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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Your Saturday in the DMV..

I think it's supposed to rain tonight so if you venture out...remember to bring your Umbrella-ella-ella! Personally I think our weekend parties in the DMV are LAME! Your better off going out during the week. See my Saturday night line up below and if you go out PLEASE email us your experiences! We love to read them.

Mai Thai - 1200 19th Street NW, Yall remember Mai Thai right...well Sayo and Scottie are bringing it back! Free for ladies till 12pm and free for guys to 11pm if you RSVP to Get there early so you get the 5$ drink till midnight. I really like this cute underground spot. I also really like their spring rolls too! Hey get there early and bring me back

Layla Lounge - 501 Morse Street NE, This is my personal little diamond in the rough spot! Some say it's a hole in the wall some say it's nice. I SAY get down there and get an orange martinis they're GREAT! Free before 11pm if you go to to print out the flier. That's right print it out cause I wouldn't pay 20$ to get in!

Lux Lounge - 649 New York Ave, NW, Party with DC's most know hypemen RaRa & Scotty Free before 11pm if your RSVP to Get there early yall that line is always around the corner to the Convention Center.


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  1. Layla is my Wednesday spot. However....

    The first night I went there was after their review in the Post. They said they didn't have an open bar as described in the review and they had to go get their food since so many people complained about the story saying that they had complementary food.

    I know of at least three or four people who had the clipping in their hand and confronted the manager.

    The second time I went there they had a new barmaid working. My date and I were hungry and I asked her if they were going to serve food for the night, her response, "I don't know."