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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Been Slacking..but I've Been Sick

Dave & Ray have been on FIYAH lately. Tonight is the one year anniversary of Josephines' (1008 Vermont Ave, NW). Get there early I have a feeling a lot people will be there since it's been so warm. I should go try and snatch up one of the hotties real quick..that's if I can get my sick azz out of the bed! Oh before I's hosted by Roger Mason and Tony Parker of the Spurs. Ladies...I'm pretty sure Roger Mason will be in the building. Will the Wizards get whipped again 2nite? IDK..but they better not leave Mason open for a 3pt shot! He has a nice little rhythm from the 3pt line. Enough about that..RSVP by 4pm today to for free admission.

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