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Monday, February 16, 2009

Andray "Stay in the Club" Blatche

Whew what a night at the Park! We started off in the kitchen(lol there are cute chefs at the Park!)...and ended in VIP with the playboys. There were alot of ballers in the know your usuals..Andray Blatche, and Clinton Portis (so cute in person)! Just about every floor of the club was packed like sardines in a can. You couldn't even dance it was so crowded. We finally managed to find enough room to sip on our drinks without someone slamming into us! After we finished our drinks me and my girl were trying to take some know to update our FB pages..ahaha. That's when I got my camera snatched by that little theif (jk) Andray Blatche. He invited us into his VIP section. I'm not going to say much but him and Portis know how to PARTY! The Park was cool last fights and the crowd was nice.

I guess he thought he was "incognito?"

He was dancing to Bobby V..beat beat beat beat beat! LOL

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