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Saturday, September 26, 2009

CBC Recap at Love - with T.O.!

T.O., T.O.!!! Ummm so I can't lie I'm still a little start struck from the Congressional Black Caucus event held at Love last night. I must say, I was really impressed with the atmosphere and crowd. At the last minute, I got an invite through a friend of mine (shout out to Monet, thx chica) and I was officially in there! I was really thinking about not going because Love just hasn't been the same since I partied there back in 02'/03'.... shall I say? The atmosphere last night was totally different. It was definitely a grown, mature, well dressed crowd of people. I got there a little before 10pm (when do I ever go anywhere this early?) and there was no line. However, inside was a different story. It was packed with everyone surrounding the bars or buffet line. Yes Love managed to have a free buffet with roast beef, chicken, cornbread, and some type of Mexican corn dish. The food wasn't bad, but they did run out of plates!

Later on during the night we hit the second floor. Big Tigger and DJ Money kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night. I also managed to somehow meet Terrell Owens and I nearly fainted. Ladies, he is really an attractive guy. Although he lost major points with his outfit. He had on a black blazer, white button down, jeans, and black converse! I think he was the only guy in there with jeans on! His stylist totally dropped the ball! Oh well, it was still a really nice night and I'm glad I decided to go. :)
Oh..before I forget..other celebs in attendance were Roland Martin, Vivica Fox (sorry fellas I tried to get a good pic but couldn't), Kevin Liles, Big Tigger, and BJ Coleman.

T.O. laughing with Mo and Kita..they were so nice!

T.O. stole somebody's cell phone and was taking a pic with it!

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