZEXY!

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  1. Funny, I lost my phone there too in Dec. Haven't been back since. Aside from the phone thing, my experience wasn't that bad...but I would only go there for special occassions (i.e. friend's b-day)