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Friday, February 20, 2009

Gay or Extremely Pimpin!!

That's what one of my many EyeSPyZ said about Neyo last night at the Park. I sent him (hey I can't make every party in the city) to get the real scoop! It just so happened that my eyespy rolled up at the same time Neyo did at the Park. Neyo had a chauffeur driven Escalade ESV with 8 women piled inside! My eyespy was valet parking his whip when Neyo complimented his rims! He said, "thanks" and thought to himself....damn I must be ridin' good! Surprisingly he thought all the chicks were dimes!! He said, Neyo stayed and partied on the 4th floor the entire night. The Park wasn't as packed as it usually is so there was enough room to breathe and have fun. His experience at the Park was about a B-....he was just happy that alot of females were in the building.....LOL.

Remember who told ya 1st...EyeSPyZ!

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