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Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Gonna Be Warm

So here are your Friday/Saturday night spots!

Indulj- 1208 U street...Free for ladies all night, free for men till 12..RSVP to ..My Favorite DJ Alizay (hi big head!) on the 1's and 2's...Ladies be prepared to sweat your hair out..oh and there's no coat check so bring something cheap cause someone might snatch your coat in that small azz closet that you have to put your own coat in!

Love - 1350 Okie Street...this place will never go out of business. Ladies...the Ravens have been in the building each weekend! I know a few that are some cuties!!! If you don't care about the ballers go to Kickoff Black History month! =)

Republic - 1355 U Street NW, Ladies free all night, Men free all night..just text message. Go here to get the text! Open bar till 11pm..get there early!

Mai Thai - 1200 19th Street NW, ladies free till 12, men till 11pm but you gotta be on the glist! RSVP to 5$ drink till midnight! Get there early and be prepared to's was packed out last saturday! I like this place....

Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave...UGH!! I don't like this spot but Jeannie Jones will be there celebrating her bday! Remind me hold old she is?!?!? I wonder if she will bring a more mature crowd? Free until 11pm if you RSVP to There will be a line so I can't stress this enough........GET THERE EARLY THEY HOLD THE DOOR!

Layla Lounge - 501 Morse Street NE, The party doesn't start till after 1pm...get there late..haha! Ladies flirt with the bouncers so you can party will the ballers (probably the wiz kids) on the 2nd floor!

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