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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lebron: Is it Chalk, Baby Powder, or Rosin?

I'm sure we are all familiar with Lebron's recurring acts of throwing and clapping baby powder everywhere before a game. But I always wondered, is it for a better grip, for show, or is he just being a copycat? It doesn't matter to me because I'll be watching my Wiz Kids take on the Cavs tonight. Hopefully they can come out with a W and ruin Lebron's party at Josephines tonight! Oh YES, you read correctly King James will be hosting Josephines tonight with the UBER HAUTE promoters Dave & Ray. But do make sure to get there early or you might be stuck outside. Personally, I really just want to see Shaq and Gilbert on the court together!!! By now I'm sure yall have heard the ins and outs of the Shaq + Gilbert Arenas' fiance story. Will they fight tonight? Will Gil give Shaq the double side eye 0_O ? LMAO..will Laura Govan be courtside???????? Whether you are at the Verizon Center or Josephines tonight..I'm sure both will be crackin!

Happy Humday,


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