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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shadowroom: Stamped!, Stir Lounge: SMH!

EyeSPyZ: The Guest Blogging series continues..check out what my fellow blogger had to say about Shadowroom and Stir Lounge. Oh and if you haven't already check out his blog Sleep is the Cousin of Death.

Eyespyz was kind enough to let me do a post on their blog, so you guys could get a different opinion (well at least a male one) about some spots in DC.
**Disclaimer- I’m from the area but I don’t live there anymore (for now) so I was home for a little bit and decided to take the advice of Eyespyz and hit a couple of spots.**
First I’m going to get into the good then the not so good.
This past Thursday I hit up Shadow Room. I’d been hearing a lot of good things about it so my brother and I decided to check it out. Upon first look it looked like a bigger K Street Lounge. I liked the layout. I was pretty cool. Wale had a party that night there so I don’t really know how many people would be there on a regular night, but I would imagine maybe about the same amount of people. The DJ was pretty decent. He played a constant number of hits and he had good transition. All in all I had a good time at Shadow Room. I would recommend anyone who didn’t have to get up early Friday to go, because I definitely got wasted. Hell, even if you don’t have to get up early I still say go.
Now onto the not so good. Stir Lounge. I went there Sunday night. I think that Stir has a lot of potential but it was some things that threw me off about the spot. First off the DJ really wasn’t that great to me. I heard Wasted (Gucci Mane) three times. I shouldn’t be hearing the same song that many times. Secondly, I don’t like going out and everyone just stands there and looks at each other. Damn, you came out to have fun, so have fun. Party!!! Lastly, the go-go dancers (yes go-go dancers) were mad annoying. I thought go-go dancers were supposed to be visible to the crowd but not inaccessible. These chicks (in bikinis) were dancing on the dance floor. Now maybe if they looked better or had better bodies I wouldn’t have minded. That clearly wasn’t the case so I did.
Overall the majority of the spots that Eyespyz recommends to have a good time are places that you can actually have a good time. I respect their gangsta on the party scene.

Remember who told ya 1st...EyeSPyZ

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