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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dr. J on Skye Lounge

EyeSPyZ: This is the very first post for my Guest Blogging show my fellow blogger and reader some LUV!

I’m very thankful for the opportunity to guest blog here. I am a faithful reader and enjoy all of the inside scoops that I get from coming here. Often times when my friends ask me what’s going on in DC, instead of giving them the rundown, I’m quick to reply, “Have you checked EyeSpyz?” Anyway, let me introduce myself, I go by the pen name Dr. J, I’m a native Washingtonian, although I am a “native” I’m quite the transient as I’ve spent significant time in New York City, and spend about half my weekends there a month. So chances are if you’ve met me out and about, you’ve probably mistaken me for a NYC guy. That’s neither here nor there. I write on three blogs, (I know right?), my personal blog is, the other two are, the World Renown, and most informative Please check them all out I appreciate the views and your thoughts and feedback.

I was asked to provide an account of my experience at Skye Lounge. Now I don’t want to date myself, but I believe this place used to be called Karma. I’m not sure, don’t quote me. I have been a patron at this place twice. Although in drunken memory, I’ve only been there 1.5 half times. (This is the point in my blogs where I contemplate the repercussions of roasting the subject or toasting the subject…)

Ahhh… why not?

1) Must be weary of glass front venues, with the shades drawn. As you roll up to this spot, (and this is why I say it used to be Karma), the first thing you notice is the glass windows. This is the gift and the curse of nightlife in DC. If you have a popping party going on, everyone outside can see and wants to be inside. If you do NOT, say… every party in DC before 12:50AM, then you have a bunch of people standing outside staring in like, oh nah this joint ain’t gon crank tonight. Either that, or everyone is at the door now negotiating cheaper door prices.
2) Make shift entrances to lounges, Read: Restaurant by day… DC hot spot by night… LMAO… walking up I thought we were going to pull a fast one because there was like a podium out front, but no attendant. I was like I guess that’s for the restaurant during the day, I guess we just walk in. Then the “dude at the door” came over and was like $20. I gave him this look like… I can see inside the club, ain’t nobody here but us chickens. This typically only happens at venues that are not really made for clubbing or lounges. Or when they don’t want to hire a “PYT whose favorite word is, “No,” at the door.”
3) Turn the effing music down. If I can hear it, it’s loud enough. If I can’t talk to my friends or order a drink, it’s way too loud and not conducive to me having a good time. What is this Mezza Luna? #noshots.
4) Arbitrary dress codes, cover charges and re-entry rules
I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I have this thing about cover. I stop at nothing to not have to pay cover for a party, unless… it’s peoples then I don’t mind paying. HowEVAH… If… you’re party is empty, regardless of if it’s after 11, you shouldn’t charge, if you’re going to charge, $10 is a consolation. Don’t tell me grown & sexy and I show up and graphic tees and Nike Dunks are OK. I’m pet… I literally left the club and came back an hour later to no problems what so ever. I also chilled outside the club for like 20 minutes talking to my homegirl. Only reason why I stepped out was because I couldn’t hear her talk inside. When I go to walk back in they said $20... The only reason why someone would leave and come back was because they wanted to see if something else was popping. (Read: I had already dropped $20 to get in here, only to hear my theme music, “I AM THE CLUB” when I walked in. Meaning, it was just me and the party that I brought there.)
5) Drink prices… um… wtf?
My tab was a LOT more than I expected. Luckily there were females with me, which means, no arguing about the tab. “My tab is $79, can you tell me what I ordered because, I’m sure it should be $65.” – Broke Phi Broke Chapter President.

And… why?

1) To be honest, it’s something new. You should always try something new. I mean, how many times can we go to the same clubs/lounges on Saturday night? It’s nice to check out something different, even if it’s just a new name and management.
2) The service wasn’t half bad. Drinks came pretty fast and were pretty good. I must say. The bartender was on point.
3) It’s the same crowd, but a new venue always brings out a few new faces. I saw a few new faces. There is something about a new venue even with the same promoters that brings out a few new faces. Some people are starting school, some people are newly single, some people are new in the area for work, however, whatever the cause, I really do appreciate it.
4) Perfect spot for a birthday. This is a great birthday spot. Reason being, you won’t have too many issues at the doorBecause it’s a restaurant they can easily accommodate large parties with a sectioned off area. I assume if you got a list and a table, you’d be bringing a big part of the party, therefore, all signs point towards yes.
5) You can actually dance at this spot. There is a good amount of space for dancing. Literally my boy was tossing one of the females with us into the air about five feet and people were getting down. There wasn’t much sweating, but there was space to cut a rug. The music was cool and the DJ seemed to be feeling the crowd out. There are few places in DC where you can go and dance these days. We’re so concerned with bottle service, we section off the club so much, that all you can do is stand there and look at other people. (I’m actually convinced that some people go to parties like this, and leave and say, “Yeah it was popping.”)

Y’all probably like stop hating J. I’m really not hating, if someone asked me about it, I’d be like you should go it’s a decent look. This place has no problem that any other place in Downtown does not have too. It’s different, you might see a couple new faces. If you get on the guest list you may not even have to pay. Show them some love. And always keep in mind, if you are anywhere near K Street you are never far from a good time. If you don’t like it, just take the party to Shadow, Josephines, Lima, Park, Eye Bar, Café Asia, Tuscana, K Street, need I go on??? Thanks for the shoutout EyeSPyZ, really enjoyed writing this piece. Let me know if I can help again in the future. Keep it up with the always appreciated 411.

Dr. J also known as, “Ye told me to kill it, to keep it 1-hunnit”

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