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Monday, February 2, 2009

Battle of the Promoters

Midtown Monday's vs. Layover Monday's..what will you attend? Nathan Warner aka "The UK Sensation" aka the guy on the mic at Indebleu (Sunday nite) /Station 9 (Saturday nite) has stepped up to the plate. Monday night is a hard night to get people to come out and party unless you've really made a name for yourself like Dave & Ray have. Will he give the hotties Dave & Ray a little competition? Details below!

Midtown - 1219 Conneticut Ave, Grand opening of Midtown sponsored by Ciroc Vodka (hey Diddy!) Free all night for everyone..with Ciroc sponsored drink specials. Hey if the party isn't rockin you can always walk across the street to Fly Lounge....

Fly Lounge - 1802 Jefferson Place, NW...BALLER ALERT: Antwan Jamison and the Washington Wiz kids will be in the building free before 11pm if you RSVP to ....

This will be very interesting since both clubs are in the same area! Email me if you hit the streets tonight! EyeSPyZ Out!

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