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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Layla Wednesday?

There's alot of promotion going on for Happy Hour at Layla Lounge on Wednesday! Open bar from 6-7:30, drink specials from 6-10pm, and Free Appetizers! Before you head down to the Fish Market (literally) read what one of our readers sent us! Hey if you go, let us know what your experience was!

Layla is my Wednesday spot. However....
The first night I went there was after their review in the Post. They said they didn't have an open bar as described in the review and they had to go get their food since so many people complained about the story saying that they had complementary food.
I know of at least three or four people who had the clipping in their hand and confronted the manager.
The second time I went there they had a new barmaid working. My date and I were hungry and I asked her if they were going to serve food for the night, her response, "I don't know."

~Shout out to S squarred..we might have to put you on the payroll!)

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