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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hush Society, Part 2: EXPOSED!

One of my many readers (or as I call them EyeSPyZ, lol) sent an email...well more like a follow up to my "What is the HUSH Society" post. Read what they had to say below!

Hello eye spyz, I read your blog on HUSH Society and I feel the need to express my feelings on it as well. I've been to 3 or 4 events myself and have come to grasp the concept of HUSH. Its just as you said "The Hush Society is just that...a "society" of people that know each other and keep to themselves to promote a nightlife atmosphere outside of the busy-ness of the club scene" Then the men of the society try to get with as many of the "groupies" as possible. I know 4 girls that the VP of Sales, Brian Silver- slept with so far and he is suppose to have a girlfriend, from what I was told. Poor woman. The CEO, Carlos Allen, has done the same- he actually tried to get with one of my girlfriends and he is married!!! A young man by the name of Immanuel Alonza has disrespected my girls and I a couple of times at these events, he is a member as well. There was a young indian lady Sharmila Viswansan, who only talked about "money money money" the entire time I spoke with her. She didnt once mention the charities reason for "being" she just asked "so how much money are you going to give us", "when are you going to give us money?" A total turn off!!!! I think these guys use these events to get women- well the dumb young women that is. This Society is a bunch of CRAP! They dont make any money- they are in the club weekly pretending to be this elite society when in actuality they are just a bunch of peole trying to take your money to join something that has so significance! I suggest you tell ALL of your readers to stay the hell away from HUSH Society and all of its members. I had a chance to speak with Brian Silver for about 15 minutes at the last event and his words kept going in circles- it sounded like he knew he was full of shit and just hoped I believed the shit that was coming out of his mouth. I feel sorry for the wives and girlfriends of these men- for they have no idea what is going on. If your a valid charity- you would be utilizing a BALLROOM not someone old small ass townhome....if you were a real chairty- you would be involved with the "big wigs" i.e. Senators, Democrats, etc not your friends from around the corner who come for the open bar and to get into the club for FREE. HUSH Society is BULLSHIT!

Remember who told ya 1st...EyeSPyZ!


  1. Damn, they went in.... that's all I got to say about that

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  3. I wanted to comment on the interview Larry King had with Carlos Allen, CEO HUSH Magazine. The whole interview pissed me off! Its obvious Allen wasnt invited, he couldnt provide an actual invitation and its been proven that him and his "crew" have snuck into events before. You all need to talk to the wives of these men. Where is Allen wife, Karen Brooks, who works for the state department? Where is Brian Silver's wife, Clarise Brooks, who works for the Federal government? I'm sure one of these ladies could tell you exactly how Allen got that invitation or how they got into the VMA's or the BET awards or the Polo Cup without an invitation. Allen crossed the line by entering the white house and he should go in front of a jury just the other couple is. This is outrageous! I was told by a unnamed source, Allen made the badges for his staff to attend those events, on his computer at home. They were never suppose to attend those events, but he duplicated actual reporter passes for his staff- falsfying information so they could attend the events. Which I'm sure is what he did to attend the state dinner.
    Allen says they are a charity organization that "does good for the community", well what good did they do by creating badges to get into places they werent invited to be at in the first place and get close to people like the president of the United states!!! There needs to be some lawsuit actions taken!

  4. Totally agree with all these posts. I actually used to know Mr. Allen myself. He wanted me to get involved (I model) with his organization. They were very sketchy, let me just say that. They are complete BS. Karma is a bitch though, isn't it?