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Friday, January 16, 2009

President Barack H. Obama...Our Dream is Our Reality

Today kicks off tons of events leading up to the first African American President in the History of theUnited States of America to be sworn in to the highest office of this country. I have been a strong supporter, both financially and by volunteering my time. Also, I have convinced my Hilary Supporter friends to see the light which NOW shines so bright in our President Barack H. Obama's eyes!

For our ancestors; from great- great grandparents who were the sons and daughters of slaves, who built this country with their bare hands and endured centuries of pain. To our grandparents who marched on Washington, Selma, Alabama, the smallest towns of Mississippi, held sit-ins at the lunch counter in Greensboro, NC and Walked into a high school in Little Rock, Arkansas where they were not welcomed.

To us coming together to protest for Sean Bell for his unjust assassination. To the country marching in Jena, Louisiana from young to old, to fighting against the horrific killings of John Byrd in Texas and to the 41 shots that killed Amadu Diallo.

We have come along way...We have fought and cried tears of joy and pain. For many of us we thought we would never see the day where someone who looks like us, who experienced many similar ups and downs of life. Here is a man who has so much charisma, whom is able to communicate through the masses. He crosses over race, ethnic views, religion, gender, sexual preference and wants to CHANGE the way America is viewed.

He has given HOPE, to the HOPELESS; he has YES YOU CAN, to those who have been constantly told, NO YOU CAN'T; He has said YES WE DID, to Those Naysayers; he has planted the seed in everyone to say, WE WILL CONTINUE, to pursue our dreams and aspirations.
Yes, this is only the beginning and we have a long way to go! The time is now, and the man to lead this nation is here, and as we take a step into a new era. Let us connect to the things that make us alike, and learn to RESPECT the beautiful differences that we have, that make us unique.

President Obama, we stand behind you and know that you can turn this country and the world into a more sensible place. We pray for you, we will do our part, we will critique, but at the same time that is what family does. As you go on this journey, you are not alone. You have an extended family, which you have never met. But we say your name proudly! Your Mother, Father, Grandmother, and Grandfather will all be with you on this magic carpet ride that you are taking.

As you have made everything that they work so hard for and instilled into you be utilized for greatness!

We smile and marvel at the love that you have for your beautiful, strong, intelligent wife Michelle. As many women get to see how a woman stands beside and completes a man. She is a outstanding vision of what a First Lady should exude. From wife to mother, to advocate to lawyer Michelle makes us want to strive for more, and look at life in a different prospective. For many of us she represents a woman that you don't see too often. She is testament to what I have been told since I was a child. You are beautiful, smart, gregarious and you CAN achieve any goals that you have set with hard work, determination, staying spiritual and treating others with respect.

This is shown through your beautiful daughters, Malia and Sasha. As we are excited to see them grow up and live through the legacy that you have created. We are so proud of them, to see them go to school, make great grades, attend campaigning events, and continue to smile and remain genuinely good kids.

President Barack H. Obama you have made Dreams become a reality. You are our Great Hope! November 3, 2008, we cried tears, we flooded streets, we cheered, and we finally saw what many thought would never be seen be brought to life.

As I will be headed to the Mall in frigid weather, to watch history be made. I'm not worried about the cold weather or the millions of people. But, that I can represent what my great grandfather Lorenzo fought for, and my great grandmother Malissa worked her fingers so hard to the bone for; and raised My Beautiful Grandmother, and Great Aunt and Uncle to instill wisdom and knowledge and the sentiment of YOU CAN ACHIEVE. I proudly will sacrifice warmth for this moment...To see Our Dream become a Reality!




  1. Beautiful article! So well written and articulated by a truly insightful, wonderful author! Love ya AW!

    - Jon B.

  2. I'm a new reader to the blog. This is great write up! Obama would be proud.

  3. Diva... With this write up I surely hope you applied for one of the many positions within the White House (as I did). You are definitely a 'shoe in' to write the speaches or the press releases. Much love and of course much respect. You got me hooked, ready for the next post.

    Eric J.
    (and scene)...