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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fly Ladies...Need Not Apply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a recession people ( in the words of Ms. Eli D.)!!! Lately I've been looking for another part-time job. Yes...that would be 1 full time and 2 part time jobs! I came across an ad on craiglist advertising positions for hostesses and bartenders for The Park! We've all partied there and I thought this would be great for me since I've been clubbing since the age of 16! (like 4 real) So, I mention to one of my fellow EyeSPyZer (yes you've been recruited Jdub) that we should go to The Park and apply. He was game! I must say I was really torn about applying for this position because I've read ALOT about how they hire only light skin girls. Now I don't fall in that category (and I won't reveal my complexion cause that might reveal my but I figured I would be good since I got the whole "barbie" look going on! So we both go and apply, me for a hostess, and him for a bartender. We get there and it's like a casting call. We sit down fill out the application and they take your mugshot. Yeah a picture with a poloroid camera! (THE WORST, who looks good in a poloroid???) They tell us that they would contact us in two days. Well, the next day we both get an email stating that they couldn't offer a position but would keep our application on file. Were we surprised..NO! But my question is this what exactly is the Park looking for? How can they base job performance merely on how you look? The last time I was there...the people weren't exactly FLY in my eyes! I'm not gonna call anyone out, but less just say that there were a few men and women "WHO WEREN'T KEEPIN' IT TIGHT!" Anyone have the same experience? Email us!

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