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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jay & B @ Love..Did you manage to get in?

Below are the pics from Love Friday night! Email us if you attended the "American Dream"and were able to maneuver throught that crowd! I wonder if the Fire Marshall showed up????

Jay cut your hair...that is aweful!

How could anyone move around?

Solange and B must be sharing the same hair stylist.

The Razzi was out!

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  1. (Rolling my eyes) was there and was completely FRUSTRATED... The DJ was off the hook though, and to my surprise the crowd was really tamed despite it being PACKED. I never got a glimps of Jay & B, but did see Solange. Nothing to really scream about though, and I think the others felt the same. Half the time I saw her by herself or with some other chick (is she now pulling a Lindsey Lohan... hmmmm).

    Much love
    Eric J.