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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

For Those Who Missed It

I'm pretty sure you guys have read the gazillions of posts I've done about Shadowroom! Well remember my Thirsty Thursday post on Lebron James' party there? In case you missed it catch the video clip below. I think just about every balla was in the building..Willis McGahee, Ludacris, Deangelo Hall, Kevin Durant, LEBRON JAMES, and more! Hold up...did I peep Marc and Taz in the same place? KUDOS to Dave & Ray, Suite 202, DTNation, and Standard Events..very nicely done guys!


  1. damn never been to shadow room (shame on me :() Im goin to have to check it out real soon

  2. OMG r u kidding me? Even with everything I wrote on it?

  3. I know Im terrible..thats cause I always end up at Park..Okay..Im goin this THURSDAY..I'm goin to try anyway...