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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thirsty Thursday...Have ANOTHER TASTE

This was a hard week for alot people to get back in to the routine of That's why we here at EyeSPyZ have your Thursday night line up so you can begin your weekend early! I'll start with our favorite promoters 1st! =)

It seems like the Shadow Room has made a name for itself on Thursday! Just look who managed to show a few weeks ago above. DJ how'd u get out of the DJ booth and make it to the club? Next time bring Phife your cute little puppy! I'll hold him while you make your rounds! Raheem Devaughn..I see you protectin' that precious throat of yours with the ill Gucci scarf! Awe and look at Dre another DC club promoter...I don't like the swearter vest! But I'll give you a pass. Anways, free till 11pm if you RSVP to KUDOS to Dave and Ray...keep bringing those ZEXY guys out to your parties! Oh and thanks to one of our readers (keep sendin' us emails we love them) we got the real SCOOP on you two ZEXY little baby cakes! We'll be prepared to snatch one of you up (yeah!! Dave or Ray) at the next party *wink!*

FREE is the key word lately so head to The Park for their open bar from 8-10pm. Make sure to RSVP for free admission till 11pm for all you late ones! I'm still lookin' out for ya's a recession I know! Moving right along with other free events...

So Trademark Ent. wants you down at Ozio's in your flyest cocktail attire! Hmph..SMH and givin' the side eye! Awe Ozi No-No's...last time I went here I was squished in a corner next to the DJ booth and they called that VIP! This club is missing that Je ne sais quoi..if you know what I mean! But it's FREE all night for everyone!! Did they do anything with the inside of this place? Send us pics if you know!

Has the price of champagne gone done? Cause they sure have been giving alot of it away at MCCXXIII lately! First 100 ladies in the door will receive a free bottle. It better be Veuve Cliquot or better. Swish that around and savour that in your mouth...Okay!!!!!!!! On that note....


Remember who told ya 1st, EyeSPyZ!

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